Astrology August 2021 Solar Eclipse

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New Moon August 2018 at 18 degrees Leo is a partial solar eclipse. The solar eclipse August 2018 astrology is mainly influenced by a conjunction to Mercury retrograde. The major themes of this eclipse will be thinking, contemplation, deliberation, discussion and debate.

2020 will go down in history as the year the world changed due to Covid-19. Hot on the heels of 2020 and its startling astrological aspects, the astrology of the year 2021 is characterized by an ongoing conflict between the status quo versus progressive reform. In 2018 the only solar eclipse in Leo occurs on the 11 th August. As there’s only a solar eclipse on 13 th July for Cancerians and no lunar eclipses in Cancer this year, they will be just like the rest of us in what they feel in terms of intensity. If your birthday occurs on an eclipse or if an eclipse occurs in your sign, you are also likely. An Eclipse Never Comes Alone! A solar eclipse always occurs about two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse. Usually, there are two eclipses in a row, but other times, there are three during the same eclipse season. All eclipses 1900 — 2199. This is the second eclipse this season. First eclipse this season: November 19, 2021 — Partial Lunar.

The August 2018 solar eclipse with challenging aspects to Jupiter and Pluto suggests disagreements and arguments about ideas and beliefs about power and control issues between people, groups of people and nations. Asteroid Pallas conjunct the eclipse will focus debate on feminism and politics.

Solar Eclipse Meaning

SolarA solar eclipse is just like a regular new moon where the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. However, a solar eclipse is more powerful because the Moon darkens the Sun. Solar Eclipse August 2018 is a partial solar eclipse so most of the Sun will still be visible. The new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.
The strongest and most important aspect in astrology is Sun conjunct Moon. It means all possibilities are on the table and you can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future. It is time to question your old habits and behaviors as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress.
New Moon August 2018 the ideal time to make a fresh start, so write your new goals down on a sheet of paper. The best time for making a new start is from the solar eclipse to the August 26 Full Moon. A new moon influence lasts for four weeks but a solar eclipse usually lasts about six months. The August 11 solar eclipse supersedes the July 12 solar eclipse. It combines with the July 27 Lunar Eclipse to form an eclipse phase that last until the January 2019 solar eclipse.

New Moon August 2018 Mercury

Mercury conjunct the solar eclipse reinforces the creative strategic intelligence of asteroid Pallas. It means this eclipse will make you think and question, discuss and deliberate. Mercury retrograde complicates all negotiations and decision. It can play havoc with your thoughts, communications, travels and electronics. Take extra care with your words and try not to react too quickly in any arguments or if provoked.
Mercury retrograde can make you feel nervous and anxious. So take some time out if you start to feel overwhelmed by the hectic pace. You may find yourself dwelling on things, reminisce about the past, or unexpectedly meeting up with people from your past. Negotiations and business matters will be in a state of flux. Some important details will not yet be available, or other people won’t be reliable or honest.
The star Acubens with Mercury gives activity, malevolence, poison, lying and crime. It can make you feel unbalanced, jumpy, unsettled mentality and helpless. [1] Dr. Morse says that one significance of Acubens is the enforced use of applied intelligence when finding oneself in combat at someone else’s behest. But a generally more positive quality to read from Acubens is that of a sharp intellect and ease of coming to grips with problems, for which one might earn high public renown. But, again, there is the note of doing this under pressure of others demanding ‘from behind’. [4]

Solar Eclipse August 2018 Jupiter

Solar eclipse square Jupiter is like a double-edged sword. It can make you feel extremely confident, proud, lucky and optimistic. The manner in which you express your exuberance is critical in determining the result, which can range from good fortune and success, to loss and embarrassment. The best way to handle this solar eclipse is to show respect, moderation and discipline. Don’t take on too many projects as this would end up wasting your energy and getting you nowhere in a hurry. Focus your energy on one or just a couple of projects.
Be conservative with your finances because of a tendency to accumulate things you don’t really need. There is also a tendency to over eat or overindulge in drugs and alcohol or other addictive demons like gambling. You can make you own luck by doing your homework and working hard. It is best to use moderation in all areas of life, with your behavior and your morals. This solar eclipse may spark your generous side but even then, make sure you do not leave yourself short. Have fun but don’t party too hard.

