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These fun Astrology Pencils perfectly describe each of the Zodiac Signs! Set contains eight No. 2 pencils with specific sayings for each Sign; Box dimensions: 8.25″ x 3.375″ x 0.5″.

Katrina Kaif’s makeup brand Kay Beauty has been around for a solid amount of time now, and has a range of products to offer, making it high time we tested it all out and reviewed some of the main launches. After all, given how many celebrities “collaborate” or create their own makeup lines these days, it’s important to find out if something is actually good, or just popular for having a celebrity’s name attached to it.

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  2. Astrology Candle Capricorn. Default Title - $11.95 USD. December 22-January 19. Smells like the boss of everyone.
  3. 19) The Mountain Goat symbolizes your sign, for you are able to ascend to the highest peaks, starting from the depths of the sea. As the path narrows and you approach the pinnacle, you pass other small animals and turtles that have given up, lying on their backs with their little legs in the air.

The good

The matte blushes are excellent

Pigmented blushes are a debatable subject in the makeup world, as subtlety is key with blush, so loud blushes with a lot of colour payoff are actually considered bad. However, much like the pigmented NYX HD Blush, these pigmented blushes are also excellent, especially for richer skin tones.

Formula-wise, they are totally shine-free, matte, silky, finely-milled, and give the skin a beautiful, fresh coat of colour which doesn’t look unnatural. They do not go on patchy, and due to the lack of shimmer, prevent textured skin from looking uneven. So, you get a lovely even-toned finish.

One swipe of colour is enough to give you a good deposit of rouge, and it doesn’t look garish if you buy the right shade for your skin tone. If you buy a darker colour which is meant to be more saturated for those with darker skin, it will obviously look loud.

To add to the beautiful formula, the packaging is also great. It comes with a lovely mirror and rose gold metallic packaging, making for a good compact, too.


The lipliners are very easy to work with and don’t slip outside lines

Lipliners which are too creamy can be slippery and slide off while you try to outline your lips. These are the perfect balance of being matte enough to not slide off, but smooth enough to not dry the lips out.

Plus, there are some really nice pink and neutral-coloured lipliners in this range, which one can wear on a day-to-day basis.

Katrina is known for her pout so the lipsticks could not have been bad

Katrina herself is famous for her specific lip look, and for wearing lipsticks which are not too drying. Based on that approach to lipcolour, this range of lipsticks is also smooth, satiny, comfortable to wear, but not heavy or too creamy.

Their finish ranges from a natural, glowy crème, to a skin-like, comfortable, satin-matte texture. It varies based on the lip balm or lip liner you use underneath, and how dry your lips naturally are. That said, the finish is never too moist and shiny, or too dry and matte. It’s definitely satiny, and goes on in a thin, non-cakey layer.

Another great thing about the lipstick is that it is easy to apply, especially if you want a neat lipline. Since it has a sharp, thin tip, it can even be used as a lipliner-- although it’s too creamy for that. That said, it makes for precise application.

The mascara is great for volume and drama

Capricorn Love Astrology

You can tell what a difference the mascara makes by judging how the lashes look on the eye on which mascara hasn’t been applied. The formula is thick, goopy, and not exactly meant for a feathery, minimal look. But, it doesn’t look insanely clumpy or abnormally cakey once dry.

The smoky kajal, a fast-growing category of eye pencils, is better than many others in the market

Smoky kajals, which are essentially eye pencils with a sponge-tip smudging tool on one end, are very common now, but the product isn’t always good. The Colorbar variant in the same category has so much fallout that your eye area is full of black kajal soot. The Nykaa variant turns into a strange grey line once smudged instead of looking smoky, defeating the purpose of creating a diffused, blurred kajal look. This one does none of that, and is perfect as an eye pencil and a smoky kohl. It is quite dark and pigmented for an eye pencil, too!

The ‘Meh’

The liquid highlighters, which seem like lip toppers, are unusual

These lip highlighters are an unusual product. They have a lightweight, watery texture that goes on comfortably and is easy to blend. But, they feel tight and tacky on the skin once they dry.

The gold variant is sparsely filled with shimmer, so you don’t think you’ll get a uniform brightness. But, you actually get a rather matte sheen which looks really muted and minimal-- ideal for a lip topper.

The pink one is rather metallic, so it’s good for specific types of looks, such as a 2000s-themed frosty pink lip look.

Astrology Pencils Capricorn Horoscope

Whether you enjoy using these products or not is dependent upon the kind of makeup you enjoy doing, so it’s not for everyone.

The liquid liners have certain issues, but aren’t all-out bad

There are definite positives about these liners. They don’t get cakey or crack like many thick eyeliners. But, the packaging is flimsy and cracks easily. The liner brush is too long and hard to wield so making mistakes is easy, and you end up making thicker lines due to that. The colour options are nice, but their finish is rather shiny even after drying down, so they don’t photograph well, because when you turn at certain angles and the light bounces off the reflective liner, it looks like you missed a spot. So, we wouldn’t say that these are the best liners, but they aren't bad either.

