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by Joseph Crane

Astrology Alphabet Chart

The Twelve Letter Alphabet, sometimes called the twelve'Archetypes,' underlies much of the presentation of planets,signs, and houses in modern Western astrology. In my view, this has ledto the distortion of much of astrology's fundamental symbolism. Many otherastrologers have come to the same conclusion, yet this systempersists.

In the modern astrology system of the Twelfth Letter Alphabet, each zodiac sign rules one of the twelve houses in the birth chart. This innovation was created by psychological astrologers to match sign affinities to related house topics.

Get free astrology birth charts, empty elements, Draconic chart and planetary patterns, part of fortune astrology and lots more. Know more about decanates, planetary dignities, aspects, influence of planets in the various signs and houses of your horoscope. Get free astrology charts, predictions and be your own online astrologer! The picture to the right shows the quincunx lines in green. In a chart that I write, you will see these quincunx lines in RED. A 'Yod' is a triangular pattern in an astrology chart, which consists of 3 connecting points. It is an isosceles triangle with two long equal sides and a short side.

This article, the result of many years of frustration with theconventional presentation of astrology, has as its goal that astrologersquestion their explicit and implicit use of the Twelve Letter Alphabet. A case can be made for putting this system away forever, and I attempt tomake that case here. For newer students I'd like this article to be a'patch' to decrease their confusion and help them think thingsthrough when they encounter different versions of astrological symbolism. For more experienced astrologers and astrology teachers, I would like tostimulate some long-overdue conversation.

What is the Twelve Letter Alphabet?


When stated nakedly, this doctrine maintains thatthe Planets = Signs = Houses. For example, the First House is of the samenature as Aries and its ruling planet Mars, called the 'FirstLetter'; the Second Letter is made from the Second House, Taurus, andVenus, and so on up to the Twelfth House, Pisces, and Neptune. Followingthis model, we sometimes read statements such as 'the Second House islike Venus,' the 'Eleventh House or Aquarius,' and soforth. When astrology books describe a particular planet's placementthrough houses and signs, e.g. 'Pluto (or other planet) in Leo or theFifth House', their authors are making a correspondence of aparticular planet and the house based on the Twelve Letter Alphabet.

One can also use the Twelve Letter Alphabet for interpretative purposes. My natal chart has Neptune in the first house and Mars in Pisces. According to my first astrology teacher, this means that in my natal chartthe First House and Mars are modified by the Pisces/Neptune influence, sothat I have problems with anger or motivation, or maybe I'm passiveaggressive. I was struck by this interpretation's seductive simplicity,and also that it was wrong.

This particular blending of houses with signs (and their rulingplanets) took root in traditional medical astrology, whereby either Ariesor the First House is significator of the head, Taurus or Second Housesignificator of the throat, etc. Centuries later, perhaps beginning withThe Astrology of Personality (1936), Dane Rudhyar differentiated between'event-oriented' and 'humanistic' perspectives on theastrological houses and recast all the traditional house depictions to fitpsychological and spiritual interests. In the early 1970's astrologerZipporah Dobbyns articulated the Twelve Letter Alphabet that was linkedwith interpreting a natal chart from psychological or spiritual points ofview.

Surely, one can take a psychological approach to natal astrologywithout resorting to the Twelve Letter Alphabet. Much of my astrologicalwork over the past 20 years has been to demonstrate the importance of the'condition of the soul' in the natal astrology of previous eras,and the effectiveness of its techniques for that purpose. Additionally,when the Twelve Letter Alphabet has taken over as the template forastrological symbolism, other fields of astrology (horary, electional, andevent astrology) take on a diminished value. It is important to note thatthese branches of our art are concerned mostly with external situations,not the processes of psyche and soul. When learning these importantbranches of astrology, people should not have to learn astrology all overagain to apply its symbols outside the psyche.

'You're just promoting traditional astrology over modernastrology – once again.' You might say. No, I reply, I am promotingastrology as it is, with a long heritage and coherent symbol system thatis relevant across all applications of astrology. We just need to find outmore about it.

Many astrologers state that the Twelve Letter Alphabet should be usedcarefully, because houses are not exactly signs and ruling planets aren'tsigns either. Thus you might say, 'A lot of presentations say thatthe Twelve Letter Alphabet is a good teaching tool for new astrologystudents but one shouldn't take it too far, so what's the problem?'Well, if a 'teaching tool' is not to be trusted in actualpractice on and can create misunderstanding, why use it at all?

