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What does South Node in Capricorn mean?

It means that the fiery, spiritual, detached, selfless, intuitive, blindly courageous, daring, healing, immensely strong astrological entity Ketu combines with cold, emotionless, serious, ambitious, persistent, hard-working, introverted, focused, realistic, patient, cardinal earth sign Capricorn.

It is important to note that the South Node Ketu is not a physical planet and holds no ownership over signs.

Therefore, the results and outcomes of Ketu, the South Node in Capricorn are highly dependent on the dignity of Saturn which is the ruler of Capricorn.

With that being said, South Node Ketu implements its natural traits and takes the shape of Saturn.

In addition to that, Ketu governs Mooladhara or the root chakra which represent the roots of the past which we originate from. In other words, Ketu gives a clue about past life’s main activities, desires, directions, and talents which manifest in current life as natural subconscious talents.

Results of South Node in Capricorn

Past Life & Roots

To start with, this combination of South Node Ketu in Capricorn indicates that the main activities and life events in the past lives of individuals with this combination were deeply related to the significances of the given zodiac sign.

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac belt which signifies public life, spotlight, main duties, responsibilities, karma, actions, deeds towards society, high achievements, ambitions, persistence, hard work, etc.

That is the reason why this zodiac sign is governed by the planet of karma, duties, responsibilities, and hard work Saturn.

Whether individuals with this combination had positive outcomes and experiences regarding the significations of the given zodiac sign is determined by the dignity of the host and guide of South Node Ketu in Capricorn, which is Saturn.

Accordingly, a dignified Saturn, first of all, shows that individuals with this combination were extremely responsible, dutiful, and hard-working in their past lives.

Not only that they were hard-working but also very persistent which means that they were able to overcome various obstacles in order to meet their goals and fulfill main duties in their past lives.

More importantly, a dignified Saturn indicates that followed a moral lifepath and aimed to fulfill their karmic duties ethically with the highest integrity.

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With that being said, they did not care about overnight success and knew that the greatest things in life come with hard work and delay.

This kind of mentality combined with their highly responsible nature never allowed them to use any shortcuts while fulfilling their tasks.

As they were willing to put in a lot of hard work, they likely achieved great heights and fulfilled many goals in their past lives. That is because the 10th zodiac sign Capricorn represents midheaven or the greatest possible achievements the natives are able to accomplish.

When it comes to their past life, the stronger the Saturn is in their birth charts, the greater their achievements were.

Their dignity and integrity provided by a favorably positioned Saturn play a huge role in their success. That is because righteousness and integrity are what provide divine support and protection.

Harnessing ethical ways of action also endowed them with incredible belief in self as they knew that honesty is what gives the greatest rewards.

In addition to that, having the chance to do persistent hard work is more a blessing in disguise than a burden because it actually helps them to grow, evolve, and become stronger.

This strength and persistence gained through hard work enabled them to reach great heights with steady but solid steps.

While they were working harder for their goals, the results of their effort brought true happiness and long-lasting results.

These were their ultimate blessings which are indicated by a dignified Saturn and South Node Ketu in Capricorn.

When looked at their blessings from a deeper perspective, what actually granted them rewards was the fact that they were willing to work selflessly towards pious goals based on intentions to benefit the whole society.

We all are born into this world to work hard and fulfill our personal karmic responsibilities. What matters the most is our attitude towards our responsibilities and how we are willing to fulfill them.

Speaking of which, the 10th zodiac sign Capricorn also signifies society, public life, and the spotlight.

This shows that these individuals were extremely honored and reputed because of their natural desire to perform various good deeds and work hard for their society.

In other words, they had a high social status which further supported the success in their undertakings and reaching to great heights in their past lives. Social support is the most important factor for worldly success.

If a dignified Saturn and/or South Node Ketu in Capricorn are linked to other special planetary combinations in their natal birth charts, it indicates that they were in very high positions and very important people in their society.

The functioning and well-being of their society were likely dependent largely on these natives.

They also had a lot of influence over their people and with a dignified Saturn, they used this special power for pious purposes by influencing large groups of people positively.

They also did not take advantage of their high position for sinful and selfish purposes.

As they succeeded in remaining highly dignified even though having had a chance to do absolutely everything they want, they are also blessed in their current lives.

There are various possibilities regarding which occupation and types of main activities they had. Namely, the 10th sign Capricorn represents structure, stability, law, and order.

