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Dice Divination, also known as Astragalomancy, is a form of fortune telling that uses stones, bones, or dice to shed light on the human condition. The oldest dice that have been found were in Modern day Iran and are estimated to be 5,000 years old! This ancient practice proves that humans have always sought divine intervention, asking a higher power, and guidance on their most complicated issues.

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How to do fortune telling with dice?With thousands of methodologies and interpretations surroundingthe practice, there are numerous ways to fortune tell using dice orother Astragalomancy items (such as twigs, stones, or bones whichhave numbers or symbols carved into them). We will cover the fivemajor types of dice readings, how to do a reading on yourself, aswell as how to interpret your answers.

Utilize this practice to give you theanswers that you may not want, but possibly need. Sometimes justputting your query into words and seeing potential outcomes can helpyou pin-down precisely the one that you want to happen, as well asthe fate that you want to avoid. The answers are already within you,so use this quick read to understand the major styles of dicedivination, interpretation, and links to some amazing dice sets thatyou must have!

What isAstragalomancy?

Astragalomancy, “also known as astragyromancy, is a form of divination that uses random castings of bones or dices, especially marked with letters and numbers. Etymology. From astragalos (‘dice’ or ‘knucklebone’), a Greek word referring to the knucklebone or vertebra of an animal.”

Dice are often referred to as ‘knucklebones,’ which is precisely what the first dice found nearly 5,000years ago was, only possessing 4 sides. However, most dice that youdiscover in modern society will have 6 sides. Despite the first dicebeing found 5,000 years ago, people have evidence through scripturesand art depictions that Astragalomancy dates back to over 8,000years ago in the Tibetan region of China.

In Rome, they would call these ‘Tali’and number them I. II. III. and IV. In china dice eventually evolvedinto the game of dominos.

With a recorded history in Ancient Rome, Greece, Tibet, Iran, Babylonia, Africa, Egypt, and more, you must first know that the art of dice divination is not a small-scale practice. It has been utilized by millions throughout history and can help you too.

How to UseDice Divination in Your Life

Just as with tarot, palm reading,numerology, rune readings, astrology, and the likes – The dicewon’t tell you your future directly.

All of these practices are aboutputting your energy into something that will mirror back yoursubconscious.

They are spiritual practices in thesense that you are using energies, frequencies, and your own deepintuition to lead you towards the answers you’re seeking. But allof the answers will be open to interpretation and open-ended enoughthat you will have to do your own reasoning.

Dice will not spell out the future foryou, but you can use them as a tool to ask yourself the difficultquestions and reflect the answers that your current energy ispredicting.

Astrology dice divination instructions

Astragalomancy is useful because youhave a physical object to channel your spiritual focus into.

This can be powerful and produce deeperinsights than if you were keeping these questions bottled up insideand not exposing them to something physical you can channel with.

The ultimate use of this tool is to seewhat your future is leaning towards and have the power to step back,examine you feeling about this potential outcome, and choose tofollow that path or change it.

How to DoFortune Telling with Dice

There are countless methods of readingdice and none are wrong or right. There is only the way that youconnect with most powerfully so try them all out and see whichreading type works for what purpose. You may like one reading foryour simple questions and a more intricate reading for your moreserious questions.

The five we will cover are:

  • The Yes or No Method
  • The 3 Dice Method
  • The Future-Oriented Question Method
  • The 6-Sided Method
  • The Circle Method

The process and its steps (regardlessof method) can be summarized in its most simplistic form as:

  1. Mix up your dice in a bag or your hands, connecting your energy with the die (plural for dice)
  2. Throw them out onto a flat surface and see how they land.
  3. Interpret meaning based on them being:
    1. Face up
    2. Face down
    3. Sideways
    4. Outside/inside a circle, if you are utilizing that method
    5. And of course, the number on the die

With countless meanings and interpretations that actually start to contradict each other endless the more you research, you should not feel pressure to do it any one way. There is no ‘right way’ to do it. Only popular methods which are remixed, evolved, and adapted to each person’s unique reading style.

The major consistent advice is to gointo your reading with intention, peace of mind, and focus.

Be in a meditative state and channel that focus on your problem. The die will know if you’re just joking around and not taking it seriously, so if you want a casual reading you will get a casual answer.

