April 20 Horoscope Sign

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March 2021 - As mighty Mars roars into your solar eighth house of intimacy, beginning March 3, you could become extremely focused on your needs in a relationship. For the weeks ahead, Scorpio, you could grow much closer to your significant other, exploring your deepest emotional and sexual rapport. However, if you have recently separated from a partner, you could be fighting to finalize the dissolution of your union, even going to bat over a divorce settlement.
Despite this, March holds much sparkling energy for romance, no matter what. A new moon in your solar fifth house of pleasure, dating, and love appears on the thirteenth. This is the best time of the year for single Scorpios to search for a soul mate. Set up meetings with prospective suitors in the days that follow this lunation. Creativity and fertility are also favored now, so whether you’re looking to birth your greatest masterpiece or conceive a child, this moment could bring you luck.
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Once the spring equinox arrives on March 20, expect to be quite busy in the weeks to come. You may find that your productivity increases and you’ve discovered the right routine for your daily affairs. New projects at work could come your way. If you’re looking for new employment, you could find something that aligns with your resume.
However, to end the month you’ll be feeling the need to lie low, relax, and recharge as a full moon in your solar twelfth house shimmers at nightfall on the twenty-eighth. Listen to the rhythms of your body and spirit and don’t overexert yourself at that time.
Standout days: 3, 13, 21
Challenging days: 23, 28, 29


TAURUS is the second astrological sign of the zodiac - and the first earth sign. Those born from April 20 tend to be peaceful and sensual, so pick your partner carefully for a harmonious relationship.

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April 20 Horoscope Sign Zodiac

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