Astrological Remedies To Sell A House

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Human is always in search of remedies to come out of the problems of day to day life. Though it is difficult to change one’s destiny but it is not impossible. Astrological remedies are the solutions provided to overcome the complicated situation. One can get relief by chanting the mantra, meditation, and by astrological remedies. As Sun has the capability to fade away the darkness on earth; it can also evade the negativity in your horoscope if it is positively placed. Remedies for Sun are very important to get balance support from the Sun. Sun is the epitome of confidence and spirit. Astrologically speaking, an individual’s birth chart plays a vital role in deciding various possibilities and probabilities of selling a property. For example, the timing of selling a property, the ratio of the monetary gains, etc. The planets also influence the buying and selling of property in a major way.

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  2. Astrological Remedies To Sell A House
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Astrological Remedies To Sell A House
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Lal Kitab Remedies For Property Disputes is a subject under land dispute relief astrology, if you want astro remedies for property disputes then we will provide you mantra to resolve property dispute.

Remember astrological remedies will not fully take away the pain from your life instead, it will provide ease and relief from its impact. Surprisingly, astrology does not only predict aspects of life about destiny, but it can also actually help to revamp life and treat the troubled sections. Full Playlist: more How to Understand Your Astrological Chart videos: http://.

Lal Kitab remedies are straightforward, cheap & simple. They are handy in a person’s life. Lal Kitab divided into three categories trial, treatment, and ethical conduct. The test is for quick relief; the remedy is for an extended period, whereas, moral conduct is the permanent solution.

Lal Kitab Remedies For Property Disputes

Nowadays, there is a significant issue between families, friends, or relatives, which is a property dispute. Zodiac signs that are most compatible. The Issue can solve very quickly with the help of astrology remedies and worship to the lord of the planets that are not in their correct position, and there are some solutions or resources given in the Lal Kitab, by which you can quickly solve the problem of land dispute among with others.

Tie a stone which is a dip in honey in a piece of cloth on Shukla Paksha Tuesday. Place it in the earthen pot. Then dig a hole in a ground far away from home and bury the pot underground.

  1. One should keep fast on Navratri and worship Goddess Durga with pure and honest.
  2. Chant goddess Durga mantra “Om hreemdumdurgayei Namah” for 108 times with four rosary beads for nine nights in Navratri.
  3. One should worship Goddess Lakshmi for a property dispute.
  4. Friday is the best day to purchase house property. It brings luck to buy.
  5. Perform pooja according to the position of the planets in your zodiac symbols.
  6. Donate to needy to avoid mars and Saturn worth.
  7. Donate modak to Lord Ganesh they also help in wealth increment and property buying.

Land And Dispute Relief Astrology

Land And Dispute Relief Astrology, Astrology has a solution for almost every problem, which you are facing currently, and the land dispute is one of the parts of your significant issues.

Property disputes are time consuming and exhausting; sometimes, you spend your whole life in such discussions. You spend your money and time in courts, documents, and on other things, even sometimes your family also suffered from the same issue along with you.

Land dispute creates many emotional challenges such as it ruins your relationship, you become depressed, you start taking stress, it rips off your peace, mental breakdown, makes you unhappy, takes wrong decisions, gets involved into crimes.

When you visit an astrologer to find a solution for your problem, the first thing he asked from you is your Kundli or your date of birth. He asked such thing from you to check the 4th house in your Kundli that is there any conflict of land dispute or any dispute related to the home or property.

Even Saturn is also a reason for your land dispute, as it creates a harmful spell in your life which may be related to the conflicts of land or property. In astrology, Saturn is a vital planet which needs to be calm or satisfied with your deeds which you need to complete with your pure heart or devotion.

For appeasing the Saturn, you need to take the guidance of an astrologer who will give you some remedies to relieve the Saturn to resolve the issue.

Astro Remedies For Property Disputes

Astro Remedies For Property Disputes, In astrology, the sudden changes or sudden rise of land disputes occur due to the negative energy, which hurts the family to live together. It is not any personal issue that the land dispute suddenly rises in a happy together family — some of the most natural remedies for such land disputes described in Vedic Science or Astrology.

Sometimes, people, who are envy they are into some evil activities such as black magic. But black magic can easily be solved with the Vedic Science, there are many remedies in the astrology for such immoral business and easily cured with the Astrology. These remedies natural to do, and they have no side effects on a person’s life. There are different remedies for different cases; some of the simple solutions are:

  1. You can donate material things to the needy ones, in the name of the planets who are causing you trouble.
  2. If you want to stop such land or property disputes, then you should start worshipping kshetrapal.
  3. You need to start to imagine goddess Durga in a calm corner of your home and then start chanting the prayers of Goddess Durga.
  4. Tie a stone with some honey in a piece of cloth on Tuesday. Dig some ground then place it in a pot underground.
  5. There are certain pujas performed to cure such problems or disputes related to the land. The puja depends on your case.
  6. On Sunday, Feed jaggery to a cow which is very helpful to bring luck.

Mantra To Resolve Property Disputes

Mantra To Resolve Property Disputes, There are some mantras which will help you in the matter of property or land disputes. You only need to chant these mantras with some remedies, and the conflicts of your land will end or resolved in a short period.

  1. Goddess Durga Mantra– Om Hreem Dum Durgayei Namah. This mantra must be chant with the four beads of the rosary, every nine nights of Navratri and for 108 times.

Astrological Remedies To Sell A House Online

  • On the first day of Navratri, one should sit in the quiet and corner place of the house and visualize Goddess Durga.
  • Chant the mantra at all nine nights.
  • Lit the Diya in front of Goddess Durga image.
  • Read Durga Sapshati book and finish it within these nine days.
  • One last day does Kajakpoojan and eat a delicious meal and distribute gifts to the nine young girls and one boy.
  • Durga Mantra

“Om Hreem Dum DurgayeiNamaha”

  1. Hanuman Mantra– Om Jai Hanuman Namah. To chant this mantra, you should use Rudraksha Mala and chant this mantra for 108 times in a day.

Astrological Remedies To Sell A House

Chanting Hanuman Mantra on Tuesday and prayers or pujas will help you to solve your land disputes. You can read the Mantra and pooja process below:

  • On Tuesday take a bath and wear something red
  • Offer prayers to Ganesha
  • With sesame oil or cow ghee light a lamp and pray to Hanuman
  • Visit a Hanuman temple once in a day
  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday
  • Offer Bundi or BundiLadooPrasadam to Hanuman

How To.sell My House

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