The Yes or NoMethod

The ‘yes’ or ‘no’ method isjust as it sounds. Ask a close-ended question that can be answered by‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Some great questions are:

  • Will he fall in love with me?
  • Will this friendship last a lifetime?
  • Do I end up getting promoted in my current job?

The steps to utilize this simplisticmethod are as follows:

  1. Use only three dice
  2. Hold them in your hand while you ask the question
  3. Ask the question aloud
  4. Throw your dice down on a flat surface

To interpret your reading:

  • Odd numbers – mean no
  • Even numbers – mean yes

You can either:

  1. Add up the total number of all 3 dices
  2. Read each dice one by one
  3. Utilize the ‘best 2 out of 3’ method
  4. Or just whatever interpretation style your intuition is telling you to lead with

The 3 DiceMethod

To reiterate, there are thousands ofmethods so this is only the most basic way to utilize the three-dicereading.

This method is perfect for a situationthat is happening in your life right now. Questions to utilize inthis method are things like:

  • Should I move forward in this new endeavor?
  • Is my soul calling to something that is not healthy for my heart?
  • Is my childhood trauma seeping into my current romance and sabotaging my connections to others?

Things that are a bit more open-endedand easily interpretable, as compared to the last method which onlycan give ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.

The steps will be identical to the lastmethod, but the interpretation will be as follows:

  1. The die that falls on the left will signify the past
  2. The die that falls in the center will signify the present
  3. The die that falls on the right will signify the future

The meanings behind these are:

  • If the die has an even number, this means a positive connotation or outcome
  • If the die has an odd number, this means a negative connotation or outcome.

So for example, if you got the reading:

-Left, 3

-Center, 6

-Future, 2

You could interpret that your pastmay have been difficult, but the present center is moving in apositive direction, as is your future.

Other Styles to Interpret

Some styles to be aware of now thatyou’re getting the hang of this are:

Many people do a similar practice of adding all numbers together, so you can do whatever feels right in this method, or any of the others.

People also mimic the reading style of Numerology, which is always functioning under the goal of removing any double digits. You can cut the number down to a single digit if this methodology works more smoothly for you as well.

For example:

If your numbers arethe above 3, 6, and 2. Adding these together = 11

Astrology Dice

You would then cut11 down to 1, simply removing the digit on the left and keeping theone on the right.

Also important to note:In many dice readings, you never count the 0, 1, or 2.These low numbers are believed by many to mean,‘irrelevant, canceled out, undeterminable, or failed reading,’and you should try again a different day.

Now that you understand the possiblecontingencies and ways to read yourself, let’s proceed!

TheFuture-Oriented Question Method

This method is great for askingsomething very future oriented. This can be in theshort-term/immediate future or in the long-term/distant future.

Again, you will only need three diceand you will be adding them all together and using the Numerologymethod as we’ve just covered.

For example:

If you rolled a 5 +5 + 6 = 16

Remove the digit onthe left making it a double digit and you are left with a 6

In this method and for many expert dicereaders, they have a set of meanings for each number. We’ve noticedin researching dozens of them, that everyone’s is quite different.The most common one we’ve found that is utilized is the basicformat of:

  • 1 – means sorrow, sadness, or a let down in your question’s future or outcome.
  • 2 – means happiness, abundance, rewards, and a positive future or outcome for your question.
  • 3 – means gifts and treasures will be coming your way. This could be a promotion, future trip, or something assisting you with debt/taking away your financial stresses.
  • 4 – means love is coming for you. Many people believe this to be in a romantic way, but it could mean a new friendship, business partner, pet, or something entirely unromantic. But love is love! Welcome it into your life and this is an even number which still means a positive outcome, even in other methods.
  • 5 – means Silver is coming to find you
  • 6 – means Gold is coming to find you

(These meaningsare likely old or rooted in ancient prophecy, making these twooutdated)

  • 7 – means that secrets are soon to overwhelm your world, someone is going to include you in a difficult situation, gossip will ensue, or outside forces are playing tricks on you. It can also mean mystery or something is hidden from you that you’re not aware of, a missing puzzle piece in your question that you don’t even know to ask about.
  • 8 – means that goodness is coming into your life.
  • 9 – means romantic love, and that your true love is faithful to you.

