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Dragon dancers from Shaolin Temple Cultural Center perform during the Lunar New Year celebrations at Lucky Land in Houston on Friday, Feb. 12, 2021. Lucky Land, owned by Nida Lee, features a variety of replicas of famous Chinese landmarks and cultural influences. 'I want people to feel peaceful, happy and cheerful when they walk into the place,' she said. The new year celebrations continue throughout the weekend, rain, shine or cold. Photo: Elizabeth Conley/Staff photographer

If you’re reading this, you made it through the year 2020.

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But, in the terms of Eastern astrology, you’ve also survived the Year of the Metal Rat, and you’re looking toward the Lunar New Year (known as Tet in Vietnam) on Feb. 12, when the new Year of the Metal Ox begins.

Here’s the good news: “It will be better than the previous year, but it’s definitely not going to be perfect,” says Viviana Estrada, a life coach, energy healer and practitioner of Chinese metaphysics in Plantation, Fla.

To refresh: In Chinese astrology, the years cycle through 12 animals (rat, ox, tiger, etc.) and five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water). Rat is the first animal of the new cycle and Ox is the second. Each animal and element have their own characteristics, and in combination, they determine the tenor of the year. Each year also has either a yin or yang (roughly, traditionally feminine or masculine) energy — Metal Ox is a yin year. The whole cycle takes 60 years. Each New Year begins at the second new moon after the winter solstice.

The Year of the Ox is reason to celebrate. Asia Society Texas Center will ring in the Lunar New Year with two weeks of virtual activities. “We have so much for families to do together, including learning how to make dumplings, making an Ox hat, viewing dance and musical performances, and watching a traditional lion dance,” says Stephanie Todd-Wong, director of communications, performing arts and culture.

“The ox in the Chinese Zodiac is considered to be honest, determined and reliable, and it feels like those are the kind of traits that could help lead us through 2021,” Todd-Wong says.

Nan Hall Linke, the uniquely Houston combination of therapist/landscaper/astrologer, looks back on the last time the Year of the Metal Ox cycled through, in 1961, for parallels. Think of John F. Kennedy’s inauguration and the way he attracted the “brightest and bravest” to government service. He was the youngest president ever elected and the first Catholic; President Biden is the oldest and only the second Catholic.

The year 1961 marked Yuri Gagarin and the first manned space flight, the founding of the Peace Corps and the birth of Barack Obama, Linke notes.

The Rat Year — the first in the animal zodiac — has a strong flavor of self-serving and mischief, Linke says. The ox, however, is big, determined and hard-working, methodical and patient.

“It’s not a year for revolution,” says Brooke Moen, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Burlington, Vt. “It’s a year that reveals what’s important, food to eat and people I care about.”

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Moen says she keeps returning to the idea of the “conventionality of hope.” In Taoism, the true meaning of hope is “to help each other out and move forward.” Metal “adds discernment” to the plodding ox, Moen says.

People born in the Year of the Ox are known for their strong work ethic and determination — which certainly describes Alex Au-Yeung, chef owner at Phat Eatery, the Malaysian street food restaurant in Katy he opened in 2018.

“The rat was the smart animal. The bull works hard and is diligent. So, I guess we have to work hard this year,” said Au-Yeung, a Chinese American born in Malaysia and raised in Hong Kong. “I already work hard, though. I work 18 hours a day.”

To celebrate Lunar New Year, Phat Eatery will offer a special menu with multi-course dinners; one course features snow peas with lobster meat and includes egg tofu shaped like an ox.

Because the ox has a strong earth energy, the Metal Ox is “the metal inside the mountain,” says Jillian Stott, who runs the Academy of Source Energy Healing and Wisdom in Kenilworth, England. “The knowledge is really deep, and we’ve got to do the work, taking responsibility for ourselves and releasing emotions that are not helpful.”

Because the ox has a strong earth energy, the Metal Ox is “the metal inside the mountain,” says Jillian Stott, who runs the Academy of Source Energy Healing and Wisdom in Kenilworth, England. “The knowledge is really deep, and we’ve got to do the work, taking responsibility for ourselves and releasing emotions that are not helpful.”

The ox is great at planning but not good with change, says Stott, who does personal astrology charts and feng shui.

Moen uses the image of a field being plowed. Chirag astrology 2021. A high-spirited animal such as a horse might get to the end of a row and decide to bolt. But oxen will simply turn around.

“As Americans, we’re obsessed with change and revolution, but this year we’re on solid ground,” says Moen. “It’s not everything-all-the-time-ism.”

If you’re having a baby in the Year of the Metal Ox, what should you expect? “A hard-working, conscientious, loyal child who is good with planning,” says Stott. “But give them a lot of warning of change.”

All of the experts are quick to point out that Chinese astrology differs from Western astrology in that much emphasis is placed on adapting to the energy of the year, not just living through it. “There’s always a way to control or maneuver,” says Estrada. “There is free will.”

One simple bit of advice from Stott is this: Take a break from cleaning or sweeping on Feb. 12. For once, too much cleanliness is bad luck.


Estrada, who is also a feng shui expert, believes that feng shui — a traditional Chinese study of how to design space to maximize its harmony with the natural world — is a great way to moderate and conform to existing energy.

Even a nonexpert can take some steps to modify how our home or office (if you still have one) feels. If your birth chart is diagnostic, feng shui is a prescription.

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First, Estrada says, find the compass function on your smartphone. Stand in the center of your home or other space and determine your four cardinal directions: north, south, east and west. From there, online, print or in-person experts can help organize your space in the most beneficial way.

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Linke, who has studied Western astrology for 50 years and Chinese for 10, likes to find the conjunctions between the two. Right now, the Western chart has a strong Taurus feel, Taurus the Bull being quite similar to the ox. “It’s a good year for women, and for women rising to new occasions,” she says.

Eventually, of course, this year of conscientious regrouping will pass as well. Next up, in 2022, is the energetic, excitable Year of the Water Tiger, with strong yang energy.

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You say you want a revolution? Well, the tiger will be on the prowl.