Astrology Ear Piercing

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According to Horoscope 2021, Libra natives will come into terms with many ups and downs. During the months of June and July, the transit of Mars will take place in your tenth house, because of which you will obtain many profits at your workplace. Also during this year, the aspection of Saturn will also be on your tenth house, because of which you will keep working hard during the entire year. Your Kundli or birth chart will also be hosting the transit of Jupiter, because of which you may also think about switching jobs and remain successful in it.

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Libra Horoscope 2021 predicts that due to the presence of Rahu in your eighth house, some unnecessary expenditures can trouble you from time to time. During this year, you may obtain profits from your mother. Libra natives may witness a positive time during 2021. For the field of education, the time period between April and September will prove to be quite lucky. However, if you are busy preparing for any Competitive exams, then you may have to work with supreme diligence.

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During the year 2021, Saturn will remain posited in the fourth house of Libra natives, because of which some natives may remain far away from their family members. Take proper care of your mother’s health as her well being is expected to remain in low spirits this year. In matters related to marital life and children, 2021 will not prove to be very kind. It has been said because at the beginning of the year, the planet Mars will remain present in the seventh house of your sign, which will propagate bitterness in your conjugal life.

During the month of April, your children will obtain success at the workplace. During this year, they will do well in their studies. The love life of Libra natives will also remain quite favourable during this year. Some will remain lucky in love while the others will get married to the love of their lives, Hence, love life of Libra natives will remain quite pleasant. During this year, you are advised to remain a bit careful of your health. Let us now have a detailed look at how your year will perform during 2021.

Libra Career Horoscope 2021

According to Career Horoscope 2021, Libra natives will obtain good results in terms of their career this year. In between the months of June and July, the transit of Mars will take place in your tenth house because of which, you will make progress at your workplace.

However, during this time you may get involved in fights with someone, which is why you are advised to remain extremely careful. The planet Saturn will also keep aspecting your tenth house, because of which you will work with extreme diligence all throughout the entire year.

According to Libra Horoscope 2021, On 6 April 2021, the transit of Jupiter will take place in the zodiac sign Aquarius, because of which you will receive success in your efforts of switching jobs. The new job opportunity will definitely prove to be better than your old one. Libra natives who are associated with business should pay attention towards those trade ventures which are related to social upliftment. Doing this will ensure the prosperity of your business.

If you are contemplating to adhere to partnership in business, then you are advised to remain very careful in the months between February and April as it can generate problems for you. Strong prospects will get created to encounter losses in partnership, which is why you should avoid it as much as you can. The latter part of the year will be somewhat relaxing for you. During the month of September, you can visit a foreign country to fulfill work requirements.

If the necessary precautions are taken, then the month of April can also bear good fruits as your stars and fortunes will remain quite strong during this month. Afterwards, some ups and downs can be encountered during June and the first part of July. As you set foot in the latter part of July, you will receive the support of luck once again and your career will be seen making progress. During mid May, you may receive a transfer order.

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Libra Finance Horoscope 2021

According to Finance Horoscope 2021, the economic life of Libra natives will remain quite prosperous during the beginning of this year. Specifically speaking, the months of March, June, July and August will prove to be quite favourable for your finances.

You may be troubled by some expenses in the month of September. An auspicious task will also procure some of your economic resources at the beginning of 2021 as per Libra horoscope. Put your finances to use wisely. During this year, you may also spend some of your money on charity.

However, due to the presence of Rahu in your eighth house, prospects will get created for unnecessary expenses, which will keep troubling you from time to time. Chances are that you may obtain profits from your mother.

Libra Education Horoscope 2021

According to Libra Education Horoscope 2021, students natives registered under this sign will come across a propitious time. Time period from April until September will prove to be quite rewarding. You will make great progress in your academic life, which will make you eligible to remain at the receiving end of many favourable outcomes.

If you are speculating to do something big in the field of higher education during 2021, then you should go for it and the results will definitely be in your favour. However, if you are engaged in the preparation of any Competitive exam, then you have to work extremely hard to see the face of success. Do not refrain yourself from working hard as it will only lead to success and nothing else.

