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Pandit Suresh Pandey Ji Ki Hui Bhavisay Vandhi Shailendra Pandey Episode Of 3 November First thing is on a website that draws your eye information Chaal Chakra Horoscope January 1 2016 shailendra pandey episode of 3 november Chaal Chakra Top Horoscope January 01 2017 Chaal Chakra Daily Horoscope November 02 2017 Ki smat Connection Daily. Acharya Suresh Pandey in Patel Nagar, Delhi-110008-Get Acharya Suresh Pandey in Patel Nagar address, phone numbers, user ratings, reviews, contact person. Vedic astrology is no exception and continuous work of research is required to keep it fit and well, due to many reasons. Firstly, some very important concepts of Vedic astrology may have lost their true definitions during the times when India was invaded repeatedly by foreign intruders; and many valuable scriptures were destroyed on purpose. Learn about Pt Suresh Pandey, Consultant in New Delhi, Delhi India. Find Pt Suresh Pandey reviews and more on AstroListing.

Warm welcome to This website was created years back with the intention to create awareness regarding various concepts; good and bad yogas; and other phenomena covered under Vedic Astrology. Through this journey, it has been my constant effort to keep writing more and more about various aspects of Vedic astrology. Be it good concepts like Hamsa Yoga, Gaj Kesari Yoga and Budh Aditya Yoga; or be it about bad ones like Kaal Sarp Yog, Pitra Dosh and Sade Sati of Saturn; more and more content has been created about them, so that the readers may understand these topics in a better manner.

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No matter how good, each type of science needs continuous research so that it may be kept updated according to the demands of the time. Vedic astrology is no exception and continuous work of research is required to keep it fit and well, due to many reasons. Firstly, some very important concepts of Vedic astrology may have lost their true definitions during the times when India was invaded repeatedly by foreign intruders; and many valuable scriptures were destroyed on purpose. The scholars of those times tried to recreate such scriptures and despite their best efforts, some of them may not have been restored to their original forms. It means when such scholars tried to recreate such scriptures, the definitions or interpretations for some phenomena might have deviated from their original sense. Hence there may be a difference between what was originally written and what we are reading today.

Astrologer Pandit Suresh Pandey

Secondly, with the passage of time and with circumstances; the interpretation of good and bad changes since good and bad primarily depends on the need of the situation. For instance, back in old times; the planetary yogas causing people to go abroad for various purposes were considered bad; since home and homeland were assigned great values; and means of communication were not good. Hence it is easy to understand that if someone is going away from family and motherland, in order to earn bread and butter; or in order to make more money; such person is considered unlucky. Therefore, the yogas causing people to leave their homelands were considered malefic.

However in today’s world; one of the most asked questions is, “PanditJi, will I go abroad and settle there permanently?” People ask this question with so much hope and interest that it naturally seems like a good thing; which it is for many people; given the circumstances of today; when the entire world has become a global village. It means now you can settle abroad; live a better life and at the same time; you can constantly be in touch with your dear ones through various media of communication. Even if you wish to come back to them; it’s a matter of days or even hours. Hence going abroad is now seen as a good thing by many people; and accordingly, the planets or yogas causing this result have now become good ones.

This theory can be validated with the help of a number of other examples but I guess, the point has been made. Since the definition of good and bad keeps changing with time and circumstances; like the definitions of many other things lying at opposite ends of the spectrum, continuous research is needed. It is the research which helps us keep faiths like Vedic astrology up to date as well as in their best possible forms. For instance, a few decades back; no one asked questions about engaging in professions related to computers, information and technology, internet, web, wireless communication and many other things; since none of these existed back then. Now that more and more of these spheres have appeared, Vedic astrology needs to be updated so that an astrologer may answer questions related to these spheres.

Since these spheres were not there for centuries, the need to look into them through astrology did not arise. Hence Vedic scriptures may not have mentioned them during those times. However as these spheres have come to the scene in recent times and they have become major players; the need to assign various planets or planetary attributes to these fields arises. It means that you can’t tell by reading old scriptures whether a person may become a pilot, a software engineer, the owner of a social networking website or any other such professional; since these professions didn’t exist back then. Now that they have started existing, we need to find proper associations of these spheres with various planets and planetary attributes, through research. It has been happening since the beginning of time, it is happening now and it will keep happening till the end of the time.