The 404 Errors

The colour corrector and contouring crayons are the only downside to this range

Astrology Pencils Capricorn

The logic behind making face crayons such as these very dry and matte is that they will not move or come off easily. However, these are too matte, to the point that you cannot even blend them properly. The formula is so dry that the crayons start breaking off. The worst part is that the pencils seem to have some sort of un-sharpenable plastic which is a pain to sharpen, making using it once it breaks-- and break it will-- impossible.

The packaging isn’t the only issue. Using them under the eyes, where the skin is dry and delicate, is rather tough because you have to rub and tug skin a lot to blend this. If your skin is excessively oily, perhaps they will work for you, as they do work on the more oily parts of my skin. However, blending them is still tougher than it is with other colour correctors or contour pencils.

What’s good though, is that they come in pencil form, so are great for spot-correcting, and for contouring smaller parts of the face, which large contour sticks can’t do. If only they worked on the formula!

The Verdict

While we don’t know how hands-on Katrina’s involvement in this brand is, it is clear that the products she is seen wearing more, such as lipstick, smudged kohl, or blush, are better than the ones which aren’t really things she’s seen in or uses much herself, such as blue eyeliner. So, when it comes to the nicest Kay Beauty products, it’s not wrong to say that the brand has good products in the categories of makeup that we see Katrina wear more often, such as smoked eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip liner, and blush.

Lead Image credits: Stuti Bhattacharya

Astrology pencils capricorn sign

Astrology Pencils Capricorn Compatibility

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

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The Mountain Goat symbolizes your sign, for you are able to ascend to the highest peaks, starting from the depths of the sea. As the path narrows and you approach the pinnacle, you pass other small animals and turtles that have given up, lying on their backs with their little legs in the air. You are the only animal able to continue on the climb, as your surefootedness will not forsake you on the exceedingly ever-narrower path as you rise above the tree line and enjoy the rarified air at the top.

You are highly ambitious, especially when it comes to your career, and as an adjunct to that, you carefully protect your reputation. Your ruler is Saturn, the planet that governs rock, bone, structure, firm foundations, hierarchy, and even the concept of time—all elements you value. In terms of time, you may often feel you are running out of time, for you seem near-obsessed with using time to maximum advantage. Many Capricorns live their lives backward, with heavy responsibility thrust on them early in life, possibly as young children charged with taking care of smaller ones. As you age—and Capricorns are considered the centenarians among us, living to well over 100—you will become more carefree and younger in your interests and approach to finding fun in your free time.


Unlike Aries, who usually needs to be self-employed to succeed, you do well in behemoth, multi-national companies where the next position above you will be clear and well defined. You can easily aim for that role.

Capricorn is a big-money sign, so you tend to be asked to oversee a responsible financial role. Your trustworthiness and sensible, practical wisdom make you a perfect choice. If anyone wanted someone to hold his or her wallet for several hours (or years), you would be the one to choose, as every dollar would be in that wallet when the person returned. If finance does not interest you, you would do well in industries that deal with items of value of the past: antiques, landmark homes, old stamps, historical autographs, gold Krugerrands and other bullion, as well as estate jewelry, as examples.

When you marry, you marry for life. Saturn, your ruler, teaches you to make long-term commitments and plans, and as a partner, you will work to build a life that will be bigger than any you could have built alone. You value stability more than any other quality and tend to look for a partner who will be a good provider so that finances won’t be a problem for your future family. This is your practical side speaking—you are not about to run to Las Vegas to marry an artist who has never sold a painting or a poem.

It may surprise you to know that some of our greatest comics are Capricorns, mainly because Saturn, your serious ruler, makes you joke about subjects we all care about quite deeply. Experts say we cannot laugh about matters that we don’t care about and hold dear. Capricorn is not afraid to confront the serious side of life and then poke a little fun at it.

Astrology Pencils Capricorn Signs

Family tradition is very important to you, and you wouldn’t think of not marking the moment with a wonderful celebration for birthdays, anniversaries, or promotions. You are also careful to attend your children’s recitals and parent-teacher conferences. If a relative or friend is seriously ill, you will show your exceptional talent by bringing consistent comfort and cheer to that person. Those around you appreciate your quiet, polite, patient demeanor and the way you are able to keep your emotions even-keeled, no matter what life events are tossed at you.

Astrology Pencils Capricorn Horoscope

Your clothing choices almost always veer toward beautiful, classically cut designs in neutral colors. You favor natural fabrics of wool, cashmere, fine cotton, silk of all kinds, and other such fibers. You love cream, milkshake white, chocolate brown, caramel, butterscotch, and old standbys of camel, black, and navy. You don’t like to think too much when getting dressed in the morning—you need preselected outfits that work like uniforms, add to your authority, and provide comfort and mobility as you go through your day. Your handbag is usually large, more of a tote than a purse to handle your many papers and folders, and created by a name designer.

People meeting you for the first time may assume you are from a pedigree family, as you remain elegantly serene, even when under stress, and use your sharp sense of realism and objectivity to solve the problem at hand. No matter how busy your schedule, you find time for family, and you may also find time for community service, charity, or humanitarian concerns. This simply gives further credence to the saying, “If you want something done right and reliably, go to a busy person.” That’s you, dear Capricorn, and why everyone marvels at you and is inspired by you.