Free Astrology Chart Printable

Throughout astrology's history therehave been other ways to look at houses and planets together. Students andprofessional astrologers are often surprised that in the past the firsthouse was sometimes correlated with Saturn, the second with Jupiter, andso on, in the descending order of the planets. (Try it out for all TwelveHouses – it doesn't work too badly.) A more attractive system, however,is that of the house joys shown in the diagram on the left. Each of theseven visible planets has a favorite house to inhabit. This works farmore powerfully than the Twelve Letter Alphabet to understand theconnection between planets and houses, and so I will present the housejoys throughout this article.

Letter by Letter

By tying together the separate threads of signs, planets, and housesthe Twelve Letter Alphabet has created knots that need to be untied forastrology to be coherent. For this article I take my inspiration from afine series of columns by Glenn Kessler in the Washington Post called'The Fact Checker'. It bestows different numbers of'Pinocchios' to politicians' statements and advertisements basedon degrees of untruth. Here, the more knots you see, the'knottier' are the problems correlating house, sign, andgoverning planet according to the Twelve Letter Alphabet.

1st House (Aries, Mars) ***

This area is critically important for interpreting an astrologicalchart. I always begin looking at an astrological chart by noting theAscendant, its planetary ruler, planets in the First House, and planetsclosely aspecting the Ascendant degree. In natal astrology, these factorstogether represent the characteristic style and temperament of the native. The First House has been called the house of 'life,' and issuesabout physical and mental health also reside in this place. In a horarychart, the Ascendant and First House signifies the person who asks aquestion. In an electional chart or event chart, these factors signifythe initiation of an event. In natal astrology these are the first andmost powerful factors to be considered, far more than the Sun sign or Moonsign.

The wide variety of possibilities of human character andbehavior cannot be 'archetypically' tied to Aries or anyparticular sign, Mars or any particular planet. All of us have differentpossibilities that can be traced to different signs and planets,particularly the one that shows up in a chart – there's no reason to callAries the First House of the 'natural houses.' Aries, as acardinal fire sign is a natural home for Mars, emphasizes the decisive butimpulsive and possibly destructive activity of Mars.

The cardinal fiery sign Aries and its ruling planet Mars are notalways appropriate to most situations in which we find ourselves. What is the best match for aquarius female. In fact,we usually don't burst into new things but instead we're more likely towatch and wait and find an 'in.' Mars is traditionally a'malefic' and the fiery red planet often causes people more harmthan good.

Mars also has a greater range of activity than is attributed to thesign Aries: Mars is dignified elsewhere than in Aries. Assimilating theplanet Mars to the sign Aries over-simplifies the complex and interestingnature of the red planet, making it appear more like an impulsivesixteen-year-old male than a planet that can work quietly and in a focusedway toward a goal, as when Mars inhabits its other signs in which it hasdignity.

Mercury, not Mars, is in its joy in the First House. When we considerthat what we often need when meeting the world is a diverse range ofresponses, Mercury, not necessarily Mars, is a good planet to have in thisimportant position.

2nd House (Taurus, Venus) ***

The concerns of the Second House are straightforward but using theTwelve Letter Alphabet has made them complicated. The Second House isabout money, funding, and the 'substance' of the native –period. Taurus, the earthy fixed sign, is a fine place for physicalpleasure and comforts and a basic kind of simplicity. (Note that Venus isits domicile ruler and Moon its exaltation.) Avarice tends to make lifevery complicated – but this is not Taurus! Nor should money be confused with 'value' that issometimes attributed to the Second House. The Second House is about aconcern we all have in our lives that has many personal and socialimplications, but the bottom line is that it's just money.

As the planet of beauty and adornment, Venus is not the planet ofmoney but of 'nice stuff.' Venus is more interested in theaesthetics and style of a newly-built home rather than its display of thenative's wealth. Venus should not be confused with the financial peoplewho brought us the Great Recession of 2008 – that's closer to Mercury inits less appealing amoral and all-too-clever manifestations.

