April 29 Horoscope Compatibility

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Zodiac April 29 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility To simplify things we could say that Astrology and the system of Zodiac signs represent people in all their imperfections; because you know, being imperfect is the most prominent characteristic of every human being on this planet. April 1 Birthday Compatibility You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Scorpio: This is a very ardent zodiac match full of admiration for each other. You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Taurus: This is a very stubborn and obstinate love relationship between the bull and the ram.

April 29 Zodiac are Taurus April 29 Zodiac are Taurus: Dignified but warm individuals born. You Devote a considerable amount of your energy to the image they present to the world. With their impeccable manners and appreciation of the finer things in life they prefer the company of equally poised. Mar 21, 2021 Aries horoscope: Star sign dates, traits, compatibility and personality. If you're born between March 21 and April 20, then you're an Aries. I'm 29 & mum still pays for loads, I couldn't.

Love calculator

April 25 Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Welcome to our site. My love calculator, just like any other love calculator, tries to give you a score on your love compatibility with another person. However unlike other numerious love calculators, we put high emphasis on the quality and accuracy of our results. This means that our calculator bases its results on some existent knowledge and will give you an advice and score to the best of its ability. This means that in most cases the results given will match the real situation quite accurately. Therefore, if you are unsure about jumping into a relationship with someone, use our love calculator to see what might happen if you do.

Is this website a joke?

No, it is not a joke. The calculations are done using astrology, so if you believe in astrology you should believe this website. However, please keep in mind that the results given are not always entirely true, because astrology is not an exact science, so you should use that result only as a guideline. In some cases the report given by our love calculator is completely wrong, but those cases are exceptions and cannot be avoided.

Who Are Zodiacs Compatible With

April 29 Horoscope Compatibility

April 29 Horoscope Compatibility Pisces

How do you do your calculations?

We use astrology. April 29 horoscope compatibility pisces

What are the best matches?

Below is a list of all love compatibilities between each zodiac sign. Click on the percentage to read more about the match.

April 29 – Famous Birthdays

Exalted planets in vedic astrology. Uma Thurman (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1970

