Aspects Astrology Symbols

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Square: Three signs apart
90 degrees apart
Energy: Tension, conflict, power struggles

The 12 Astrological Signs The 12 signs of the Zodiac can be classified as positive or negative, active or passive and masculine or feminine. Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius are masculine signs. Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn are feminine signs. Aspects Explained. An aspect is defined by the angular distance between the two planets on a 360° ecliptical chart. The nature of the aspect depends on the number of degrees separating the two planets. The astrological aspects are generally in the central circle of a natal chart. The different aspect lines between the symbols are distinguished by using different colours.


Astrological Chart Symbols And Meanings

Uh-oh! When two planets are square, it’s a tug o’ war extraordinaire. Get ready for a showdown or a battle of wills, as each side digs its heels in and resists the necessary compromise. Yet, to resolve the stress of a square, each side must give a little and meet the other in the middle. Stubbornness ensues—the (cosmic) struggle is real!

Squares happen when two planets are 90 degrees apart. They share the same astrological “quality” (cardinal, mutable or fixed), but nothing else.

Aspects Astrology Symbols

For example, say expansive Jupiter was in analytical, micromanaging Virgo—forming a square to love-planet Venus in adventurous, caution-to-the-wind Sagittarius. On the one hand, your controlling tendencies might be off the charts thanks to Jupiter in Virgo, as you overanalyze every word your lover says, or obsess over a play-by-play of your last date. 11th house significations vedic astrology. But at the same time, Venus in Sagittarius makes you ignore all the red flags, tempting you to rush off to the Elvis chapel in Las Vegas and marry someone you barely know.

Hello, head-trip!

During squares, we can work ourselves into this kind of a tizzy, vacillating between wild extremes. Squares are NOT a good time to make major decisions—although sometimes the “breaking point” energy of a square forces a change. Your best use of a square is to weigh the pros and cons, get all the conflicts out onto the table, negotiate and COMPROMISE.

Astrology Aspect Symbols And Meanings

If your birth chart has squares in it, this will reveal conflicting parts of your nature that will have to be resolved through self-reflection, discipline and personal growth work. Your natal chart squares also show where you may struggle for balance in your life.

When three planets form a square, it’s called a T-Square. When four planets form a square (a rare event), it’s called a Grand Cross or Grand Square.

Planetary Symbols

Which signs are square to each other?

Zodiac Aspects

Aries: Cancer, Capricorn
Taurus: Leo, Aquarius
Gemini: Virgo, Pisces
Cancer: Libra, Aries
Leo: Scorpio, Taurus
Virgo: Sagittarius, Gemini
Libra: Capricorn, Cancer
Scorpio: Aquarius, Leo
Sagittarius: Pisces, Virgo
Capricorn: Aries, Libra
Aquarius: Taurus, Scorpio
Pisces: Gemini, Sagittarius