Aspects Of Jupiter In Vedic Astrology

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Nature, Personality & Characteristics Of Jupiter

A Brief Vedic Glossary Aspects: In Jyotish, all planets in the same house as each other or in opposite houses 'see' each other. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn can also see other planets through their special aspects. Planets also aspect houses, even when they are empty. By now, you must have received the simple answer to your questions, it is 5th, 7th and 9th. However, it is important to find the logic and essence of this special aspect faculty of Jupiter. Jupiter is is Brihaspati, the teacher and Guru of Devas.

Aspects Of Jupiter In Vedic Astrology

Jupiter aspects with Saturn. If Jupiter leads mankind from the present into the future, then Saturn indicates to them that their present is the direct result of the past. After all, in astrology, Saturn is a planet of zeal, self-discipline and limitations. Thus, he is often. Jupiter and Saturn are two key planets in Vedic Astrology chart analysis. They are almost opposites of each other. Traditionally, Jupiter is called “The Great Benefic” and Saturn is “The Great Malefic.” Jupiter is the energy of Expansion and Optimism, and signifies. According to the Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is a benefic and spiritual planet. It represents spiritual knowledge, education, teaching field, administrative and clerical field, and loyalty.

Jupiter is one of the strongest and pious planet in astrology. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, knowledge, your husband, wealth, happiness, luck, fortune, spirituality, good deeds, teaching, guru, charity, pride, your son etc. Ascendant nakshatra in vedic astrology. Aspect of jupiter is always saviour in astrology.

The Power Of Aspect Of Jupiter

Jupiter is the natural benefic planet in astrology. As per vedic astrology, it always destroy one of the karka of house where it sits ! But its aspect is always pious and expand the things related to those houses.

Jupiter has 3 aspects. It aspects 5th house, 7th house and 9th house from its sitting position. For eg, if jupiter is in your 9th house then its 5th aspect is your 1st house, jupiter’s 7th aspect is your 3rd house and its 9th aspect is your 5th house. Jupiter’s aspect will expand those houses and provides protection to those houses for sure.

Power Of Jupiter’s Aspect For Marriage

If you have jupiter’s aspect on your 7th house or over 7th house lord then you are lucky in terms of marriage. Here, jupiter will provide its protection and good vibes to your married life. If your 7th house or 7th house lord is weak then this jupiter’s aspect can save your married life for sure. At least, you will never split.

Jupiter’s aspect will also expand the qualities of those houses. So, jupiter has great importance in astrology.

Mars Aspects In Vedic Astrology

Jupiter’s aspect on your lagna lord or on 1st house can provide protection from health issues and bad things in your life.

In this way, jupiter’s aspect can do wonders in your life. 🙂

Planets In Vedic Astrology

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Aspects Of Jupiter In Vedic Astrology

Astrology Where Is Jupiter Now

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Vedic Astrology Dominant Planets

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