Michelle Pfeiffer (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1958

Daniel Day-Lewis (MOVIE ACTOR) 1957

April 29 Zodiac Sign Compatibility

April 29 – Famous Birthdays

April 29 Horoscope Compatibility Sagittarius

1584 Melchior Teschner composer
1636 Esaias Reusner composer
1642 Christian Weise German writer (Niederländische Bauer)
1660 Matthias Henriksen Schacht composer
1667 John Arbuthnot Scottish writer (Alexander Pope)
1727 Jean-Georges Noverre French dancer/choreographer (ballet d’action)
1745 Oliver Ellsworth 3rd Chief Justice Supreme Court (1796-1800)
1771 Matthaus Stegmayer composer
1780 Charles Nodier French writer (La fée aux miettes)
1783 David Cox English painter (Treatise on landscape painting)
1806 Earnest Freiherr von Feuchtersleben Austria, physician/philosopher
1808 Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch German politician/reformer [or 1883]
1815 Abram Duryee Brevet Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1890
1818 Alexander II [N Romanov] Tsar of Russia (1855-81)
1830 Adolph Sutro San Francisco mayor, built Cliff House, railways, tunnels
1842 Karl Millöcker Austria conductor/composer (Beggar Student)
1854 Henri Poincaré France, mathematician/astronomer/philosopher
1855 Anatol K Liadov Russian composer (Bewitched Lake)
1855 Edmund van der Straeten composer
1857 Edouard Rod France/Swiss writer (Mishel’ Tes’e)
1857 Frantisek Ondricek composer
1860 Lorado Taft US, sculptor (Black Hawk)
1862 Vittorio Mario Vanzo composer
1863 William Randolph Hearst publisher (San Francisco Examiner, Seattle P-I)
1871 Louis William Stern German/US philosopher (Intelligence of Children)
1872 Eyvind Alnaes composer
1873 Alida J M Tartaud-Klein actress/stage star (Rotterdam Stage)
1879 Sir Thomas Beecham England, composer, founded London Philharmonic
1882 Hendrik N Werkman painter/printer/resistance fighter (Hot printing)
1885 Wallingford Riegger Albany GA, composer (Bacchangle)
1885 Egon E Kisch Czechoslovakia, writer/journalist (Rasende Reporter)
1893 Elisaveta Bagrjana [Beltsheva], Bulgaria, poet
1893 Harold C Urey Walkerton IN, physicist (discovered Deuterium, Nobel 1934)
1894 Paul Hörbiger Budapest Hungary, actor (Liebelei)
1895 Malcolm Sargent English conductor (Promenade Concerts)
1896 Jacques Leon Wolfe composer
1896 Walter Mehring writer
1899 Duke [Edward Kennedy] Ellington Washington DC, bandleader (Take the A Train, It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing))
1899 Karl Yngve Skold composer
1899 Natalie Talmadge actress (Our Hospitality)
19– Greg Christian rocker (Testament-Souls of Black)
19– Mark Kendall rocker (Great White-Twice Shy)
19– Richard Kline New York NY, actor (Larry-3’s Company, Dr. Mark Benson-Bold & the Beautiful)
1901 Emperor Hirohito of Japan (1926-89)
1901 George Osborne Sayles historian
1902 Theodore Chanler composer
1903 Frank Parker New York NY, singer (Arthur Godfrey Show, Masquerade Party)
1904 Russ Morgan Scranton PA, orchestra leader (Welcome Aboard)
1904 Enrico Mattei Italian oil magnate
1907 Fred Zinnemann Vienna Austria, movie director (From Here to Eternity, Day of the Jackal, Julia)
1907 Tino Rossi Ajaccio France, singer (Deux Amours, Marlene)
1908 Jack [Stewart] Williamson US, sci-fi author (Firechild, Golden Blood, Cometeers)
1908 Philippe Brun jazz trumpeter
1909 Daniel Raphael Mayer journalist/resistance leader
1909 Tom Ewell [S Yewell Tompkins] Owensboro KY, actor (Tom Ewell Show, 7 Year Itch, Adam’s Rib)
1910 John Beavan newspaper editor
1912 Richard Carlson Albert Lea MN, actor (All I Desire, Flat Top, Valley of Gwangi)
1912 Italo Valenti Italian sculptor
1912 Terence de Vere White novelist/critic