Instead, Jupiter is the traditional planet of wealth (and its socialdisplay) and was a signifier of the 'substance of the native'along with the Second House and the Lot of Fortune.

3rd House (Gemini, Mercury) *

Correlating the Third House with Gemini poses less of a difficulty,mostly because the common significations of the Third House – primaryschool, neighbors, short trips, etc. – correspond more closely with ourunderstanding of the sign Gemini. I am, however, bothered by theassociation of 'lower mind' with the Third House, for thisdevalues mind in its operations in ordinary life.

Gemini's and Mercury's ranges of activity cannot be reduced to oneastrological House. Likening the Third House to Mercury trivializes theplanet of the marketplace, of the clever lawyer and glib politician, theperson behind the 'technical support' desk, and the person whoorganizes your wedding or funeral.

The Third House was originally that of 'brothers' and wasgiven Mars as a corresponding planet and the signification of this houseas siblings has survived to modern times. Yet there is another meaningfor the Third House: opposing the Ninth, this was the Place of the MoonGoddess and the Moon is in its joy here! The Third and the Ninth wereboth associated with dreams, prophecy, and divination.

One can trace the Moon's interest in the Third House with thedevelopment of meaning to the present day, for it was the Moon, notMercury that many cited as the planet governing messengers andmessages—communication in general. It was probably from reading Ptolemythat the Third House received the domain of 'lower education,'in his attribution of planets to stages of human development. After thefirst four years of life governed by Moon, in the following years ofMercury children would begin to receive their education.

4th House (Cancer, Moon) ***

Let's first talk about Moon. In contemporary astrology the Moon isconsidered a planet of feelings and emotions (and that odd word'nurturing'), but we can go further by asking this: what arefeelings and emotions for? What purposes does nurturing serve?

Feelings and emotions serve us by constantly bringing us back to ourbodies and their needs, our world and its constant changes, demanding fromus that we make constant adjustments to preserve homeostasis and to grow. Moon is a planet not only about the feminine but also about adaptabilityand change and, even more than Mercury, is the ultimate planet ofmutability. Nurturing oneself or another is simply an intense form ofresponsiveness. The Moon's activity is rhythmic and its essence is watery– the element water is powerful and potentially destructive but flows andaccommodates. We can look at the watery nature of our bodies as lunar. Inhorary and electional astrology the Moon often represents the flow of timefrom past to future as it departs from aspecting one planet and applies tothe next.

The Moon governs Cancer, a watery but cardinalsign that is the time of the maximum amount of light in the NorthernHemisphere when the Sun is placed there, and the longest arc in thedaytime when it is ascending. Cancer is a fluid but personalizing sign. Moon and Cancer are not the same as each other but they are a good fit. Cancer is a fine home base for the Moon, for there the Moon isostentatiously emotional, or, in a man, rather moody.

This is very different from the significations for the Fourth House. This house is 'under the earth' and is about one's origins andfoundation – home, family, and ethnicity. It was originally the Place ofthe Father, for that is how the family name and property were passed alongin traditional Western cultures. Moderns can certainly add mother intothe mix, if in keeping with the Fourth House and one's'homeland' roots and to reflect greater gender equality than inthe traditional cultures in which astrology operated. None of this –foundation – is Moon or Cancer, however.

5th House (Leo, Sun) ***

This one bothers me, almost as much as affiliating Saturn and Capricornwith the Tenth. 'Letter Five' distorts the Fifth House, Sun,Leo, and the creative processes all in one ill-considered move.

As it is in trine to the sign of the Ascendant, the Fifth House hasalways been considered a fine place but has had conflicting significationsas the place of children and pleasurable activities. To attempt to bringpleasure and children together under the heading 'creativity'does not solve the problem.

The Fifth House is a place of entertainment, hobbies, even what wecall 'love affairs' (although that's a newer signification). Ofthe Twelve Houses, the Fifth House is surely the 'party house'. To nobody's surprise, then, the benefic Venus is the planet whose'joy' is in the Fifth House. Venus is the planet of pleasure andamusement and a 'good time', possibly rendering a Venus-likeperson shallow but fun to be with. Not surprisingly the Fifth House wascalled the Place of 'Good Fortune. Its emphasis on pleasure rendersthe Fifth more a conformist than creative place – what feels good is whatyou do.

