Astrology Of Donald Trump And The Fate Of His Presidency

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Aspects & Transits. Born on The Cusp. Planets in Retrograde. Numbers hold value, both numerical and spiritual. Numerology, in its simplest terms, is the. Apr 30, 2018 Astrology can be baffling at first because it involves a different kind of wisdom. There are three parts to any birth chart — planet, sign, and house. There's a blending that happens in astrology that involves those three. As you learn more, your understanding deepens. You get a sense of what life lessons the Aries Sun in the 10th House holds. Astrology 101. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognizing you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. The Ninth House: The House of Philosophy. The Ninth House is commonly referred to as the House of Philosophy. In keeping with that theme, it’s our search for meaning that is the focal point here. The element of Air is attached to the signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. It also rules the third, seventh, and eleventh houses. It is rarefied air that usually surrounds those graced by this element, as this is the marker of the intellectual.

  1. Astrology Of Donald Trump And The Fate Of His Presidency History
  2. Astrology Of Donald Trump And The Fate Of His Presidency

Senior Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, have sought to urge Vice President Mike Pence to consider invoking the 25th Amendment and force Donald Trump’s removal from office. Though there is under two weeks to go until inauguration day, the Democrats consider it a threat for Donald Trump to remain in office. As stated previously, Donald Trump isn’t home free on the topic of his mortality just yet. For 2021, the Lunar Eclipse of 26 May at 5 Sagittarius conjoins Troemper and opposes Rip, while the Solar Eclipse of June 10 at 19 Gemini conjoins his Sun/Atropos and opposes his Moon/Achilles, making for two very personal activations of death indicators.

FateAstrology of donald trump and the fate of his presidency candidate

Astrology Of Donald Trump And The Fate Of His Presidency History

Astrology Of Donald Trump And The Fate Of His Presidency

Astrology Of Donald Trump And The Fate Of His Presidency

Denise Siegel was named, “Best Insight Seer,”, by the LA Weekly – the first time they made a best of category for a psychic. She runs the popular blog, and the popular YouTube channel under her name Denise Siegel. She’s the best-selling author of, Astrology of Donald Trump and the Fate of His Presidency and the novel Trees for the Forest. She has appeared as a guest on Coast-to-Coast and been interviewed Russian TV. She developed a pilot for Fox Studios and is a visual artist who shows regularly. Her images have been used in books, magazines as well as for record and book covers.
Siegel was born psychic (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairolfaction, precognitive, medium) and began working professionally in the field when she was 20. Siegel learned astrology from colleagues as well as studying at the Carol Ryder Institute in Los Angeles. She first learned to control her gift through meditation, trance work, disciplined spiritual practice and using the tarot. Fellow psychics she worked with called her, “freakishly psychic” and at their prompting she taught channeling to them in her early 20s. She utilizes all these tools in her private practice.
After moving she started the Middle Tennessee chapter of MUFON and rose to become Assistant State Director. Siegel has had many experiences with unusual phenomena; hauntings, spirits, inter-dimensional beings, animal spirits, spirit guides, channeling, psychokinesis, poltergeists, clearing spaces, UFOs, NDE and spontaneous healing.
Trees for the Forest has won small literary awards and Siegel developed a pilot for Fox Studios. She has had poetry published in journals and in the book, & in the book; Haiku Not Bombs.