Astrology Observations

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disclaimer; these are all my own views/opinions that are likely to change and are based on my own interactions, understanding and experiences !!

-I know virgo venus has a reputation for being [overly] critical of their partner or potential partners, but what people don’t seem to see is that most of the time the people with this placement are more critical of themselves and expect perfection from themselves more than they do others

-yes, libra mars often tries to stay out of conflict, ignore issues and/or avoid confrontation in attempt to keep the peace or let things pass without problems/disruption… but doing so usually makes the problems worse and they would probably be better to address things and get things sorted sooner rather than later


Astrology Observations

Astrology observations 💆🏻‍♀️💅🏻 DISCLAIMER: these are based on my own subjective observations and may not apply to everyone, sorry! 🎋Aries moon when combined with an air rising can be surprisingly sharp/perceptive. They might even purposely play dumb just to see how a person reacts and feed on that. Astrology Basics Summary: Posts for beginners wanting to get into astrology or helpful references殺. The Planetary Aspects Astro Observations Summary: General astrological observations I’ve gathered through personal experience and research which discusses either a specific placement/aspect or, various observations in one post! Astrology Observations pt. 3 領 Most people with Pisces placements (especially moon/Venus/Mars) are sexually fluid; however, mostly masculine energy in the natal chart can take away from this 領 I’ve also noticed that people with more feminine energy (or a 50/50 balance) are more sexually open.

Observations with a dash of my experience Credit: Tumblr Blog @astrobydalia 蝹 Taurus placements have such a soooooothing presence, they can make you feel at ease and safe and are very warm and welcoming ‍ ‍ I’ve seen Capricorn placements being closer to their mom than their dad. I’m not sure if it’s daddy issues entirely bc they usually have fathers that are present in their life. #astrology observations #astrology observation #mars aspects #ascendant #midheaven #descendant #Imum Coeli #astro notes #leo rising #leo moon #sagittarius moon #sagittarius rising #moon conjuct mars #moon conjunct mars synastry #synastry #moon in the 8th #moon in the 12th #moon in the 4th #capricorn mars #pisces venus #scorpio venus #libra sun.

-most leo placements generally have such a natural ability to get attention in the right ways, whereas certain other placements try to do this yet can’t seem to execute it as well so it comes off the wrong way

-while I don’t think most leos have issues getting attention, I do think they can struggle with the concept of not being able to keep someone’s attention and that’s when/where things can start to get a bit crazy

AstrologyAstrology Observations

-capricorn placements (especially moon, rising, mercury, mars and often sun) can be so determined and driven that it intimidates and inspires me at the same time. I never know if I admire them for how relentless and cutthroat they can be or if this lowkey scares me.

Zodiac Basics


Devichand astrologer mumbai wikipedia. -that being said, I also lowkey worry about/feel for capricorn placements at times bc a lot of them struggle to express their emotions so I just wanna give them a hug and tell them they don’t have to be so focused and hardworking all the time; it’s okay to just ‘be’!!

Mayan Astrology Observations

-sometimes the combination of leo and virgo together in a chart can manifest as a person who is so judgemental that they’re almost petty and bitter (but in reality these people may just be struggling internally)

Astrology Observation Tumblr

-I feel like most people come for scorpios until they learn more about astrology and how the sign behaves in different placements. it seems to be the biggest scapegoat out of all the signs that people just put the blame on or hate on just because they can

-people with cancer placements can sometimes (!!) be some of the most emotionally manipulative I’ve met but generally people don’t recognise that side of them as they tend to focus on how sweet and caring they can be.

-but the fact that cancers can be particularly manipulative isn’t always a bad thing as people with cancer placements also commonly have the ability to manipulate situations for good (eg in order to help others, solve problems, calm situations etc)

-sagittarius placements/people with sagittarius placements seem to be getting a lot of shit recently, but I personally love this placement and enjoy having sagittarius people around me bc they are so fun to be around, I feel like their energy is really strong and influential

-people with moon in the 7th house can often struggle with their inner need for companionship/partnership; sometimes they may try to battle this and instead might really want to appear as/be independent and self reliant… but deep down their desire for a partner/relationship may cause them to feel like they’re being fake or weak for wanting to have someone to love and care for them

-a lot of people I’ve met who have significant pisces or aquarius placements always make me feel tricked into thinking I know them well or know a lot about them but I’m reality I don’t; they seem to only show what they want to show and are able to make people think they know them better than they really do

-leo moons can have the ability to be annoying or demanding one minute and then endearing/entertaining the next lol (but that’s part of their charm)

-I truly don’t think there are any ‘bad’ signs or placements; some may work together better than others but most importantly each placement just provides insight into how to respond to and interact with an individual in the most effective and mutually beneficial way and even ‘challenging’ or ‘negative’ placements/aspects are a way of directing an individual to learn what they need to in life

-I’ve learned so much more about myself since studying astrology and I’m so thankful that I decided to look more deeply into my chart rather than settling for simply acknowledging my sun sign; I’ve also noticed that certain areas of my chart that I didn’t ‘relate’ to are actually areas that I haven’t been living or expressing myself authentically

Pluto Trine Chiron Synastry

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    disclaimer; these are all my own views/opinions that are likely to change and are based on my own interactions,..