Astrology ear piercingsAstrology Ear Piercing

The time period between May to August will remain quite crucial for students natives registered under the sign of Libra. During this period, you will obtain the fruits of your hard work and touch great heights of success. If any student wishes to complete his / her studies in a foreign country during 2021, then there are chances of obtaining full fledged success. This year will also be quite favourable in terms of getting an education in a foreign country or pursuing your higher education.

Libra Horoscope 2021 : Domestic Life

Libra Horoscope 2021 predicts that the planet Saturn will remain posited in the fourth house of Libra natives, because of which you may have to stay away from your family members not necessarily because of any fights or clashes, but on account of work requirements, you may have to stay far away from your home.


It is specially advised to take good care of your mother's health since it has been predicted that the year 2021 will remain challenging for her well being. Apart from this, relations between family members will remain amicable. The month of April should be specially mentioned as during this month only your household will witness the prevalence of prosperity, serenity and happiness.

During the time period between 15 September, 2021 until 20 November, 2021 the ancestral house of yours goes through renovation. For the same, you may have to spend some of your resources tightening the security in and around your house.

Younger siblings will be the reason for your happiness during 2021 who will also increase your family’s societal stature.

Libra Horoscope 2021 : Marital Life and Children

According to Libra Horoscope 2021 prediction, matters related to the marital life and children of Libra natives will not remain very positive during the year 2021. It has been said because at the very beginning of the year, the fiery Planet Mars will remain posited in the seventh house of your sign, because of which bitterness may take house in your relationship which exists between you and your life partner.

Very soon, the time period from February until mid April will also not remain very favourable, as the eighth house of your sign is hosting the conjunction of Rahu and Mars, because of which you may get involved in fights and arguments with your in laws.

However, the latter part of April and the month of May may bring an improvement to your conjugal life. Attraction between the two of you will also increase. Your life partner may have to work with extra diligence on the professional front. During the month of June, your respect and honour may be at stake. To ensure the maintenance of a positive bond between you and your in laws, you have to keep making the necessary efforts.

If we talk about the children of Libra natives, then 2021 will remain quite favourable. However, your children may get inflicted with multiple health problems from time to time, which is why you should pay attention towards their well being.

During the month of April, your children will acquire professional success. The same results please flow in, in case of their academic lives too .

Libra Love Horoscope 2021

According to Love Horoscope 2021, the love life of Libra natives will remain quite splendid. During this year, many people will prove to be lucky in love. Many others can get married to their soul mates during this year.

Overall speaking, it can be said that a formidable time will come into the forefront in your love life when you will finally acknowledge that your partner is lucky for you. The time period between April and mid September will bring bouts of happiness for you, since you will work towards the happiness of your relationship and make it an important aspect of your life. This will strengthen your relationship and provide it with depth.

Valentine's Day of 2021 will also remain quite special for you because it is expected that your affection towards each other will increase gradually. The months of February, May, July and December will also prove to be quite lucky for you.

During the mentioned time slots, you will be able to make the most of your love life. The month of December will once again bring happiness for you when your partner will get enrolled in a desirable job. Taking note of all the astrological predictions, it can be stated that during 2021, the love life of Libra natives will remain quite happy and peaceful.

Libra Health Horoscope 2021

As per Health Horoscope 2021, Libra natives are advised to remain extremely cautious about their health as there are no chances of getting inflicted with any major health problems, but you are still advised to pay attention towards your health so as to keep each and every medical condition at bay.

During this year, the presence of Rahu in your eighth house and Ketu in your second house is indicating that you have to remain careful about your health once again. Avoid consuming stale food items and overeating as it may escalate the problems further.

There are no chances of Libra natives suffering from any major ailments during 2021 but maintaining carefulness is always a necessity. Libra Horoscope 2021 says that you will take care of your eating habits during the months of March and April so that problems crop in the future. Also, do not forget to take care of your health during the month of August as there are chances of falling prey to various ailments.