Change is the essential principal of nature and no one can change this principal. Hence we need to accept it and keep ourselves updated in every sphere of life so that we may survive through, as well as benefit from the changing times. This is why research is needed in every field; and Vedic astrology is no exception. The term research simply means a process through which we preserve what is old and relevant; we get rid of what is old and irrelevant; and we add what is new and relevant. That is what the job of a researcher is, in any field; and that is what I try to do here at

I keep researching more and more on various phenomena of Vedic astrology, I try to update some concepts when I find they may have been misinterpreted or they may have lost their original sense of good and bad in these times; and I try to add new and relevant concepts as well as information to keep our Vedic inheritance updated and free from impurities. This journey started many years back and so far, I have enjoyed it more with every passing day, hour and second.

I wish more and more people update themselves about the current and relevant versions of various concepts of Vedic astrology, through as well as through other good websites which are engaging in similar effort. Wish you all the luck for the journey ahead, in each and every sphere of your life. Remember, you will always reach as long as you are walking. So don’t you stop or quit and keep walking.

Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari

Astrologer Pandit Suresh Pandey Menon

Are you looking for “News24 Kaalchakra email id” and “kaalchakra phone number”. Contact news24 channel hindi show “kaalchakra” astrologer pandit suresh pandey ji by following contact details, phone number, email id , appointment number, mobile no and Kaalchakra email id.

How to get “Kaalchakra email id”

If you watch astrology show Kaal chakra daily on News24 from 9 to 10 every morning, and you want to contact astrologer Pandit Suresh Pandey ji then use the below details to contact him.Kaalchakra email id

News24 Kaalchakra email id: [email protected] contact number: +91 98734 81323

Kaalchakra contact number: +91 9968685222, 9868581299

How to get “kaalchakra phone number

If Your want kaalchakra phone number, you can contact on following mobile number. contact number: +91 98734 81323

Astrologer Pandit Suresh Pandey Yadav

Kaalchakra contact number: +91 9968685222, 9868581299

पढ़े: क्या मुँहासे और अन्य चेहरे की समस्याओं के इलाज के लिए गुलाब जल का उपयोग कर सकते हैं?

Kaalchakra is very famous astrology show that is streamed on news24 every morning. It has started last year. Kaalchakra show Pandit name “Pt Suresh Pandey ji” have the excellence knowledge in the field of Astrology.

News 24 kaalchakra show timing is from 9 am to 10 am all days. If you miss today live episode of kaalchakra then you can watch it on Youtube on the channel of News24.

You can also call the kaalchakra host astrologer Pandit Suresh Pandey during the live show by the help of the mobile number flashing on the screen. You can also mail them for your problems and query at their email id.

Pt. Suresh PandeyKaalchakra email id

A bit more about Pt. Suresh Pandey

Pandit Suresh Pandey ji is a Kundali specialist from Delhi, India, who handle his show on New24 called Kaalchakra. You can also contact him to make your own kundali by News24 Kaalchakra email id or Suresh Pandey phone number.

Suresh basically talks and advises about fortune, misfortune, and also suggests solutions (often termed as totka) to the issues which will occur to people in future.

In Indian astrology, it’s believed when your stars are at wrong place, they’re going to create problems or misfortunes in future. Suresh tries to assist people to urge their stars at the right place.

पढ़े: बवासीर (पाइल्स) के लक्षण, कारण, टेस्ट, घरेलू उपाय और इलाज जानिए हिंदी में

Contacting Suresh Pandey

Kaalchakra show has started inviting people to contact them to ask their problems and Pandit ji offer suggestions for improvement. You may type them an email, or maybe send letters on their postal address mentioning your questions. In case you’ve got some queries and inquiries to ask about astrology, and are looking to contact Suresh Pandey, here are the entire contact details of Pandit ji, that may help you get the task done.

Mobile number: +91 – 98734 81323

E-mail : [email protected],[email protected]

Astrologer Pandit Suresh Pandey Ias

website :

News24 kaalchakra Pandit Suresh Pandey ji fees

If you want to book the appointment with news24 kaalchakra Pandit Suresh Pandey ji then you should know him fees amount. The fees amount is given below.

Phone consultation: Rs 3100

Kundali: Rs 3100

Appointment: Rs 5100

Astrologer Pandit Suresh Pandey Shah

पढ़े: 10 चमत्‍कारी गुलाब जल के फायदे, नुकसान और उपयोग के तरीके

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