Astrological Compatibility Chart Calculator

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The Ascendant, also known as Rising Sign, informs us about our functioning, our behavior and our vitality. The Ascendant is an essential element in interpreting a map. By indicating your date, time and place of birth, you discover yours (Note: for birth cities, it is necessary to put the hyphens if there are any):

Astrological Compatibility Chart Calculator

Contrary to our astrological sign, which symbolizes our raw personality, the traits we are born with, the ascendant sign represents the part of ourselves that we show to the world, that we use to motivate ourselves, and live alongside others. Our ascendant is formed in childhood and in our youth as we gain more experience, meet new people, and grow up. We do not become our ascendants per se: we modify and adjust them. In general, by the time we are 40 years old, we will have reached a certain level of maturity if we can balance our personalities with our Ascendants. Otherwise, a midlife crisis is sure to put us back on track..
The rising sign, also known as 'ascendant', tells us about your behaviour and way of operating, as well as your vital energy. It is an essential element in the interpretation of a birth chart. You will find out yours by telling us the date, time and place of your birth.

  • Free Astrology Birth Chart Calculator Free Birth Chart Calculator. This free astrology birth chart calculator uses the Placidus method of calculating astrological houses which is the most popular world wide. Your birth chart, also known as a natal chart, is a snapshot of the planets in the sky at the exact moment you were born.
  • Astrologer consultation Here you can calculate the astrological birth date compatibility (the horoscope of compatibility or synastry) with your love or businesspartner. To do this, you need enter their dates of birth (your and your’s parner) and click on the «Calculate compatibility!» button.

Compatibility By Birth Chart

Astrological compatibility chart calculator

Astrology Compatibility Chart Calculator

Astrology zodiac signs com. For the time of birth enter the local time on the clock at birth. If you don't know the time tick the box 'Time Unknown'.; Start typing the beginning of the birth city and then pick correct one from the list. The composite chart is a quite recent technique based on synastry. It uses the midpoints of a pair of planets, of angles and of focal points of a couple's natal charts in order to get the astrological chart of said couple taken as an entity. It sheds additional light on the synastry.