Astrology Rings By Zodiac Society

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Here at Star Sign Style I’ve sought out the loveliest astrology accessories in the universe – I’m good to you like that. Here’s my top 5 pick of zodiac rings for your pinkies…

Sep 8, 2018 - Explore James Carter's board 'Zodiac society' on Pinterest. See more ideas about zodiac, zodiac society, astrology zodiac. Astrology has been used for many purposes over the centuries, but one use of astrology that is not so commonly known about is assistance with financial forecasts and decisions. The astrological tools employed are taken from the same common toolset used with natal and electional astrology, but the interpretation of the astrological data is.

1. Talon NYC

These brass and silver signet rings from Talon New York are adorned with intricate astrological images, inspired by the search for meaning in the night sky.

Each heirloom piece of jewelry takes influence from astronomical mythology and imagery, to inspire and celebrate the spirit of its bearer, and I think they’re beautiful! Aquarius love horoscope 2021.

Visit their site here.

2. Asha New York

Astrology Zodiac Signs Pdf


The astrology inspired rings from Asha are a bestseller in their collection – ‘cos everyone wants to rock their zodiac style! From $290.00 USD.



Zodiac Sign Rings

Verameat has two styles of zodiac ring on offer plus new zodiac pins!

Love this gold brass signet style ring, $38.00 from Verameat – and yes, it’s perfect for a Capricorn.

4. Etsy

You can always pick up new discoveries on

5. Cartier *dahling*

The Best Zodiac Rings In The Universe!

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Love these glitzy Cartier creations – see them in more detail here!


Elizabeth Gage

Jewellery designer Elizabeth Gage has lots of astrology inspired pieces on her website including the zodiac ring for Cancer, seen here.

Shadow House

These constellation rings from Shadow House are available at for $14 USD.

Moon and Lola – Acrylic Zodiac Constellation Rings

Astrology Rings By Zodiac Society

The zodiac collection at Moon and Lola features the star constellations and features a sparkling Swarovski crystal in a huge number of acrylic colours. Available in gold or silver and priced $78.00USD.

Me & Zena


A favourite of Cara Delevigne, these Me and Zena zodiac midi rings sport the astrological glyphs and totally make my top favourites… Gold plated brass it comes packaged with a zodiac info card in a Me & Zena pillow pack, and they’re just £8.00 (GBP).

Or, also from Me and Zena, how about this cool customised ring for the star signs, set with a special stone?

Astrology Rings By Zodiac Society Animal

Spinelli Kilcollin


$710.00 USD.


This Italian brand has launched a series of star sign rings – seen here, Virgo.