Astrology And Career Prediction

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Astrology in Job Prediction Like every plant won't grow equally in same soil, every human being won't achieve success at a particular job. Everyone has different characteristics and quality, based on that one should choose his/her career. If you are in dilemma of choosing your career path, not able to understand which suits you the most? Career Astrology Horoscope is simple to use and accurate in predicting the working habits of different zodiac signs. This astrological tool describes in detail the career of people around you depending on their star signs. This tool gives you complete and relevant information about knowing how good or bad you are to work with. In career astrology, if a person has all the qualities to become successful and become wealthy but does not wish to compromise or work hard as per requirements then there is nothing a prediction can do.

Career is every person’s primary point of concern. Right from the time, we enter our high school. We plan to pick a stream which will further help us get into the job we dream about and work very hard towards it. But is your career choice the right option for you or are you destined for something greater but you are still are unaware and running behind a dream that will give you average results?

As per the Vedic Astrology, there are some great and good placement, conjunction and interchange of planets that show beneficial for the native especially with regards to their career or professional life.

Here, we will discuss the various careers or profession predictions for the native as per the birth chart and the native’s ascendant.

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Astrology Career Calculator

As per the Aries ascendant, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus are an important planet and play a crucial role in predicting the career of the native. Their placement should always remain good and just in case they interchange between one another or have conjunction then it gives beneficial results for the native in the form of good career growth and direction. Few of the career profiles that suit Aries ascendant are:

  • A technical field like engineering in any stream
  • Construction
  • Management in any field


In the case of the Taurus ascendant, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter play the most essential role in predicting the career of the native. On the off chance that there is a conjunction or interchange or placement of the three planets is positive then the native will always be ready to experience positive news on the front of their professional life. The career options good for them are:

  • Commission or Consultancy Based Job Profile
  • Mechanical or Technical Field
  • Government Services (Railway Or Any Other Field)
  • Graphics Designing
  • Animation
  • Multimedia
  • Hotel Management


For the Gemini ascendant, Moon, Jupiter, and Venus are the most essential planets who play a major role in the accurate prediction of the career for the native that will bring growth and prosperity in their life. if these planets have a good placement or conjunct or interchange with one another then growth and success will be a constant factor of the native’ s professional life. Career options that are good for the Gemini ascendant are:

  • Medical Field
  • Art and Creativity Related Job Profile
  • Education-related Career
  • Teaching Field
  • Professional Advisor
  • Chartered Accountant profile

Vedic Astrology Career


In accordance with the Cancer ascendant, Sun, Mars, and Jupiter are the most essential planet for predicting the most beneficial and growing career option for the native. If the placement of the above-mentioned planets is good or has conjunction or interchanges between each other then the possibilities of having a thriving and ever-growing career are on the card of the native. Career profiles that match the characters of a cancer ascendant are;

  • Real Estate
  • Any Management Profile
  • Technical Field such as Mechanical or Software Engineering
  • Hotel Management
  • Construction


In the case of Leo ascendant, Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars are the most important planets when it comes to making the right prediction for the professional life of a native. In the event that these planets have a good placement or conjunction or they interchange between one another in a positive manner then it means that the career graph of the native will always rise consistently even though they might face small hindrances every now and then but it will not affect their growth process at all. The career that can be considered good for them are:

  • Administrative Job Profiles
  • Art and Creativity related Job
  • High authoritative Job in the Government
  • Photography
  • Modeling
  • Fashion industry
  • Consultancy and commission based Job
  • Defense
  • Law Enforcement


Astrology And Career Prediction

Indian Astrology Career Prediction

In relation to the Virgo ascendant, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn have a major role to play in the prediction of the profession by birth date. On the off chance that the above-mentioned planets have a good placement or conjunction or they interchange with one another on a positive note then such conditions are sure to bring good and positive news to the native especially in their professional life. The best career options for the Virgo ascendants are:

