Astrologos 2021

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2021 Master Class Timetable Menu Toggle. TBA 2021 Squares and Trines; TBA The Lot of Spirit, Soul, God and your Spiritual Purpose; TBA 2021: Profession and Lifestyle; TBA 2021:Meeting Mercury & Engaging with Venus; TBA 2021:Your Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars; TBA 2021:The Houses- Angular, Sucedent and Cadent; TBA 2021:Understanding the Nodes.


What to do if is down? If Astronomie57 is UP but you can’t access the page, try one of the below solutions: Browser’s cache.Most popular browsers use page caching to save frequently requested resources on the user’s computer, thus reducing bandwidth consumption. Horoscope 2021 Astrology Prediction (Moon Sign Based) Horoscope 2021 is going to be very special this year. Well, 2021 is one of those years in centuries which is highly anticipated by millions, due to a lingering belief that a new year brings harmony and good luck for the family and the erroneous things stop, and there is new inception. 2021 money horoscope suggests a good period in terms of finance with opportunities of sizable increment. In 2021, Money to an Aries, is a greenbacked passport to adventure – the folding stuff that allows them to go and out and do what they want with their lives.

Report based on your personal transits, by Robert Hand

Author: Robert Hand
Volume: 25 - 28 pages
Available languages: English, Danish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Russian
Additional: Ad-Free Website for 12 month.

What will the next year bring?

What would be most appropriate in your life just now? What will the next yearbring?Have you ever felt that life is following its own schedule - sometimes you haveto struggle with enormous problems; at other times everything seems to work outfine all by itself. Sometimes one big crisis follows another.And then again, there are times whengood fortune literally seems to beam on one.What lies behind this changeability of fate? 'Transits of the Year' shedslight upon this mysterious quality of the times.

'Transits of the Year' is based on the movements of the actual planets in the sky over the different positions in your natal chart. Robert Hand describes how these transits influence you personally and which themes and topics will be most important for you during any given year. Knowing about your transits can help you to cope better with crises and difficulties and to make the best of the opportunities coming your way.

You can order your 'Transits of the Year' for any twelve-month period of time, starting from the first day of any month of your choice.

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2021 Aspects & Lunations


Astrologos 2021 Predictions

6 Mars Into Taurus
13 New Moon ~ 20º Pisces
13 Mars square Saturn ~ 3º Taurus/Aquarius
17 Jupiter square Uranus ~ 6º Aquarius/Taurus
20 Mars conjunct Uranus ~ 6º Taurus
21 Ceres Conjunct Neptune ~ 18º Pisces
23 Mars square Jupiter ~ 8º Taurus/Aquarius
24 Full Moon ~ 9º Leo



1 Mercury Retrograde ~ 26º Aquarius
11 New Moon ~ 23º Aquarius
13 Mars sextile Neptune ~ 19º Taurus/Pisces
17 Saturn square Uranus ~ 7º Aquarius/Taurus
20 Mercury Direct ~ 11º Aquarius
21 Ceres into Aries
24 Mars trine Pluto~ 25º Taurus/Pisces
27 Full Moon ~ 8º Virgo


3 Mars Into Gemini
13 New Moon ~ 22º Aries
21 Mars trine Saturn ~ 10º Gemini/Aquarius
28 Mars conjunct North Node ~ 14º Gemini
14 Full Moon ~ 8º Libra


9 Mars square Neptune ~ 21º Gemini/Pisces
11 New Moon ~ 22º Aries
17 Mars trine Jupiter ~ 26º Gemini/Aquarius
23 Mars into Cancer
24 Saturn trine North Node ~ 12º Aquarius/Gemini
26 Full Moon ~ 7º Scorpio
30 Ceres square Pluto ~ 26º Aries/Capricorn


8 Ceres enters Taurus
11 Mars sextile Uranus ~ 11º Cancer/Taurus
11 New Moon ~ 21º Taurus
13 Jupiter into Pisces
23 Saturn station retrograde
26 Total Lunar Eclipse ~ 5º Sagittarius
31 Mercury Retrograde ~ 24º Gemini


10 Ceres conjunct Uranus ~ 12º Taurus
10 Annular Solar Eclipse ~ 19º Gemini
11 Ceres square Saturn ~ 13º Taurus
11 Mars into Leo
14 Saturn square Uranus ~ 13º Taurus/Aquarius
20 Jupiter station retrograde
22 Mercury Direct ~ 16º Gemini
24 Full Moon ~ 3º Capricorn


1 Mars opposite Saturn ~ 12º Leo/Aquarius
3 Mars square Uranus ~ 13º Leo/Taurus
9 New Moon ~ 18º Cancer
16 Ceres trine Pluto ~ 25º Taurus/Capricorn
23 Full Moon ~ 1º Aquarius
28 Jupiter into Aquarius
29 Ceres square Mars ~ 29º Taurus/Leo
29 Mars opposite Jupiter ~ 29º Leo/Aquarius
30 Ceres square Jupiter ~ 29º Taurus/Aquarius
30 Mars into Virgo
31 Ceres into Gemini


8 New Moon ~ 16º Leo
10 Mars square Nodes ~ 7º Virgo/Gemini
22 Mars trine Uranus ~ 14º Virgo/Taurus
22 Full Moon ~ 29º Aquarius
24 Ceres conjunct North Node ~ 6º Gemini


1 Ceres trine Saturn ~ 26º Gemini/Aquarius
2 Mars opposite Neptune ~ 22º Virgo/Pisces
6 Mars trine Pluto ~ 24º Virgo/Capricorn
6 New Moon ~ 14º Virgo
14 Mars into Libra
20 Full Moon ~ 28º Pisces
22 Mars trine North Node ~ 4º Libra/Gemini
25 Mars trine Saturn ~ 6º Libra/Aquarius
27Mercury Retrograde ~ 25º Libra


3 Ceres trine Mars ~ 12º Gemini/Libra
6 New Moon ~ 13º Libra
8 Ceres station retrograde
10 Saturn station direct
18 Mars trine Jupiter ~ 22º Libra/Aquarius
18 Jupiter station direct
19 Mercury station direct ~ 10º Libra
20 Full Moon ~ 27ºAries
22 Mars square Pluto ~ 24º Libra/Capricorn
30 Mars into Scorpio


4 New Moon ~ 12º Scorpio
10 Mars square Saturn ~ 7° Scorpio/Aquarius
14 Ceres trine Saturn ~ 7° Gemini/Aquarius
17 Mars Opposite Uranus ~ 12° Scorpio/Taurus
19 Partial Lunar eclipse ~ 27° Taurus
29 Mars trine Neptune ~ 20° Scorpio/Pisces


4 Total solar eclipse ~ 12° Sagittarius
6 Mars sextile Pluto ~ 25° Scorpio/Capricorn
8 Mars square Jupiter ~ 26° Scorpio/Aquarius
13 Mars into Sagittarius
13 Mars conjunct south node
14 Mars opposite Ceres ~ 1° Sagittarius/Gemini
18 Full moon ~ 27º Gemini
20 Ceres conjunct north node ~ 0° Gemini
21 Ceres into Taurus
22 North node into Taurus
24 Saturn square Uranus ~ 11° Aquarius/Taurus
25 Ceres square Jupiter ~ 29° Taurus/Aquarius
27 Jupiter square north node ~ 29° Aquarius/Taurus
28 Jupiter into Pisces
29 Mars sextile Saturn ~ 11° Sagittarius/Aquarius