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Whereas the 8th House brings about difficult times of pain and suffering, when you get to the 9th House, you're wiser about who you are and how life unfolds.

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You're ready to begin looking at the future and what will happen next.


The 9th House in astrology allows you to look broadly upon what has occurred in you life. It gives you the ability to begin to find meaning in life and to uncover your life's purpose.

Because the 9th House relates directly to philosophy and religion, it leads you to examine the age-old question of why we exist. You begin to look at your morals and ethics – the basic laws that govern your life – as guidelines for how to experience less suffering in life. That also leads to how the ninth house relates to the idea that something greater than ourselves exists. Horoscope 2021 free. This could lead you to creating your life's purpose or lead you to following God's plan.

The 9th House in astrology covers higher education and higher thought. It looks at the world abstractly to create meaning and conclusions from experiences. It looks for the meaning or messages conveyed by events, signs and symbols.

Because the 9th House involves looking at life from a broader perspective, it is related to long-distance travel. This can involve literally traveling to other countries or it may be a mental journey involving reflection and study. In this regard, this astrological house can reveal what you might experience while traveling, as well as what cultures attract you.

But the 9th House in astrology also touches closer to home by looking at an expanded aspect of your family: your in-laws. This is the house to examine if you would like insight into your relationships with your in-laws.

The 9th House also touches on the legal system. While the 7th House related to the lower courts, the ninth house is about the higher courts, such as the Supreme Court.

The 9th House's Natural Planetary Ruler and Astrology Sign: Jupiter and Sagittarius

Questions Answered by 9th House Astrology

  • Why are you here?
  • What is your purpose in life?
  • How do you pursue religious and philosophical issues?
  • What is long-distance travel like for you?
  • What will your relationships with your in-laws be like?

Examples of How Ninth House Astrology Works

If you have Pisces in the 9th House, you are likely to surrender yourself to a religion, embracing a deity wholeheartedly. You're quite open to other viewpoints, beliefs, and cultures, often resisting being tied to any one way of viewing the world yourself. You prefer to learn about things by experiencing them – you want to learn about cultures by going to different countries, sampling the foods and meeting the peoples; you want to study philosophy through discussions and seeing where Plato lived, not from reading books. However, in your desire to learn through experiences, you do need to be careful that you aren't taken advantage of or misled.

If you have Venus in the 9th, you may believe the everything that happens is in your best interest, as if there were a divine power guiding you. You tend to be very tolerant of and flexible towards cultures and religions that differ from yours. You may have a pull to travel to other countries, and will likely find a way to make the trips possible.

If you have Capricorn in the 9th, you are likely to interpret events in your life as being either meaningless or negative. You may adopt religious views where you believe in a God who is harsh, punishing, and who must always be obeyed. You have a tendency to be intolerant of cultures, beliefs and viewpoints that are different from yours. You usually like to remain where things are comfortable and familiar to you, thus making travel challenging and frightening at times.

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