The6-Sided Method

Flipping gears, if you want to use a6-sided die that is more complex. You will ask your question and tossout the three dice (each with 6-sides). You will then read thenumbers on each dice position with the meanings which go as follows:

The meanings behind the 6 numbers,which you can again connect to the past, present, and future, are:

  • 6 – means you should be on guard against evil.
  • 5 – means you should stick to your guns and get even more determined in your goal than you are now. Hunker down and do the work, you’re on the right path.
  • 4 – means good luck and you may want to hit the slot machines or purchase a lottery ticket!
  • 3 – means a journey coming soon or a big message which will change your life’s path.
  • 2 – means the end of something is near, perhaps your life or an outside source that is no longer serving you.
  • 1 – means you should be protecting your mind right now because complications are coming.

TheCircle Method

This method will require you to purchase a cloth with a circle on it, such as this Pendulum or Tarot or Divination Cloth for Fortune Telling.

You will in total need:

  • A cloth or drawn circle on a piece of paper, or chalked onto the ground
  • 4 dice

Your circle should be about 1-footin diameter across.

Firstly, it is important to note thatlike all readings, many people do this in many different ways. Somebelieve if the dice falls outside of the circle, this means the diceis null and void. Use your discretion and whatever meaning makessense with your conundrum.

After you toss your dice, the majorbeliefs that you can interpret by are as follows:

How To Read Astrology Dice

  • If the dice falls outside of the circle – null, void, or conflict is coming for you.
  • If the dice falls off the circle, over the table, on the floor, etc. – Someone you love may pass soon or be in danger.
  • If three or more dice fall off the table – This means good luck *(or that you’re throwing too hard)
  • If dice land on top of each other – this is rare and special. Something significant will soon come for you, likely good news or a gift.
  • If all dice land facing upwardsand inside of the circle – this is wonderful luck.
  • If all dice land in the circle – they are all in play for interpretation

Again, people utilize the method of:

  • The dice on the left is the past
  • The dice in the center of the circle is the present
  • The dice on the right is the future

You can also total up the numbers for this method all the way up to the number 18, Chinese astrology tiger and rabbit compatibility. and use a source like This Astragalomancy Divination with Dice Key up to 18.

Great DiceKits to Get You Started

The set you connect with most is theone that will give you the most connected reading. Some beautifullycreated, some hand-made artisan products that we recommend are:

  • 3 Piece Multi-Sided Pearl Astrological Dice for Constellation Divination (Under $10)
  • Fortune Telling by Dice – PDF Free Book Guide

As with anything, do not put all ofyour weight into one practice. Put that confidence in yourself.

No practice is perfect and as Live Science brings up, “Even many books devoted to fortune-telling admit that the techniques are unreliable; a “Note to the Reader” prefacing “The Complete Book of Fortune” reads, “When seeking to know your Fortune by any method of divination, the results obtained must be regarded as an indication of what may happen, and must not be accepted as conclusive evidence of what will happen.”

Final Tipsfor Your Dice Readings

Some parting words of wisdom and tipsto utilize in all of your upcoming dice readings are:

  • It is frowned upon by astragyromancers and dice fortune tellers to read on Monday or Wednesday, so avoid these days. As The Psychic Well describes. “And, no grave-digging – (1891) “Some days are considered here unlucky even to bury the dead. Monday is one of those days. If they have occasion to bury a corpse. They turn the sod on the grave the previous day.” “No grave allowed to be dug on a Monday.”’ Also adding, ‘Wednesday’s child is full of woe.”

Dice Divination Chart

Another belief is that Monday is the day of the moon which is linked to ever-changingness and Wednesday is connected to Mercury which means trickery. You don’t need to understand why just avoid these days because they commonly offer bad omens.

  • Don’t read someone more than three times a day, this is also considered bad juju and the accuracy will start to dwindle as you become less attached to each reading.
  • Do not read when it is stormy or bad weather.
  • Always ask your question out loud. This makes it more enjoyable at house parties or with your friends to be apart of your reading, but it is powerful even when you are alone. The audible reinforcement along with your channeling into physical objects are just more ways to allow that ‘want’ or question to escape your body. Set it free and say it loud so the dice can hear you!
  • Filter all information through what you know about yourself, your question, and your situation.

Soon you’ll be able to do readingswith your friends and families and share in the eye-opening fun ofthis practice. You can take it lightly and seriously at the same timebut do remember that your fate is in your own hands, and you can takecontrol of your future whenever you are ready.

Dice Fortune Telling Chart

We hope this guide has been useful andwe’ll leave you with this brilliance from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Thedice of God are always loaded.”

Astrology Dice Meaning

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