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I’m one part intuitive astrologer and one part down-to-earth career coach. As a full-time professional Career Astrologer since 2016, with a background in running my own design & branding studio for 5 years prior to that, I have worked with literally hundreds of creative entrepreneurs to help them bring their dream vision for their career to life.

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Astrology logo design free

Do you believe in horoscopes or think that astrology readings are a scam? We’re excited to introduce you to some exclusive astrology artworks you’ll instantly fall in love with, realizing how much fun it is to look at each of the zodiac signs that have been transformed into artistic beauties.

Astrology Logo Design Maker

PrintShop has rounded up four artists, who’ve tried to showcase the relationship between astrology and art. So, take a glimpse at their creations to see how they’re describing each Sun Sign by giving it their own spin.

#1. Zodiac Sign Series by Dani

Explore the A-Z of zodiac sign series like never before. Created by Dani, it’s a combination of powerful women illustrations and animals in light and dark shades associated with each zodiac sign. This collection depicts her strong passion for painting animals and women characters while mesmerizing viewers with her magical interpretation of the zodiacs.

Dani Morse-Kopp is a self-taught digital artist from Edinburgh. She has been drawing and painting for a long time and feels art can add a little color to one’s life. She started with acrylic painting and then fell in love with watercolors. After receiving an iPad, she realized her fondness for digital art, and she started creating art using Procreate and Photoshop.


#2. Tribal Zodiacs by Marko

DesignAstrology logo design templates

Astrology Logo Design Free

The next zodiac-style artwork is by Marko that focuses on the traditional styles inspired by tribal art. The rendition of the twelve zodiac signs consists of the ram, the bull, the scorpion, the fish, and other symbols that represent each of the astrological signs in gradient colors for a pop up and powerful effect.

Marko is a 25 years old artist born and raised in Belgrade-Serbia, Europe, who has been drawing and sketching from a young age. He is an architect by profession, and art is his hobby. His style is inspired by tribal art and he’s been working on tribal designs that can be used as logos, tattoos, and avatars.

#3. The Astro Artistry by Giulia

Discover a range of bright zodiac illustrations that make up the astrological wheel with symbols or myths and archetypes experienced through humanity’s collective storytelling. The purpose behind these creations is to connect the viewer and wearer with the storytelling elements and rituals our ancestors used to practice to make sense of the mystery and cycles of life through the year.

Born and raised in Memphis, Michigan, Giulia wears many hats. She is a writer, tarot reader, and an artist who loves creating colorful and whimsical designs inspired by myths and paranormal ideas and sharing stories through visual art. You’ll find a great presence of zodiac and occult symbolism in the majority of her artworks.

#4. The 12 Women of the Horoscope by Katja Perez

Lose yourself to the charming beauty of Katja’s astrological art, featuring women illustrations playing the role of the twelve zodiac signs with a starry background. This humanized version of zodiacs sparks positivity and makes the viewers feel connected with their sun signs.

Katja is a German-American illustrator and lettering artist, who has been drawing, doodling, and painting since she was a child. For her, art is a form of self-care and a way to express her feelings and deal with both negative and positive emotions.

Do you have a similar astro-art to share? Start creating and join the community of artists at PrintShop.