Astrology August 2021 Solar Eclipse

July 2020 solar eclipse astrologyMercury square Jupiter is the strongest aspect in the eclipse chart besides the eclipse itself, with an orb of only 0°06′. It makes this eclipse a battle of idea and beliefs. It will reignite the debate about false news and the battle between Donald Trump and the media.
This aspect gives an optimistic and broad outlook but a tendency to exaggerate and overestimate. Remember to focus on the smaller details. A lack of concentration, or inability to focus, may lead to some errors of judgement or mistakes. Mercury retrograde square Jupiter, means you must be careful with your words and your attitude. Overconfidence could make you seem arrogant, opinionated or even bigoted. Don’t promise too much or overestimate your abilities when making plans for the future.

New Moon August 2018 Pluto

Solar eclipse quincunx Pluto makes this solar eclipse a turning point in life that may be felt as a mini crisis or threat. However, it is not as intense as the previous solar eclipse on July 12 which was opposite Pluto. This means you can make adjustments and compromises to relieve the pressure and intensity of that earlier solar eclipse. It links the two solar eclipses and suggests and ongoing theme related to power and control issues or obsessive and destructive behavior.
An event or person may trigger this tipping point by taking away your personal power. In relationships you could react by trying to control and manipulate the other person which would result in conflict and bruised egos. Any crisis, turning point or serious decision is best viewed as self-improvement exercise. You can transform your life for the better and have a positive effect on someone or humanity in general.
This aspect also points to the power imbalance in relation to feminism. It suggests increasing tension that leads to dramatic events like accusations sexual misconduct or other abuses of power. Secrets will be exposed and reputations destroyed. Pluto rules large political movements and multinational corporations. So there will be political and social changes that increase tensions for some but make things better for others. There will also be a shift in the power balance between political parties, nations and within the feminist movement.

Solar Eclipse August 2018 Summary

The August 11 solar eclipse joins a star of command and domination that increases your power to get on in life. Asteroid Pallas gives courage and fighting spirit, but also the creative intelligence and wisdom to deliberate to find the truth before passing judgement and taking action.
The solar eclipse is also joined by Mercury retrograde which really is the strongest influence on the eclipse. Altogether this means a lot of thinking, discussion and arguments about power and control issues in relationships. At the social level these deliberations will be about feminism, the Me Too Movement and politics (Donald Trump). There will be provocative statements and insults from both sides of the debate about power imbalances and the abuse of power by men in positions of authority.
Mercury retrograde suggests it would be better to carefully listen and think about your own ideas and attitudes before giving your opinion. The exaggerating influence of Jupiter means boastfulness and pride could lead to embarrassment and loss. Jupiter rules philosophy so this solar eclipse will promote a battle of ideas and beliefs. The difficult aspect to Pluto complicates debate with lies and propaganda, conspiracy theories, investigations and espionage.
Pallas conjunct solar eclipse new moon August 2018 may focus your thoughts on the relationship between father and daughter. The tense aspect to Pluto will highlight power and control issues in such relationships. And for women, how that has influenced your beliefs and attitudes about men in general. So it will be interesting to see how this dynamic plays out in the continuing battle between the feminist movement and the national father figure Donald Trump.

Fred Espenak

A concise summary of all lunar eclipses from 2021 through 2030is presented in the table below. The first column gives the Calendar Date of the instant of greatest eclipse[1]. The second column TD of Greatest Eclipse is the Terrestrial Dynamical Time of greatest eclipse. The third column lists the Eclipse Type which is either Total, Partial, or Penumbral.

Eclipses recur over the Saros cycle, a period of approximately 18 years 11 days. Each eclipse belongs to the Saros Series shown in the 4th column. The Umbral Magnitude[2] (column 5) gives the fraction of the Moon's diameter immersed in Earth's umbral shadow at the instant of greatest eclipse. The Eclipse Duration[3] gives the length of the partial eclipse. If the eclipse is total then two durations are listed. The first is the interval between the beginning and end of the partial phases. The second value (in bold) is the duration the total phase.Finally, the Geographic Region of Eclipse Visibility[4] provides a brief description of the regions where each eclipse will be seen.