Therefore, the duties of individuals with this combination were deeply linked with rules and regulations. It is also highly possible they were competent law enforcement workers or leaders in this sphere.

As the 10th sign signifies high authority, it also shows the possibility that they were active in government where they did important work for their society and country.

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In one way or another, their activities involved maintaining the structure, law, and order.

Capricorn is also deeply linked with the 7th zodiac sign Libra which signifies marketplaces, partnerships, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

The linkage bases on the Bhavat Bhavam technique which means that the 10th sign from the 10th sign Capricorn is the 7th sign Libra.

Accordingly, South Node Ketu in Capricorn also shows the possibility that they were active in the entrepreneurial world.

As they were juridical people in their society, they carried important juridical responsibility and had to maintain dignity. With a dignified Saturn, they succeeded in this.

On the contrary, if Saturn is undignified, it indicates that they failed to fulfill their karmic duties because of irresponsibility.

Because of their irresponsibility, they were not willing to work hard to accomplish their duties and were prone to neglect their responsibilities in an attempt to get an easier life.

Another reason why they failed in achieving their past life goals was their selfish attitude and tendency to misuse their power.

They lost societal support because of their bad deeds that were motivated by selfish goals which caused major hindrances in their past life paths.

With their immoral acts and deeds, they also influenced part of their society negatively.

An undignified Saturn also indicates that while they were chasing after their ambitions, they broke the law and were not willing to take responsibility for their acts.

They also damaged the societal norms and opposed traditions that upheld the harmony in society.

The Cancer woman has a very feminine, modest and even a bit introvert personality. The Cancer woman in marriage makes a very loyal, warm and caring wife. She will let you dominate and take the lead in the partnership. This is one woman who loves to love and obey you with fierce devotion and sincerity. Cancer Woman and Pisces Man Pisces man is a rare perfect love match for a Cancer woman for marriage from the viewpoint of Vedic Astrology. Pisces man is an easy-going, highly flexible and emotionally supportive partner for the cancer woman and also very well understands her. Cancer woman vedic astrology The Basic Cancer Woman Traits and Characteristics: This is the zodiac's first water sign and the Moon rules the Cancer woman, endowing her with brilliant intuition and creativity. She is deeply intuitive, and if she says she doesn't feel right about someone, note pays. Cancer Vedic Horoscope 2021 Cancer person are deeply intuitive and sentimental, cancer can be one of the most challenging zodiac signs. They are very emotional. Cancer Zodiac Sign Cancer women are known for being peaceful and passionate. They have a lot of emotions playing around them and can at times also become stubborn, docile, and affectionate and agitated, all at the same time.

As a result of their unfulfilled tasks and bad deeds in previous lives, these individuals are prompted to undergo various struggles in their current lives during the significant periods of South Node Ketu.

These struggles are mainly related to society, career, business, power, and partnerships. For instance, they may have increased obstacles in career or limitations issued by the government.

The nature of their sufferings is directly related to their own deeds done in their past lives.

With that being said, they must endure pressure caused by other people and society while also work extra hard to compensate for their abandoned responsibilities and unethical shortcuts.

Whichever their strifes during significant periods of Saturn and South Node Ketu, they tell a story about themselves in past lives.

They must accept the struggles and the fact that they have an increased burden of responsibilities.

If they succeed in this and also choose a moral way of walking their life path, they are able to correct their mistakes of the past and become prosperous in life.

Naturally Talented Organizers

Capricorn is a cardinal zodiac sign which denotes the power of initiation and the ability to take action to get things moving properly.

As South Node Ketu signifies the past, in Capricorn it shows that these individuals mastered the skills of how to initiate tasks or projects and take necessary steps persistently until the goal is attained.

As a result, in current lives, individuals with this combination are blessed with a natural talent of how to organize and manage tasks, projects, and people.

In fact, South Node Ketu is considered a headless entity and therefore signifies the subconscious mind.

This shows that they naturally know how to organize, manage, or lead various matters or people without learning this skill.

Whenever they start working on something, these skills and character traits become dominant just as if they have mastered them earlier.

In addition to that, when South Node Ketu is in Capricorn, North Node Rahu is in the opposite sign of Cancer. Herein Cancer also represents the same cardinal modality.

Therefore, this combination shows that these natives had great responsibilities in past lives which involved initiation processes, guiding, and managing important tasks that are carried on to current lives.

