Astrology Shani Dasha

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In vedic astrology, there are 42 different dasha systems. Vimshottari Dasha is one of them. It is considered as one of the most popularand accurate dasha system in Astrology. Apart from that, two more dasha is defined,which is used by many astrologers for prediction purpose named as Yogini Dasha andChar Dasha. Yogini Dasha is of 8 in number whereas Vimshottari dasha is 9 in numberby the names of all the planets. Let’s understand below what are these dashas andhow it impact to one’s life:

Vimshottari Dasha

The antardasha of Saturn in the Mahadasha of Sun is perceived to be a powerful combination as both the planets are potent creatures while the Saturn is perceived to be a malefic planet which would bring some negative impacts upon the native's life. This period would bring a.

It is a most popular dasha system in Vedic Astrology. Many astrologers are using this dasha over many years.We can easily determine the results and timing of a particular activity by usingthis dasha system. Maharishi Parashar is known as “Father of Vimshottari dasha”.He has given 42 dasha systems but Vimshottari dasha is one of them.

  • 2) Saturn dasha as the 6th dasha (all born in dasha of sun) is generally very strong and can elevate a person to great heights if Saturn is strong in horoscope 3) Saturn dasha as 4th dasha gives more trouble than normal even when Saturn is well placed.
  • The Sanskrit term 'dasha' in Hindu astrology is used to indicate planetary periods. The planetary periods indicate when the good or bad effects are produced according to their placement by sign (Rasi), house (Bhava), combinations (Yogas or Raja Yogas) or aspects (Drishti).
  • Rahu in 3rd House: Natives of Rahu in 3rd house are more likely to achieve success in every life venture. As per astrology, 3rd house is the house of valor, strong will-power, better communication, loving siblings and innovative ideas.

According to this dasha system, it is a time period ruled by certain planet. Thissystem is based on the placement of natal Moon in your birth chart. Mostly, the prophecy made by this method is accurate.It is also known by the name of “Mahadasha of a certain planet”. In South India,astrologers use Ashtavatra method rather than vichitri but this method is stillfamous to look for a result and timing of occurrence of any event.

Vimshottari Dasha Cycle

It is most commonly used dasha in astrology. In that system, time period is allottedto all 9 planets. It has the full cycle of 120 years of all nine planets. This 120years cycle has been divided into 9 parts and every part is allocated to certainplanet in astrology in order to ruleover it.

According to this method, the average age of humans are considered as 120 yearsso that one may get the Dasa of every planet in his lifespan. However, it is nottrue for today’s scenarios. It may be true in ancient days, as the age is decreasingyear on year. Now it came down to 50-60 years. However, if we talk about few yearsback, the same was reflecting as 60-70 years. Now, you can imagine the graph ofdeclining age of humans.

This shows the average age has gone down to 50 percent in present days. Therefore,people are unable to see the dasha of every planet during their lifespan. They mayhardly get to know the effects of each mahadasha of all 9 planets. They may approximatelyexperience only 5-6 dashas. There is another method defined in Astrology named asAntardasha, Pratyantar Dasha etc, which is basically known sa “Sub Dasha”, “SubSub Dasha” etc. The order of Vimshottari dasha is as follows:

Astrology Shani Dasha

Vimshottari Dasha>>Antardasha>>Pratyantar Dasha>>Sookshma Dasha>>Praanadasha

These are sub parts of Main Mahadasha. You can still experience all the planetaryAntardasha in your life if not all Mahadasha. The events in your life can be examinedthrough these dasha systems. You can experience one by one all planets antardashabased on its astrological order. The order is same as main Mahadasha.

Results obtained through Vimshottari Dasha

The results obtained through Vimshottari dasha are based on certain rule. The favourableand unfavourable dasha can be determined through the Lagna sign. There may be thepossibility, one planet is benefic for one lagna, whereas the same planet is maleficfor other lagnas. Hence, the result may vary from Lagna to Lagna.

For example: Saturn is auspicious for Aries Lagna, Yog karak planet for taurus lagnabut the same planet is inimical to Leo lagna. Likewise, we can understand now howdifferent planets are beneficial for different Lagna.

Results of Mahadasha and Antardasha planets Lord

When we analyse the birth chart, the very first thing comes into mind that which planet wouldaffect the most, the Main Mahadasha lord or Antardasha Lord. For that, we need tocheck which planet is strongly placed in Kundali. The results would be based on strongly placed planet within yourhoroscope. If both planet is strongly placed, then it will provide you results accordingly.But if mahadasha lord is strongly placed, it will influence to the antardasha lordto provide results accordingly and vice versa in case of antardasha lord placedstrongly.

Astrology Shani Dasha

Therefore, Vimshottari Dasha plays very prominent role in Astrology due to its accuracy for predicting time for happening of certainevent.

Yogini Dasha


There are 8 types of Yogini dashas are defined in vedic astrology. The names ofthese Dashas are as follows: Mangala, Pingala, Dhanya, Bhramari, Bhadrika, Ulka,Siddha and Sankata. It is considered in astrology that planets Moon, Sun, Jupiter,Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Venusand Rahu have evolved respectively from the Yoginis Mangala, Pingala, etc. Thisis a cycle of 36 years and after 36 years, cycle again starts with the same sequence.The chart has given below for your better understanding:

S. NoYoginiLordPeriod
1.MangalaMoon1 year
2.PingalaSun2 years
3.DhanyaJupiter 3 years
4.BhramariMars4 years
5.BhadrikaMercury5 years
6.UlkaSaturn6 years
7.SiddhaVenus7 years
8.SankataRahu8 years
Total Period36 years

Astrology Shani Dasha 2020

Yogini Dasha is seen not only from ascendant of birth chart and the divisional chartsbut also is seen from the house under consideration and also the significator forthat house. The significator and the relevant house work as a alternative lagnas.

We must assess first to the horoscope before applying any dasha system on it. Everyhouse should be examined from lagna as well as Karaka. When we examine particularhouse as lagna, that house is considered as lagna and other houses are consideredin relation to that house. For an example, if we take progeny matters, one shouldlook for 5th house from lagna, 5th house from karaka planet Jupiter and also fifthhouse from fifth (i.e. the ninth house from lagna). In addition to it, the relevantdivisional charts must also be seen. While applying to Yogini Dasha, the lords ofdifferent yoginis are considered as operative dasha lords. If you want to applyyogini Dasha on the horoscope of an individual, first take in consideration of theYogini dasha-antardasha (major and sub periods).

Astrology Shani Dasha Horoscope


Horoscope Shani Dasha

Degrees in vedic astrology. There is one more popular dasha, named as Char Dasha. It is also called by the nameof Jamini char Dasha. In Jaimini Astrology, this dasha is being used by the astrologers.

Astrology Shani Dasha Daily

In conclusion, Dasha or Mahadasha period is very crucial for all. It leads to individualin a direction for which one is made for. You may get the updates related to your running dasha period through our dasha calculator. If you are really looking forwardto know more about your life pattern, you should visit our kundali page, which canguide you about your life’s major events.