Two fields in the summary table provide links to graphics and additional information for each eclipse. A figure consisting of a diagram and map for each eclipse may be seen by clicking on the Calendar Date. The top diagram shows the Moon's trajectory with respect to Earth's penumbral and umbral shadows. The equidistant cylindrical projection map below illustrates the geographpic region of visibility for each phase of the eclipse. These figures are described in greaterdetail in the Key to LunarEclipse Maps. Each figure is stored as a PDF file of about 110 kilobytes.

All eclipses belonging to a particular Saros Series are listed in a table linked through the Saros number.

Chinese astrology pig and tiger compatibility. The Key to Lunar Eclipse Decade Table contains a more detailed description of each item in the table.

For more data on lunar eclipses during this period, see Catalog of Lunar Eclipses: 2001 to 2100.

Lunar Eclipses: 2021 - 2030
Calendar DateTD of Greatest EclipseEclipse TypeSaros SeriesUmbral MagnitudeEclipse DurationGeographic Region of Eclipse Visibility
2021 May 26 11:19:53 Total 121 1.009 03h07m
e Asia, Australia, Pacific, Americas
2021 Nov 19 09:04:06 Partial 126 0.974 03h28m Americas, n Europe, e Asia, Australia, Pacific
2022 May 16 04:12:42 Total 131 1.414 03h27m
Americas, Europe, Africa
2022 Nov 08 11:00:22 Total 136 1.359 03h40m
Asia, Australia, Pacific, Americas
2023 May 05 17:24:05 Penumbral 141 -0.046 - Africa, Asia, Australia
2023 Oct 28 20:15:18 Partial 146 0.122 01h17m e Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
2024 Mar 25 07:13:59 Penumbral 113 -0.132 - Americas
2024 Sep 18 02:45:25 Partial 118 0.085 01h03m Americas, Europe, Africa
2025 Mar 14 06:59:56 Total 123 1.178 03h38m
Pacific, Americas, w Europe, w Africa
2025 Sep 07 18:12:58 Total 128 1.362 03h29m
Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
2026 Mar 03 11:34:52 Total 133 1.151 03h27m
e Asia, Australia, Pacific, Americas
2026 Aug 28 04:14:04 Partial 138 0.930 03h18m e Pacific, Americas, Europe, Africa
2027 Feb 20 23:14:06 Penumbral 143 -0.057 - Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia
2027 Jul 18 16:04:09 Penumbral 110 -1.068 - e Africa, Asia, Australia, Pacific
2027 Aug 17 07:14:59 Penumbral 148 -0.525 - Pacific, Americas
2028 Jan 12 04:14:13 Partial 115 0.066 00h56m Americas, Europe, Africa
2028 Jul 06 18:20:57 Partial 120 0.389 02h21m Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
2028 Dec 31 16:53:15 Total 125 1.246 03h29m
Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Pacific
2029 Jun 26 03:23:22 Total 130 1.844 03h40m
Americas, Europe, Africa, Mid East
2029 Dec 20 22:43:12 Total 135 1.117 03h33m
Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia
2030 Jun 15 18:34:34 Partial 140 0.502 02h24m Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
2030 Dec 09 22:28:51 Penumbral 145 -0.163 - Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia

Geographic abbreviations (used above): n = north, s = south, e = east, w = west, c = central

[1] Greatest Eclipse is the instant when the distance between the axis of Earth's umbral shadow and the center of the Moon's disk reaches a minimum.

[2] Umbral magnitude isthe fraction of the Moon's diameter obscured by Earth's umbral shadow at the instant of greatest eclipse. For total eclipses, the umbral magnitude is always greater than or equal to 1. For partial eclipses, the umbral magnitude is always greater than 0 and less than 1. For penumbral eclipses, the umbral magnitude is always negative (i.e., less than 0).

[3] Eclipse Duration is the duration of the partial phase of a partial eclipse.For total eclipses two values are given. The first is the period between the beginning and end of the partial phases, while the second value (in bold is the duration of the total phase.

July 2020 solar eclipse astrology

2021 Solar Eclipses

[4] Geographic Region ofEclipse Visibility is the portion of Earth's surface where some portion of the eclipse can be seen.

Decade Tables of Lunar Eclipses

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