This is not the Sun, who is the maestro of theSolar System and the astrological planet that brings us a sense ofourselves that radiates onto the larger world. Sun represents ourqualities of leadership and our fame and reputation, also the bright lightof intellect. Sun cannot also be about 'hobbies' andentertainment and 'love affairs', for these all lack aprofundity that is solar.

Is the Sun the planet of creativity? Yes, if we do not confusecreativity with talent, for there are many people who are talented in anarea but do not approach it creatively. Instead, creativity is theability to see situations uniquely, 'out of the box', and thusthink and act unpredictably. I remember a cartoon in Kurt Vonnegut'sBreakfast of Champions many years ago: on a gravestone were engraved thewords, 'Even the Creator of the Universe Didn't Know What This ManWould Say Next.' One can even say that creativity is the essence ofour being human.

Creativity is not the result of being eccentric but from shaking offour 'mind-forged manacles' of unreflective thinking, perhaps amind focused on doing or saying what feels good right now. I wouldnever give creativity to the Fifth House, the 'party house'.

6th House (Virgo, Mercury) **

The Sixth Souse is cadent and unconnected to the Ascendant; it thussignifies some of life's difficulties and one of them is sickness. Another is slavery, servitude, or what today we might call'employment' (especially in less skilled jobs at present in theUnited States).

There's nothing sickness-oriented about Virgo, although there isplenty about Virgo, and its ruling sign Mercury, that can be abouthealth. These are the familiar associations of Virgo with a healthylifestyle, diet and exercise and natural remedies, and the like. Thisfits well with Virgo being earthy and mutable. These are not Sixth Housematters but bring us, instead, back to the First House.

As befitting astrology's historical place serving the 'onepercent', the Sixth House was about one's potentially untrustworthyservants or (in ancient times) slaves. Today we can call thisthe 'day job.' Because the Sixth House is in a trinerelationship with the Tenth, it was also used as a vocational indicator. Modern astrologers tend to look at the Sixth as being an'employee', distinguished from a prestigious 'career'that is the Tenth.

The modern signification of the Sixth House as the 'dailygrind' – not our morning coffee – seems appropriate, since it was theslave or servant or (too often) the modern employee who is often assignedtasks that are tedious or mind-numbingly repetitive and brainless. Yetnone of this is Virgo or Mercury.

Mars is in its joy in the Sixth. This was the House of 'BadFortune' and, looking at Mars positively here, we often need Mars tohelp us climb out of our misfortunes – even though Mars may have causedsome of them.

7th House (Libra, Venus) **

If the First House is oneself, then the Seventh House is the Other –all kinds of others. If one has a question about a significant other, theperson asking the question is signified by the First House and the personasked about is signified by the Seventh House. Depending on thesituation, a significant other may be one's lover (hypothetical or real),marriage partner, best friend, or the other party in a contractualtransaction in which you are involved – a buyer if you're selling, acreditor if you are borrowing. A significant other may be also anopponent – in sport, politics, or war. Although concord and harmony makefor better karma in the long run, Libra and its governing planet Venus arenot the always the best match.

Libra and its ruler Venus is as out of place with respect to theSeventh House as Aries and its ruler Mars is to the First House – bothdeny the variety of life-situations of oneself and with other (SeventhHouse). There's clearly a resemblance between the 7th place of enemiesand married or relationship partners. And Libra, the air cardinal signgoverned by Venus, has themes of partnership and mutuality. But thenyou're stuck with having to align Libra and Venus with one's adversaries!

8th House (Scorpio, Mars, Pluto) ***

This one must be taken apart piece by piece, for everything is wrongabout how the Eighth House has been depicted by modern astrologers.

Astrology Symbols Alphabet Chart

The Eighth House, like the Sixth (and the Twelfth that I will discussshortly), is unconnected to the Ascendant and represents some kind ofundoing. In this case it is death and the manner of death that is theundoing. In ancient times this place was called 'Idle,' forplanets there did not live up to their potential. In the other wheel ofhouses that liken the First House to Saturn, the Eighth House affiliateswith Saturn. The Eighth is just not a happy place. Medieval astrologersdid give the Eighth some life by attributing to it a partner's money (asthe Second House from the Seventh House), but that seems a smallimprovement on the basic meaning of the Eighth.

