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AstroClock shows the horoscope for here and now, wherever you go. Calculate unlimited horoscopes with in-app purchase and read detailed interpretations in En. Examine the following: A horoscope is an astrological forecast. The term is also used to describe a map of the zodiac at the time of one’s birth. The zodiac is divided into twelve zones of the sky, each named after the constellation that originally fell within its zone (Taurus, Leo, etc.). Welcome to the Prague astronomical clock simulator! Set a predefined or a custom date and see the changes in the astronomical clock configuration. Change the latitude and investigate hypotetical appearance of the astronomical clock in the given location. Press F11 to switch the browser into a full screen mode and thus enhance your experience.

The Pattern Astrology App

Sunclock is an app that lets users get additional information besides the current time, add a widget on the home screen, and work with a solar compass.
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The astronomical clock targets anyone who wants to change the modern digital display with the analog design. It provides a multitude of customization settings to make sure that each person gets the best experience. For instance, users can switch from the classical 12-hours dial to the 24-hours clock without a hassle and show the true midday at the top, if that is their preference. Best astrology software. But the first thing you need to do when launching the app for the first time is to indicate a location. You can complete this action either automatically with your device's built-in GPS or manually by picking a city from the available list or by typing a set of geographical coordinates. Depending on that location, the software then calculates the dawn, sunrise, true noon, sunset, dusk, and the current time. Users can also add a customized text on the rotating second hand, display the Northern Hemisphere map, show the civil, nautical, or astronomical twilight on the analog clock, set wallpapers, and add widgets on the home screen. Moreover, they get the freedom to change the color scheme and switch to the dark theme, opt for a grey design, or stick to the white dial. It is also worth mentioning that there are a couple of settings created for photographers. Thanks to the golden hour and blue hour display, they can find out what are the best times to capture pictures outdoors.



  • See the current time on an analog clock
  • Add your location for exact data
  • Take advantage of the golden hour or blue hour when capturing photos
  • Choose the most inspiring color scheme
  • Set wallpaper or add a widget on the home screen

What's new in Sunclock - Astronomical Clock, Sunrise, Sunset APK 2.33:

  • Russian translation added.
  • Widget improvement: 'Home' and 'Abroad' text is editable now.

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AstrologyNew in Sunclock - Astronomical Clock, Sunrise, Sunset 2.33:The pattern astrology app
  • Russian translation added.
  • Widget improvement: 'Home' and 'Abroad' text is editable now.

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Sunclock - Astronomical Clock, Sunrise, Sunset 2.33

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