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by Kay Taylor

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Astrodienst Releases Two New Astrology Widgets October 22, 2009 – 12:54 am 2 Comments Keeping up with their long track record of awesomeness, Astrodienst has just released two great new astrology widgets for website developers and astrology bloggers. Astrodienst offers professional quality birth charts, and the site serves as a great.

The art of addressing difficult issues shown in thechart may be one of the most challenging issues that consultingastrologers face.

Astrology is a symbolic language. We learnthrough study or personal and client experience what these symbols maymean, yet there is a range of possibilities for each planet and sign tomanifest in actual reality. When we add to the mix aspecting planets,there are many scenarios possible, connected thematically but potentiallydifferent. When the theme is easeful, it’s not too challenging to evaluateand discuss, and the client is generally forthcoming.

However, when we see the potential of painful,traumatic experiences the client may have had—or may still be repeating—weneed sensitivity and skill to address these themes in a way that supportsthe client and does no further harm. We want to speak truth, but we needto be sure the client is open and stable enough emotionally to explore thepainful or complicated memories.

When a client is in psychotherapy, normally thetherapist will wait for a number of sessions to build trust beforeconfronting trauma or sabotaging patterns. As astrologers, we often feelthe pressure of time and expectations of performance. We might only havethat one session—an hour or two—to completely unpack the client’s life,psychological nature, and future. Yet the client in their first readingmay have absolutely no idea how much the astrologer can know about them.They may have set up a session out of curiosity, expecting something justa bit more specific than Sun sign astrology. They may be shocked todiscover the astrologer knows more about who they are than almost anyonein their lives.

How do we know if the client is ready for self-examination?

Some clients begin the session by sharing intimatedetails about themselves as they set the stage for their session.Immediately they ask deeper questions. Others sit down with arms foldedacross their chest, expecting to give no more than name and birth data.The attitude is “give me your best shot—let’s see if you can nail it!”Most clients fall somewhere in between, relatively open, giving you a fewbackground details, asking honest questions, but also waiting to see ifthey can trust you.

It takes time to learn how to assess challengingchart details and deliver an interpretation in a clear and empathic way.It’s helpful to take a Consulting Skills training, such as the program OPAoffers.

Meanwhile, until you take a training, or torefresh your skills, here are five key strategies for difficult chartissues:

1. Consent - Check in with the Client

Do not launch into sensitive topics without checking inwith the client. If they ask you a specific question, you can assumethey’re ready for the answer. But if they don’t ask, tread lightly intothe subject.

“I imagine you’ve been having some intenseissues in your primary relationships during the past two years. How has itbeen for you?” Or, “Would you like to explore the childhood themes shownin your chart? It looks like it was rather challenging…”

It is not our right to force our beliefs on aclient, including what we think they need to know from the chart. On theother hand, we could be negligent if we completely ignore the strongthemes of their life, or likely possibilities they will face in thefuture. There must be a balance.

2. Use the Language of Possibilities

Unless we have scientifically proven 100%certainty (which of course we don’t because the chart is complicated andfree will does exist to some degree) we cannot make definitive statements.Besides, people are able to hear us with less defensiveness when we softenour language to allow them to accept or reject, or to fine tune oursuggestion. Use words like possibly, maybe, could be, normally, often orpotentially. This empowers the client.

3. It’s Not a Monologue

A consultation should be interactive, not amonologue. You don’t need to prove you know everything, and luckily thesedays more and more clients are educated consumers who know a good readingis an interactive process. A person’s consciousness is not visible inthe chart. We need to talk to our clients—and listen between the linesto their questions—to know how they are experiencing their astrologicalpotential. If it is not possible to have a conversation for some reason,it’s best to mention the range of possibilities to allow for theexpression of their free will.

4. Let Go of Attachment

Please don’t argue with clients! If they don’tresonate with what you’ve just said, it may be a matter of yourinterpretation of the symbols, or their unique experience. Either way,they are the master of their life. Their perspective matters. Double checktheir birth data to make sure it is correct. If they still don’t connectto the interpretation, let it go. Maybe it hasnʹt come up for them yet.Maybe they don’t see that quality about themselves now but will later.

Mars in the 9th house rules my chart. When I wasyounger, several astrologers told me, “Oh you must love foreign travel.”The truth was I was a single mom with small children… I wasn’t goinganywhere. Once the kids were older, yes, it turned out I loved traveling.At the time of the readings, I couldn’t see past school lunches and thenext bill to pay. Baby names according to astrology.

5. Empathy and Compassion

Empathy and compassion are the medicines thatfacilitate healing in every reading. When you hold the client withcompassion, knowing we’re all doing the best we can on this rocky road oflife, you are able to convey true empathy. You can see the client as awhole being, working with their unique challenges, with you as a guide—anequal with a special skill that might facilitate them to make empoweredchoices. The way you word your astrology will be affirming and empowering,and not judgmental, fatalistic or critical. It’s important to avoidsympathy too. This can imply that you feel superior and sorry forthem.

To sum up, we can see a lot in an astrologychart. We don’t have to tell a person every single thing we know in thefirst sixty minutes after we’ve met them. We are relative strangers in auniquely intimate situation. Follow their lead. Stay heart centered.Listen deeply and trust your intuition to guide you to the right words forthe moment.

Published in: The Career Astrologer, March 2021.

Kay Taylor is an evolutionary astrologer, author and teacherwho has been integrating transformational astrology with intuitivemastery, psycho-synthesis, yoga philosophy and a wealth of healing wisdomfor over 35 years. Kay has been involved with OPA (Organization forProfessional Astrology) for many years, joining the Board in 2018 as theEducation Director and stepping up to the role of President in 2020 whereshe is also a Peer Group Leader and co-created the Consulting SkillsTraining. Kay’s Soul Path School trains intuitive professionals andevolutionary astrologers. Publications include Soul Path Way (2016), AnIntuitive Life (blog for 2008-2014), and chapters for theanthologies “The Professional Astrologer” (2015) and “Essential Astrology”(2022). Certified by OPA, ISAR CAP and NCGR Level II, she maintains athriving full time consulting practice based in the SF Bay Area.

Consultation: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Self-examination: Image by John Hain from Pixabay

© 2020 - Kay Taylor - The Career Astrologer

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