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Every zodiac sign is compatible or incompatible with the other sign based on personality, attitudes, values and other aspects. If your signs are very compatible, you could get along well. In opposite, you need to do more effort to be together harmoniously. Please select your sign to see how do you match up with other star signs? Zodiac Signs Free Birth Chart Chinese Zodiac Planets Asteroids Elements Modalities Houses Born on the. Astrology+ Premium Birth Chart Love Compatibility Monthly Premium Horoscope 2021 Horoscope 2021 Love Tarot 2021 Tarot Reading 2021 Vedic Horoscope 2021 Chinese Horoscope Yes/No Tarot Love Score. Love Compatibility. Find out if you.

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Fire and water are natural opposites, so you wouldn't really think that a fire sign like Aries and a water sign like Cancer would go well together. After all, Aries is spontaneous, adventurous, and driven by their ambitions and desires, while Cancer is nurturing, emotional, and all about home and family. They're completely different in many ways, and yet, these two actually have a lot going for them. Aries and Cancer's zodiac compatibility will give you insight into why this relationship has the potential to go far.

'The Aries and Cancer relationship is equal parts goal-directed and saucy lovefest,' Dana DeFranco, astrologer and co-host of the Allegedly Astrology podcast tells Bustle. 'They understand each other on a level so deep that it occasionally causes friction but also pulls them in further down the spiral of wet, hot love.'

Astrology Signs Compatibility Family

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In the zodiac wheel, Aries and Cancer form a square aspect of each other, which is an angle that 'creates tension and forces action.' According to DeFranco, squares get a bad rap for being difficult because they're 'hard aspects' that occur between elementally incompatible signs. However, squares also consist of two signs of the same modality, representing how a sign expresses their energy and how they approach life. Aries and Cancer are both cardinal signs, which makes them 'instigators of action.' So despite their differences, they'll understand each other in a way that no other signs can.

One of the best things about a square aspect is the sexual tension it creates. 'The sexual tension between Aries and Cancer is so palpable that it almost sounds vulgar to describe its inherent innocence and simplicity,' DeFranco says. 'But to put it plainly, Aries is hot, and Cancer is wet. This tension is what keeps Aries driven to break down the seemingly insurmountable fortresses that Cancer builds around their tender hearts. Once Aries achieves this, they win Cancer’s trust and dedication forever.'

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Forming an emotional connection can be a bit of a struggle for these two at first. According to astrologer Elisa Robyn, Ph.D., Cancers are one of the most deeply feeling signs in the zodiac, while Aries can sometimes be 'emotionally challenged.' It's not that Aries doesn't care or feel things deeply. They're a Mars-ruled sign who can easily express passion, enthusiasm, and aggression. They just don't like showing their softer side too often. But if Aries and Cancer can learn to open up and be vulnerable with each other, there's potential for a deeper emotional bond.

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For a fire and water sign couple, Aries and Cancer can get along pretty well. However, their intellectual compatibility is an issue. 'Neither sign is more intelligent than the other, but they value different ways of thinking and communicating,' Robyn says. 'The strategic-focused Aries will wonder why emotions matter in a plan, while the feeling-focused Cancer will wonder why the Aries is so cold-hearted.'

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When it comes to communication, Aries can be very blunt and direct. That can be a little off-putting for a sensitive soul like Cancer, who takes everything personally. Although it's not a huge deal-breaker for either sign, it will need to be worked through.

There's also the potential for trust issues within this partnership. Cancers value comfort, security, and loyalty. Although they love the excitement Aries brings to their life, the ram's impulsive nature can give the crab some doubts. According to DeFranco, Cancer may be tempted to test Aries' loyalty, which won't sit right with their partner. Even if Aries has a reputation for jumping from one thing to the next, they are extremely loyal to the people they care about.

Despite their share of challenges, Aries and Cancer have 'unending potential' for lasting love as long as they're willing to put their fears aside and open up. 'These two signs are goal-oriented and have the passion and flow to keep each other hooked for eternity and beyond,' DeFranco says. 'They are as capable of moving mountains as they are of growing family trees, but they must always be willing to surrender to divine love.'

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Dana DeFranco, astrologer and co-host of the Allegedly Astrology podcast

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Elisa Robyn, PhD, an astrologer and astrology transitions consultant