Aspects Of Saturn Vedic Astrology

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Mars in Harmonious Aspect t0 Saturn

Mars Aspects In Vedic Astrology

This aspect is concerned with ambition, determination, confidence, endurance, concentrated and sustained action. The native is endowed with tremendous will power and physical discipline and employs his energy in strenuous and purposeful action to achieve maximum useful results.


All his actions involve systematic patience and endurance to achieve perfection and precision in work, He possesses good mechanical abilities and can be a skilful artisan. The native is hard and practical in attitudes towards life. He is cold and severe in his dealings and does not constitute a charming personality. He is over bearing, forceful, vigilant, self reliant, daring and capable of concentrated and sustained efforts to achieve distinction.

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The native is capable of rising to prominence and power though attended by dangers of some kind; but by his sheer will power attains positions of authority and dictate. He is shrewd in his methods, can be good in politics, military or as city or state official. He can be a good agriculturist, manufacturer, construction contractor, surveyor, civil, structural or mining engineer or a lawyer of eminence.


Antares vedic astrology. Mars in Inharmonious Aspect to Saturn

Aspects Of Saturn Vedic Astrology Horoscope

This aspect is concerned with obstinacy, self-will, harshness, quick—temper, violence, resentment, selfishness and revengeful feelings. The native faces resentment and frustration in his efforts which develop negative at’cih1des_ in him. There are severe restrictions in career and profession. The native feels that he is not capable enough to meet the challenges and in frustration becomes violent and aggressive.

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Aspects Of Saturn Vedic Astrology Compatibility

Actually it is not his incapability but Karmic effect, for that misfortunes hang over him and people in authority do not respond to his cause. His father is oppressive towards him. Therefore the native is not in harmonious relation with his father. Generally parents are antagonistic towards the native and adjudge him responsible for his failures.

The Karmic effect manifests as lack of endurance and sense of sustained purpose. The native is ridden with many psychological defects, such as selfishness; his interest in any enterprise or activity lasts only such time as is required for overcoming his main difficulties. He does not intend to help others unless his interests are served.

The native faces notoriety, criticism, opposition, scandal, discredit in his dealings as such he is liable to loss and failure in business.He is liable to imprisonment through difficulties with companies, partnerships and joint ventures.


He may face harsh, dirty and dangerous conditions in his occupation which may result even in death or self undoing. The native remains in acute danger outfalls, wounds and accidents. He is likely to suffer from inflammation of bones, bone marrow and tendons.