1913 Jack Alexander Bently trombonist
1913 Thomas Chalmers broadcaster
1914 Ewan Roberts Edinburgh Scotland, actress (Pvt Benjamin)
1915 Donald Mills singer (Mills Brothers)
1918 Mervyn Roye Harvey cricketer (brother of Neil, Test for Australia)
1919 Celeste Holm New York NY, actress (Gentleman’s Agreement, All About Eve)
1920 Edward Blishen writer teacher/broadcaster
1920 Harold Samuel Shapero Lynn MA, composer (9 Minute Opera)
1921 Cornelis de Jager Dutch astronomer (Sun)
1922 George Allen football coach (Los Angeles Rams, Washington Redskins)
1922 Parren J Mitchell (Representative-Democrat-MD, 1971- )
1922 Tommy Noonan Bellingham WA, actor (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Promises Promises)
1922 Toots [Jean] Thielemans Belgian/US jazz musician/composer
1923 Irvin Kershner Philadelphia PA, director (Never Say Never Again)
1923 Maxine Audley London, actress (Peeping Tom, Ricochet, House of Cards)
1924 Al Balding Toronto Ontario Canada, Canadian Tour golfer (Québec Open-1952)
1924 Renée Jeanmaire Paris France, dancer (Hans Christian Anderson)
1925 Ab Abspoel Dutch actor/director (Surprise Attack, Elevator)
1925 Danny Davis rocker (Nashville Brass
1926 Carie Meek (Representative-Democrat-FL)
1927 Dorothy Manley England, 100 meter sprint (Olympics-silver-1948)
1927 Betsy Ancker-Johnson physicist/auto company exec
1928 Big Jay McNeely rocker
1928 Carl Gardner Tyler TX, rock vocalist (Coasters-Searchin)
1929 [John] Jeremy Thorpe British MP (Liberal)
1929 Peter Joshua Sculthorpe composer
1929 Vaclav Kucera composer
1929 Walter Kempowski German writer (Tadellöser & Wolff)
1930 Alf[red Lewis] Valentine Jamaican cricket player (great West Indian lefty spinner)
1931 Aleksei Aleksandrovich Gubarev USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 17, 28)
1931 Anthony “Lonnie” Donegan Glasgow Scotland, skiffle vocalist/guitarist
1931 William Ball actor (Suburban Commando)
1932 Alexei A Gubarev cosmonaut (Soyuz 17, 28)
1932 King Hu film director
1932 Yevgeni Alekseyevich Zaikin Russian cosmonaut (Voshkod 2 backup)
1933 Keith Baxter South Wales, actor (Barretts at Wimpole Street)
1933 Darijan Bozic composer
1933 Raymond Earl Hill saxophonist
1933 Rod [Marvin] McKuen Oakland CA, singer/composer (Alone, Beatsville)
1934 Pedro Pires premier (Cape Verde, 1975-91)
1935 Len Weinrib New York NY, comedian (Spike Jones Show)
1935 Otto M Zykan composer
1936 April Stevens Niagara Falls NY, rock vocalist (Deep Purple)
1936 Lane Smith Memphis TN, actor (Perry-Lois & Clark, Chiefs, Nathan-V)
1936 Richard Lynch actor (Xavier-Battlestar Galactica)
1936 Zubin Mehta Bombay India, conductor (New York Philharmonic)
1936 Jacob Rothschild English banker/multi-millionaire
1940 Brian Taber cricket wicket-keeper (Australian between Grout & Marsh)
1941 Jonah Barrington British World champion squash player (1966-73)
1942 Galina Kulakova USSR, skier (Olympics-3 golds-1972)
1942 Klaus Voorman rock bassist (Manfred Mann-Mighty Quinn)
1943 Duane Allen Taylortown TX, country singer (Oak Ridge Boys-Elvira)
1944 Jim Hart Evanston IL, NFL quarterback (St Louis Cardinals)
1944 Benedikte Danish princess/daughter of Frederik IX
1945 [Thomasina] Tammi Terrell [Montgomery] singer (Ain’t No Mountain High Enough)
1945 Hugh Hopper rocker (Soft Machine)
1945 Richard Warwick actor (Johnny Dangerously, Sebastine, If)
1946 Franc Roddam director (K2, Bride, Aria, Quadrophenia)
1946 John Waters Baltimore MD, director (Hairspray)
1947 Jim Ryun US, 1500 meter runner/broke 4 minute mile (Olympics-silver-1968)
1947 Tommy James singer (cri-im-son & clo-o-ver o-o-ver & o-o-ver)
