Aquarius September Horoscope

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Soulful and romantic with a sense of experimentation

  • Aquarius is the 11th Sign of the Zodiac. A symbol of all that’s humane and humanity, this Sign is modern, independent and freedom loving. While everything new and new-age enthralls the Aquarius natives, rebelliousness of any sort liberates them. Aquarius is known as the Sign of discoverers, inventors, adventurers and visionaries.
  • September 2020 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope General Overview: The Aquarius people are required to be patient and cautious in all their dealings this month. Courage may be your only true associate at this time. As there are chances of your suffering from betrayal, loss of money, and disappointments, it is better not to trust anyone blindly.

Aquarians will be under the strong influence of Venus. One of your most essential needs is freedom, and maybe that's why you're unhappy in your current relationship. From a sexual point of view, you often get bored soon, which could also be a serious problem in a relationship. You should follow your instinct and leave your boring partner.
You will also be more unreliable, which could negatively affect your relationships with your family and friends. However, in September, you will enchant everyone with your charm, and they will quickly forget all the wrongs you do.

September will be a month of self-reflection - Aquarius will evaluate their life to date and analyze their mistakes, as well as the successes. Don’t wallow in the past for too long though. Just objectively look at your former behaviour, as it could be very beneficial for you. You will, therefore, be able to avoid the steps that you made in a wrong way. However, nobody’s perfect, so don’t punish yourself too much. Also, don’t forget about your health, because you could get sick from all the stress.

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The astrological aspects for Saturday 17th April 2021 can only take place every 12 years. The Duke of Windsor, Prince Philip was also a Gemini. Mars 26 Gemini trine Jupiter 26 Aquarius. Mercury 26 Aries sextile Jupiter 26 Aquarius. Current jupiter position vedic astrology ephemeris. Mercury 26 Aquarius sextile Mars 26 Gemini.

You will not be able to resist nervousness in this span. You might feel a little slower, more insecure and the others may notice it. You will try to be tidy and systematic while working, more than ever, due to fear of potential obstacles and trying to avoid them. You can self-realize in this period by working manually. Your skilful hands will relieve you.

February Aquarius

This span will be rather serious for you. Both about your deeds and behaviour you will think a lot, in some cases you might even look indecisive or too slow. However, you will definitely appreciate art and any kind of spiritual experience. Moreover, a walk in nature could enrich you. If you want to self-realize you should be alone. As it is the only way to organize your thoughts and to feel secure and satisfied.

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During this time, you will subconsciously attach great importance to relationships and ensure they are well-balanced and harmonic. That’s the key to happiness for you. Another advantage is pleasant demeanor, you seem almost magnificent to other people. However, when it comes to serious decisions, you can feel insecure. That’s your weak-point these days.

Aquarius September Horoscope 2021

These days, you will look for individuals with a complex and mysterious mind. You can’t resist the temptation of everything forbidden which makes you more open to taboos. Even though your feelings are more intense than ever, you do your best to hide them and keep a poker face.

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Aug 30.06:57 - Nov 5.23:22
Aug 30.

Aquarius Horoscope September 2019 Susan Miller

If you get near two people having an argument in this period, it will be very demanding for you to agree with only one of them. Your decision making will be slower as you will need more time to consider everything. If you have to convey your opinion, your expression will be rather ponderous. Furthermore, you would not like to make enemies, you would prefer to be friends with everyone.

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During this time, it’s certainly convenient to put your energy into work since your feelings are numb. Issues related to relationships may seem ridiculous and not interesting to you. Your job will truly fulfill you, although, if someone tries to inhibit your performance which puts you under pressure, you might criticize a lot and then get fussy.

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During this time, you can expect being rational and cold. There won’t be any anger, passion or excitement inside you. The only thing that you could be unsettled by is sense of injustice - in this case, you will be willing to fight for the right thing with no hesitation. Your objective and thorough attitude is certainly useful when it comes to career.