None of the above is concerned with the fixed water sign Scorpio. Combining the deepening experience of the water element with theintransigence of a fixed mode, and its ruling planet Mars, Scorpio rightlyhas the attribution for hanging on, but it's hanging on for dear life, notdeath. You might say, 'But Scorpio could die for a worthycause,' but that is from its intensity of devotion to larger purposesand a willingness to sacrifice oneself for them. Scorpio is also drilypragmatic – to quote General Patton with Sun in Scorpio, the soldier'sgoal is not to die for one's country but to get the enemy to die for his. Scorpio's strong, fixed water drive often tends toward obsessiveness,resentment, and even cruelty – but these are also manifestations ofhanging onto life, not death.

The modern assimilation of Scorpio to death is aresult of bringing in the outer planet Pluto, a planet that is cold,powerful, and brings intense experience and situations. Mars, thetraditional ruler which manifests in ordinary life as Scorpio does—unlikethe outer planet Pluto—is the more appropriate planet to governScorpio.

Is the Eighth a place of sexuality? Only accidentally, for along withScorpio, the Eighth House was given the genitals as the body part ofgovern. Sexuality does cover a wider range than body parts and wider rangeof astrological possibilities than Scorpio or Mars. Linking Pluto withsexuality seems a particularly bad idea, for Pluto's version of sexualityis closer to rape (as in the abduction of Persephone) than ordinaryexperiences of intense pleasure or the affirmation of romantic love.

Still less is the Eighth House – Scorpio – Mars or Pluto abouttransformation. Partly this is because we have an overly romantic notionof transformation. When we ask ourselves how real change occurs, it iseither resulting from extraordinary – and usually painful — situations,or sometimes from incremental changes over a long time. In either case,they do not change us from one person into another, change our'form', but instead bring about other dimensions of or thefulfillment of who we already are. We are not transformed – or different– but completed.

9th House (Sagittarius, Jupiter) *

We tend to liken Jupiter to philosophy and religion and theattribution of Jupiter to the 9th House fits fairly well. (Jupiter is alsothe planet associated with the Ninth in the wheel of houses that beginswith Saturn as the First.) The Ninth was the place of the 'SunGod' in ancient astrology and was strongly associated with publicreligious practice; yet, like the Third, it was also associated withdreams, prophecy, and divination. The Ninth House being associated withhigher education or long journeys is a later addition.

The planet in joy in the Ninth House is the Sun and, for a place thatis cadent, the Ninth gets a lot of sunlight and the Sun can be happy here. It also fits well with the deification of the Sun's power in manycosmologies and religions throughout history. It may also conform to theimage of Sun as a planet of higher intellect, as the light of reason.

10th House (Capricorn, Saturn) ****

Astrologers after my lifetime or yours will lookat this affiliation with bewilderment. Archetypally mixing the House ofcareer, reputation, and fame to Saturn and Capricorn is itself enough tothrow out the entire Twelve Letter Alphabet system.

You might retort, 'But it's the place of one's boss!' Ianswer that there are many kinds of bosses and they're not alloppressive. The dimensions of leadership and mentorship – solar and notsaturnine factors – are prominent Tenth House factors.

The 10th is the traditional place of one's 'action' –career, calling, fame and reputation. I include a larger sense of'vocation', so that if you work retail by day but are apolitical activist or animal rights advocate otherwise, the latter wouldbe included within your Tenth House. If a 'lifestyle' includesneighborhood vigilantism, being a 'survivalist', or attending alot of funerals, that person's Tenth House would qualify as Saturnine.

Capricorn, as the cardinal earth sign, governed by a heavy nocturnal(feminine sign) Saturn, and the place and time of least light in theNorthern Hemisphere, is completely out of place in the public anddaylight-filled Tenth. Because the Tenth is place of authority, it is farcloser in meaning to the Sun than the gray planet Saturn.

My Astrology Chart Free

11th House (Aquarius **, Saturn or Uranus ***)

In ancient times the 11th, the 'Place of the Good Spirit (ordaimon)', was a place of fortune and abundance. According totraditional sources Jupiter is in joy in the Eleventh, befitting a placethat is considered so fortunate. (The Eleventh is the House opposite the5th, the Place of Good Fortune and the joy of Venus, the other benefic.) The Eleventh House became the place of 'hopes and wishes' andlater the place of friendship and social groups; 'hopes andwishes' is more in line with the original meaning of the EleventhHouse.