1947 John[ny Laurence] Miller San Francisco CA, golfer (US Open 1973, 1974 PGA Player of the Year, British Open 1976)
1948 Reb Brown Los Angeles CA, actor (Cage, Yor, Captain America, Fast Break)
1949 Anita Dobson England, actress (Annie Watts-EastEnders)
1949 Eddie Hart US, 100 meter runner (Olympics-1972)
1949 Susan Pratt actress (Barbara Montgomery-All My Children, Claire Ramsey-Guiding Light)
1951 [Ralph] Dale Earnhardt Kannapolis NC, NASCAR driver/”The Intimidator”
1952 Deborah Van Valkenburgh Schnectady, actress (Too Close for Comfort)
1952 Nora Dunn Chicago IL, comedienne (Saturday Night Live, Miami Blues, Working Girl)
1953 Dale Earnhardt auto racer (6-time NASCAR national champion)
1953 Nikolai Nikolayevich Budarin Kirya Russia, cosmonaut (STS 71, TM-27)
1954 Bill Paxon (Representative-Republican-NY)
1954 Deborah Iyall rocker (Romeo Void)
1955 Kate Mulgrew Dubuque IA, actress (Captain Janeway-Star Trek Voyager, Heartbeat, Kate Loves a Mystery)
1955 Jerry Seinfeld comedian/actor (Seinfeld)
1956 Ron Verlin rocker (Shooting Star)
1957 Richie C Robertson rock bassist/vocalist (Fabulous Poodles)
1958 Eve Plumb Burbank, actress (Jan-Brady Bunch, I’m Gonna Get You Sucka)
1958 Michelle Pfeiffer Santa Ana CA, actress (What Lies Beneath, Up Close & Personal, Ladyhawke, Married to the Mob, Grease 2)
1958 Simon Edwards rocker (Fairground Attraction-Find My Love)
1958 Daniel Day-Lewis England, actor (Last of the Mohicans, My Left Foot)
1960 Joseph Guzaldo Chicago IL, actor (Stir Crazy)
1960 Gerard Joling Dutch singer (Love is in Your Eyes)
1960 William Lee Glasson Jr Fresno CA, PGA golfer (1985 Kemper Open)
1962 Bruce Driver Toronto Ontario Canada, NHL defenseman (New York Rangers)
1962 Dieter Hegen Kaufbeuren Germany, hockey forward (Team Germany 1998)
1962 Robert Druppers runner (world record 1 km indoor)
1965 Reggie Miller NBA player (Indiana Pacers)
1966 John VanderWal Grand Rapids MI, outfielder (Colorado Rockies)
1966 Phil Tufnell cricketer (England slow lefty & slower fieldsman)
1967 Curtis Joseph Keswick Ontario Canada, NHL goalie (Team Canada, Edmonton Oilers)
1967 Elizabeth “Betsy” McCagg Kirkland WA, rower/twin sister of Mary (Olympics-4th-92, 96)
1967 Mary McCagg Kirkland WA, rower/twin sister of Elizabeth (Olympics-4th-92, 96)
1967 Rachel Williams Greenwich Village NY, model (Absolut Vodka, Elle)
1968 Browning Nagle NFL quarterback (New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons)
1968 Carnie Wilson Los Angeles CA, rock vocalist (Wilson Phillips-Hold On)
1969 Arthur Marshall NFL wide receiver (New York Giants)
1970 Andre Agassi Las Vegas NV, tennis star (Olympics-gold-96, US Open-1994 & 1999, Wimbledon-1992)
1970 Arnaud Briand hockey forward (Team France 1998)
1970 Derrick Frazier NFL cornerback (Philadelphia Eagles)
1970 J R Phillips West Covina CA, infielder (Philadelphia Phillies)
1970 Leuea Tagoai CFL defensive end (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
1970 Mark McMillian NFL cornerback (Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs)
1970 Uma Thurman Boston MA, actress (Baron Munchausen, Pulp Fiction)
1970 William Martin III Charleston SC, Finnish yachter (Olympics-23rd-1996)
1971 Sterling Hitchcock Fayetteville NC, pitcher (New York Yankees, Sea Mariners)
1972 Gwendolyn Wentland Flint MI, high jumper
1974 Alana Blahoski ice hockey forward (USA, Olympics-98)
1975 John Macready Los Angeles CA, gymnast (Olympics-5th-96)
1976 God Shammgod NBA guard (Washington Wizards)
1976 Nayla Micherif Miss Brazil-Universe (1997)
1978 Mike Bryan Oxnard CA, tennis star (USTA National 18 doubles)
1993 Aurelia Clasina Lucia Wildeboer daughter of Pieter & Mirtle