Aspect Patterns Astrology

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With Aspect Patterns, you'll actually begin by seeing the forest-the big picture. How the planets line up in a natal chart reveals an overall snapshot of one's personality, while specific aspect patterns offer details on how these traits unfold in character development,. The new $50 Halloran Aspect Patterns interpretations also provide a high-level of synthesis by delineating 35 possible aspect patterns such as the Grand Water Trine or Cardinal T-Square with a total of 392 delineations based on research into the lives of the 5653 people in our $59 Famous Charts database - the aspect patterns can be a final.

Sirius 3.0 Software for Windows by Cosmic Patterns SoftwareAstrology aspect patterns pdf

Aspect Patterns Astrology

Sirius is the most comprehensive and most powerful of the three main Cosmic Patterns programs. Sirius includes everything that is in Kepler, plus many additional features. You can think of Sirius as a 'Super Kepler' or 'Kepler Plus' or 'Kepler Platinum' program. Sirius has a very similar look and feel as Kepler and the user experience is similar. Even though Sirius is a bigger program than Kepler, you do not become overwhelmed by the features because we have made access to the features simple and uncluttered.

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Kepler is adequate for even many professional astrologers. Astrology old. Some of the reasons why people choose Sirius rather than Kepler are:

  • Availability of advanced or relatively unpopular or unusual astrological methods. Sirius has more features in almost every area of astrology, such as Hellenistic and Classical, Vedic, Huber, Harmonic astrology, etc.
  • Additional features for an astrological business or service. The Astro Calendar, for example, is not available in Kepler. Another example is the automatic rectification feature in Sirius is tremendously easier to use and more useful than the automatic rectification featuer in Kepler. These are just two examples. However, astrology is almost a never-ending subject! Astrology goes on and on almost forever! Kepler already has more features than even many professional astrologers will ever use.

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  • A tremendous variety of wheel styles to choose from.
  • The ability to interactively customize almost every feature of the chart wheel.
  • Advanced but wonderfully easy-to-use features to resize, add and remove items, and move them to where you want them.
  • Beautiful artistically rendered Art Wheels and the Nakshatra Wheel.
  • Interactive cosmobiology dials.
  • Chart wheel aspect patterns.
  • Interactive BiWheels, TriWheels, and QuadWheels with incredibly powerful feaures for forecasting and electional astrology.
  • Interactive and Multi-Ring Wheels with Progressions and Returns
  • Beautifully Organized so You Can Work Effortlessly!
  • Do Complex Things Very Easily!
  • Interpretations of transits, Vedic dasas, and the lunation cycle.
  • AstroCalendar. You can make a personal calendar that includes transits to a person's chart or a Mundane Calendar of transit-to-transit events or a calendar that includes both.
  • Financial Analysis Toolbox.
  • Rectification, transits-to-natal, progressed-to-natal, and other forecasting methods and Sirius analyzes all of the aspects related to the event to see what time the person is likely to be born and a graph is produced!
  • Planet Mandalas
  • All of Your Chart Entries Listed and Reports Selected Are Easily Available!
  • The Page Designer feature provides real drag-and-drop capability.
  • Graphs and visual presentations of information
  • Up to date Famous People Database.
  • There's more, check Extra Features List . . .