Is this like the fixed air sign Aquarius? The'Water-Bearer' has a linear mental quality and a tendency tobecome conceptual that is not particularly like the Eleventh House in itsoriginal meanings. Aquarius is a sign of social responsibility andobjective mind, and Aquarius relates well to a diurnal (masculine sign)Saturn that is a lighter Saturn than the one who governs Capricorn. However, if you confine the Eleventh House to friendships and socialgroups, the affiliation with the diurnal Saturn isn't such a problem.

Things become much more confusing when astrologers mix up Aquariuswith the outer planet Uranus, the planet of eccentricity, suddenness, andgenius, and then try to bring in the Eleventh House. Uranus is quitedifferent from the fixed mental 'human' sign Aquarius. Uranusis rebellious, radically individualistic, and is deliberately outsideconvention. Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo, is humanitarian and orientedmore toward groups and cultures than individuals. To bring this confusionto the Eleventh House only makes this problem worse; it obscures theoriginal benevolent and protective quality of this house which is welldemonstrated by Jupiter's traditional association.

12th House (Pisces, Neptune) ***

There are many difficulties here, and many are based on the distortedways that the sign Pisces has been defined. But first let's look at theTwelfth House by itself.

Like the Sixth and Eighth, the Twelfth is alsodisconnected to the Ascendant and is also a place about life'sdifficulties. The Twelfth is a cadent house that in ancient astrology wasthe Place of the 'Bad Spirit.' In the outer world the Twelfthis where we locate prisons, confinement in institutions, and dark hiddenplaces. More internally, this is the place of being haunted – by previouskarma, psychological 'unfinished business,' and other manners of'self-doing' that come about because of what we cannot see. Psychological astrologers have looked to the Twelfth House forunacknowledged factors that may wreak havoc on one's person and withinone's relationships. This is in keeping with the qualities of thishouse.

This all seems very different from the mutable watery sign Pisces thatis flowing, changeable, and can develop different disguises for itspersonal and social roles. Pisces, as a quality of mind, has a stronglyintuitive nonlinear bent. Unlike the planet Neptune, however, nativeswith prominent Pisces placements manage to maintain their identity even ifthat identity is not well-defined. Both the sign Pisces and its purportedruler Neptune are a far cry from the vice grip many of have experiencedwhen in conditions of external or internal confinement.

Jupiter, the great benefic and the traditional ruler of Pisces, iseven farther away from the significations of the Twelfth House. Jupiter –especially in the feminine sign Pisces – brings intuition of possibilitiesthat is often called 'faith' or 'hope'. The Twelfth,however, is where cold reality comes at us from behind often with harmfulintent; it is far closer to Saturn than Jupiter. And Saturn is, of course,the 'joy' of the Twelfth House.

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What Do You Gain from Not Using the Twelve-Letter Alphabet?

For the beginner, it would become easier to learn astrology, all kindsof astrology. The planets would have their own realms of meaning,including different manifestations within the psyche and in outer events,qualities, and things in the world. The planets would relate to signsthrough dignity and debility that allows us to better understand theeffects of all the signs on all the planets. The houses would remain waysto assess planetary strength and to represent different players in ahorary, event, and electional astrology. One would not value natalastrology over the latter but see them all as interrelated, all parts ofthe same great work.

The more advanced student or new professional astrologer would be lessinclined to look for overarching themes of a chart but to let the chartdisclose information that answers specific questions. This will increaseone's ability to see a chart for what it contains and for practicalapplications to the lives of our clients.

Numerology Alphabet Chart

For the veteran astrologer, it's an opportunity to find otherpossibilities for interpreting natal charts, such as using the house joysdiscussed above. More broadly, it's an opportunity and to view Westernastrology as a continuum extending across the centuries, not somethingthat has come and will go with modern psychodynamic or New Agesensibilities. Knowing, however, that most 'experts' changetheir minds only at knifepoint and beyond, my expectations are lower forprofessional astrologers than for newer students. The unexpected doeshappen, from time to time, and I would be happy if this article sparkssome good discussion among seasoned astrologers about these importantmatters.

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