A dignified Saturn extends these auspicious effects by making them responsible and blessings with unshakable discipline. That is because Saturn is the planet of structure, persistence, and discipline.

Strong Saturn gives them the inclination and ability to keep all matters organized well in order to increase efficiency and stability.

With the strong traits provided by Saturn, they are able to express their cardinal traits more effectively.

With increased efficiency and organization, they are able to fulfill the karmic duties of current lives more easily.

What makes current life more convenient and easier is the fact that they worked really hard with the highest integrity in their past lives which grants more freedom and comforts in current life paths.

While with strong Saturn they still are willing to work hard, but they are blessed with plenty of comforts and supportive factors that make fulfilling responsibilities much more comfortable.

More importantly, a dignified Saturn indicates that they had strong cardinal traits or the ability to take action and initiate projects which help them in current lives in great ways.

In current lives, they simply have to reawaken these traits and apply them to their course of action.

If the guide of North Node Rahu is also dignified, it ensures that they will apply their natural cardinal talents ethically on pious purposes.

On the contrary, an undignified Saturn misguiding South Node Ketu in Capricorn indicates that they lack natural traits of cardinal modality which means that they have to work harder to obtain these first before prospering in life.

In addition to that, weak Saturn indicates being irresponsible and timid which makes it hard to develop cardinal traits and take action effortlessly.

When considering the fact that South Node Ketu is a scattering entity and causes confusion, an undignified Saturn increases this effect by making them very confused and directionless.

Caring & Emotional

However, as Cancer is an emotional water sign, this time they do it in a different way. Instead of being cold, harsh, strict, and emotionless as Capricorn signifies, they are exactly the opposite.

When in past their main duties involved dealing with serious issues strictly, in current lives they are more active in activities where they can open up their caring, emotional, and affectionate side.

Cancer represents the 4th house which belongs to the triangle of salvation. This shows that in current life these individuals concentrate more on achieving salvation and becoming spiritually awakened instead of working hard for worldly achievements.

In fact, they want their spirituality and progress of the soul to be a great part of their worldly success in this life. That is to say, if they are concentrated more on spirituality it does not mean that their worldly success is decreased.

Instead, as South Node Ketu signifies detachment, they are able to isolate themselves from their worldly ambitions. Ironically, when they do so, they attract more worldly success and public recognition.

That is because of the fundamental law of attraction which bases on the idea that we attract what we detach ourselves from.

In other words, despite they are detached from worldly success, they are more likely to attain it especially when they integrate spiritual values with their goals.

Astroseek Natal Chart

If a dignified Saturn guides and hosts South Node Ketu in Capricorn, it shows that these individuals are free from the burden of the past and are free to evolve spiritually to the next level if not achieve salvation completely. The latter option is dependent on many other factors in the natal birth chart.

What supports the evolvement of their soul in current life is also the fact that they had good intentions towards the members of their society in past lives which motivated them to perform many good acts.

Those good acts indeed blessed their soul and opened up doors for greater spiritual awareness and a life filled with abundant happiness.

With that being said, they feel happier once they find the true meaning of life and learn to see the hidden blessings in their souls, such as higher self-awareness which helps them to fully align with their soul purpose.

If Saturn is undignified, it shows that their repayment of bad karmic deeds is pending.

Therefore, before progressing in life both spiritually and materially, they must endure difficult periods to exhaust bad karma to become free of karmic burdens.

If Saturn is fallen while receives cancellation of debilitation it shows that after learning from their mistakes they are able to progress a lot in life.

Free Spirits

Their detachment from worldly success, ambitions, and career success also shows that they long for freedom and strict routine exhausts them. They have a strong urge to break free from burdens that limit their freedom.

As they have possibly been in important positions in past lives, they do not feel comfortable working under strict policies.

While they are detached from limits, they still respect authorities and regulations a lot.

However, they have so many natural talents regarding leadership which make them want to apply them independently without any policies and limitations.

They want to live a life according to their own terms especially when they subconsciously feel that they have been doing a lot of hard work in past lives.

If Saturn is dignified, it means that they are free from karmic limitations and therefore are able to attain the lifestyle they truly desire as they have been working diligently towards fulfilling their karmic duties in past lives.

A dignified Saturn also indicates that they are extremely humanitarian and are inclined to continue fulfilling their karmic duties in this life by harnessing spiritual truths.

As a result, they are naturally blessed with the freedom and necessary resources to accomplish their duties of current lives by following their own rules and strategies.

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