  • Content Writing
  • Consultancy and Commission Based Job
  • Ladies Clothing and Apparels Business
  • Professional Advisors
  • Teaching Field


For the Libra ascendant, Moon, Mars, and Saturn are the most crucial planets when it comes to the prediction of the profession by birth chart. In the event that Moon, Mars, and Saturn are placed in a good house or have a conjunction or interchange their places with one another; all of the mentioned condition will work in the favor of the native as it will be the bearer of good news for the career or professional life of the native. The best professional choice for a Libra would be:

  • Hotel Management
  • Management in any Stream
  • Art and Creativity Related Job
  • Graphic Designer
  • Multimedia
  • Animation


For the Scorpio ascendant, Jupiter and Sun are the most essential planets for the prediction of profession or career by date of birth or birth chart. In case that the Jupiter and Sun are placed well in the chart or j=have conjunction or are interchanging placed with one another; then the good news of growth and progress in the field of career or profession will remain a constant factor in the life of the native. The career options that will best suit the Scorpio ascendant are:

  • Civil Services
  • Government Job
  • Defense
  • Law Enforcement
  • Law Field
  • Real Estate
  • Agriculture


In the case of the Sagittarius ascendant, Jupiter, Mercury, and Sun are the three most crucial planets that help in prediction the career graph of the native in present and future. In case that the above-mentioned planets are placed well in the natal chart or have a conjunction or are interchanging places with one another (on a positive note) then the native will experience stable growth and success in their career. The few of the career options that will suit the Sagittarius ascendants are:

  • Education-related Field
  • Teaching Profile
  • Job Profiles Related to Religious Field
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Commission or Consultancy Profile
  • Stationary and School Supplies Business
  • Clerical Job
  • Advisory job Profile


Venus, Saturn, and Mars are the three most important planets when it comes to making a prediction for the profession of a Capricorn on the basis of his or her birth chart or date of birth. Just in case, that Venus, Saturn, and Mars are strongly placed or have a conjunction or are interchanging houses with one another then there are higher chances of the native to do extremely well in his or her profile. Capricorn horoscope reading for today. The profiles that will be good for Capricorn ascendant are:

  • Art and Creativity related Job
  • Female Clothing and Apparels (Job or Business)
  • Cosmetics (Job or Business)
  • Jewelry (Job or Business)
  • Engineering in Any Field
  • Perfumes


For the Aquarius ascendant, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus are the most crucial planets for the prediction of the career of the native on the basis of the birth chart. If Mars, Jupiter, and Venus are placed well in the chart or are interchanging places with one another or have conjunction then the results of these conditions remain in the favor of the native and he or she will see a consistent rise in their career. Job or professions that will be beneficial for the Aquarius native are:

  • Construction (job or business)
  • Management Profile
  • Hotel Industry
  • Real Estate Field
  • Security Field
  • Commission and Consultancy Based Job


In the case of Pisces ascendant, Jupiter and Mars are the most important planets when it comes to the professional prediction according to the birth chart. If Jupiter and Mars are placed well or have a conjunction or are interchanging places with each other then the possibilities of having a better and brighter career for the native heightens. The best career choice for the Pisces ascendant would be:

  • Teaching Career
  • Management In Any Field
  • Real Estate
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Hotel Industry
  • Media Field
  • Agriculture

Career astrology prediction guides the native to the right direction of the profession so as to cut down on the struggle period of the native in career and to give extra time to be well-settled in their respective career choices. It should always be kept in mind that the career choices mentioned above are generic in nature and in order to know a personal career option, it is important to get a detailed reading of the horoscope or natal chart of the person in order to know the minute details and exact career choice of him or her.


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Astrology And Career Prediction

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Astrology And Career Prediction

Free Career Vedic Astrology

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These are some of the Common Career Problems many working people across the globe face on a daily basis. Some are stuck at the wrong job; others can't find happiness in the right job.

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Astrology And Career Predictions

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