Astrology Ear Piercing

Libra Horoscope 2021 : Remedies

To strengthen the ruling LOrd of your zodiac sign, you are advised to wear a Diamond or Opal gem in a silver ring in your ring finger on Friday.

Serve Gow Mata as much as possible and feed her dough balls and pat her back three times.

Apart from this, wearing a sapphire gem in a Panchadhatu or Ashtadhatu ring on the middle finger on Saturday will also prove to be a profitable deal for you and professional success will be obtained.

Freeing a pair of birds on a Wednesday will strengthen your luck.

If you’ve ever had a piercing, you know that sometimes they have to be removed, whether it was because they got in the way of the sports you played or because you just grew tired of them. But then you decide after weeks (maybe even months) that you want to put your earrings back in, only to find that your ear piercing has closed up. Now what? You’re sitting there with some beautiful jewelry and it seems that you no longer have a piercing!

Astrology Ear Piercing


Astrology Ear Piercing

Having had my fair share of piercings (especially on my ears), I have also experienced this shock. As a teenager, I removed a few of my ear piercings for a significant amount of time. When I finally came around to putting them back in, I was surprised to find two of my holes had closed. I tried different ways of getting the earrings through, discovering that one hole had only barely sealed from behind, while the other had actually closed. Let me take a moment to say that I was reckless and impatient, so when it came to the only hole left that I couldn’t manage to open easily, I simply shoved the stud through and that was that.

Now, before I continue with this story, I would like to point out that there are two kinds of closed piercings. There is the kind that is like the first hole I opened, where it seems like there’s only a thin bit of skin that has covered part of the opening or piercing. You are actually able to put the earring through (from either side), but not all the way. Most of the time, if you’ve removed your piercing, this is what has happened.

Should you force it back open?

Like all things, it depends. Everyone is different, so I won’t say yes or no. Instead, you should try to gently play around with your piercing to see if it is simply a thin layer of skin that has grown over in your body’s attempts to heal itself. If this is the case, a small bit of pressure will pop your ring through with no pain or messiness.

These attempts can be easier after you've:

  • cleaned and disinfected the area and all your material
  • taken a shower, as your skin is much softer and malleable
  • massaged the piercing with a bit of oil (like emu oil or jojoba oil)
  • pulled the skin around your piercing a little to make the hole bigger, which can help to insert an earring
  • tried different angles of inserting, like from the back of the hole or by gently shifting the ring while you put it through

However, keep in mind that you are not a professional! I will say that again: you are not a professional. Piercings can be tricky; they are essentially open wounds. If you’re trying to do this on your own, and you just can’t manage to do it without feeling pain or some sort of panic that you’re going to screw it up, STOP.

What Could Happen?

Back to my story: in my carelessness, when I inserted the second stud into my ear, I had managed to re-pierce my ear but not through the original hole. Instead, I had basically stabbed a new exit point. My piercing was now crooked and essentially raw. If that wasn’t annoying enough, my jewelry wasn’t the greatest, so it had irritated the skin and my ear was throbbing! I immediately removed the piercing, disinfected my ear, and have yet to put an earring through that hole again. Unlike my first hole, this piercing had closed up more than the thin layer of skin. I had basically side-swept the developed layer of scar tissue and had given myself a new, fresh piercing.

If you decide to wing it and re-open your hole, you’re taking some chances. You are risking:

  • improper placement.
  • misalignment.
  • infection (from unclean jewelry or inappropriate material)
  • ugly scarring
  • keloids or excessive scar tissue
  • your chances of being able to re-piece that area again

Zodiac Ear Piercings Aquarius

You are at risk for these issues whenever you get a piercing, but because you are doing it to yourself (and are probably not a professional) the possibility increases! Aquarius and leo compatibility astrology.

Astrology Behind Ear Piercing

My re-opening experience is likely rare, but it is a good example of both outcomes. One worked out, while the other didn’t. However, everyone’s body is different. The safest bet is to see a professional, but if you just can’t be bothered, examine your ear and keep what I’ve said in mind.

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