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The Nightlight Astrology School offers three programs for you to choose from. Each 12-month course is designed to give you a great foundation of knowledge, and there’s even a course for returning students. Here are the three courses offered: First Year Astrology Certification Course. Moon Zlotnick has been practicing astrology full time since 1978 after receiving certification through CCRS, Zipporah Dobyn's school in Los Angeles. She has been teaching students since 1980 and in 1990 developed a three year training program to help students transition to professional astrologers.

This course is a profound, personal experience of the astrological archetypes and their interpretation in natal birth charts, integrating the student's daily life into professional astrologer training.

By the end of the intensive course, the student will possess a firm foundation for interpreting charts professionally, including the confidence to go to the core of a chart and elucidate the key patterns by planet, sign, house, aspect, and transits/progressions. We will start wherever you are astrologically and build from there!

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Upon graduation from this unique course the student will possess the insight and knowledge needed to inspire others with life-changing astrological readings that will make possible a vital, service-oriented career as a trained professional astrologer. Kelly assists you in your transition from student to professional by helping you prepare for your practice chart sessions.

The Professional Astrologer Certification Program consists of a core curriculum of instruction in the following areas.

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  • The History of Astrology and the Astrology of History.
  • Astrological Styles of Interpretation, including designing your own.
  • Interpretation of planets, signs, houses, and aspects in natal charts on spiritual,
    archetypal, emotional, mental and physical levels.
  • Aspect Configurations and Chart Patterns.
  • Archetypal visualization exercises, meditations, and languaging skills.
  • Modes, Elements, and Qualities, the fundamentals of 'speaking' astrology.
  • Seasons of the Soul: Analysis of Planetary Cycles in Transits, Progressions, Lunation Cycle,
    and Solar Arcs for effective, inspirational forecasting of life trends.
  • Counseling styles and skills, including ethics.
  • Setting up and running a practice, including web design inspiration.
  • Fixed Stars and Basic Astronomy, including Astrocartography.

Course Requirements: The Professional Astrologer Certification Program demands discipline, perseverance, commitment, and enthusiasm. You won't be the same person who began the journey! This training will change your life so you can go out and make a difference in the world by helping others align with their destinies.
A willingness to learn is essential!

'Our duty is to be useful, not according to our desires but according to our powers.'
Henry F. Amiel

Course Fees and Structure: The Initial Registration Fee is $300 and includes your first week's tuition for instruction. Daily horoscope aries male. We'll meet three times four three hours of intensive enlightening lessons. Each additional day of training costs $100 per day, paid before the week begins. Most students sign up for at least one day a week.

Each week we get together using Video Skype for three-hour sessions, up to three times per week. Skype is a communication program that allows us to call each other for FREE. Download Skype HERE. Also, you'll need either a headset with a mic or a webcam with a mic. I recommend the web cam option so we can see each other, and here is the WEBCAM I recommend students purchase. You will love it for all your video web communication needs!

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The $100 per day cost, which translates to a fee of less than $35 per hour, is the average fee for professional astrologer training. By the time you are certified you will not only be able to make a living as an astrologer, with Kelly's original style of imparting the principles of astrology, you'll also be giving consultations that are divinely inspired! Kelly has had students become full-time professional astrologers in a year, usually after completing three to four months of training and six to seven months of practice (Kelly personally helps you prepare chart sessions), and their referral rate is accelerated due to the high quality of their work.

Astrology Certification Course

In addition, Kelly has consulted with some of the best minds in astrology while making his documentary film Return of the Magi ( and has an extensive collection of archived videos from the pros that he uses during teaching sessions to impart dynamic information about astrology.

For more information or to ask questions, call Kelly at the number below or Skype him under his Skype username kellyleephipps or send an email.

'Kelly's extraordinary astrological insights are breathtaking -- if there's a level beyond genius, that's where he's working from. His astrological readings have given me profound insights into myself, have clarified my soul-level reasons for being on this planet, and have had a huge and positive impact on my life. He's even inspired me to become an astrologer myself!'

B. Bernstein (NC)

Astrology Certification Program

Diploma: Each graduate will receive a Professional Astrologer Certification in the Divine Inspiration Astrology Program upon completion of the course. Every student learns and assimilates knowledge at a different rate, but the average student takes about three to four months to complete their core training. Many students continue their studies well into their practice just because lessons are so exciting!

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Use the Pay Pal button below to pay your Initial Registration Fee. Kelly will call to welcome and introduce you to the training, send you your stuff, and set up a date for your first three hour lesson.