Addiction In Vedic Astrology

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Drug Addiction and Alcoholism in Vedic Astrology

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Addiction In Vedic Astrology

Addiction is a state in which the body relies on a substance for normal functioning and develops physical dependence. This agent of human destruction has spread its arms worldwide and also in our country. Ganesha suggests some astrology oriented remedies to get rid of addictions.

Addiction In Vedic Astrology
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The first type of alcohol addiction is where a person is totally dependable on alcohol. This is the type where a person picks up the glass of alcohol, the very first thing in the morning. Navneet believes that Vedic Astrology is a vast subject, it is an ocean of knowledge and wisdom. It is simply up to the individual to jump into the ocean. I can feel a lot of you sitting back in your seat. Yes this is a big subject. In fact you can be addicted to a person, a behavior ( pleasure or pain), a place, a food, a drug, a medicine, the list goes on. Tagged with → Addiction. Discipline. saturn. vedic astrology. Astrology app the pattern app. Yoga.

Are you troubled by drugs? Are they ruining your life?

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Drugs are creating a black hole in society today. No one, not even the small children are able to escape from it. They easily get trapped without even thinking about its future impact.

Initially, people get attracted to drugs because it is new to them so they find it lucrative to try them. They also think in the back of their mind that consuming them will give an adrenaline rush. They also believe it is the common fashion in the modern world and is a very cool thing. Once they try them for the first time they feel good as they enter into a whole new world making them want for more. Gradually they do not realize, they are getting addicted to them. Eventually, it becomes too late for them to come out of this never-ending addiction only to regret it later.

However, there are many drugs that can be very deadly and can have adverse effects for a lifetime. Addiction can be of many types, be it drugs, alcohol, smoking… we are not saying they are not bad for your health but consuming too much can make you addicted. This can cost you very heavily even your most precious thing – Your Life.

There is nothing that can stop you from getting it more which can make you go to any limits once you get addicted. It can lead to quarrels among your friends and gets you into the company of bad friends & influencers. It also creates an atmosphere of turmoil and depression in the family. They even tend to ignore the warning mentioned on them like ” smoking is injurious to health”. They also resort to various crimes stealing, robbing.

Astrology and Addiction

There are certain planetary placements in the birth chart of native that leads to drug addiction and alcoholism. Lets Explore…

1. Effect of Rahu

If Rahu is more prominent in one’s horoscope , the person can easily get addicted. If it is situated in Lagan (Ascendant), Second, Seventh, and Twelfth house, they are most prone to addiction.

2. Effect of Moon

In Vedic texts, the moon is considered an intoxicant. Even “Somras” is named after it and there is also a strong legend associated with Lord Shiv. If the moon is present in the sixth or eleventh house with the influence of Rahu person can get addicted to alcohol.

If there are one or two planets that are in the lower zodiac sign and the moon is also contaminated, one can easily befriend its enemy and tends to drink with them.

3. Weak Planets

When the friendly planets are weak, they also incline us to addiction. Also under the influence of sinful planets, it further leads to intoxication.

If Mars is present in the lagan then a person starts consuming alcohol along with the consumption of meat and other toxic products.

4. Other Planetary Placements…

  • The combination of Sun and Mars can also lead to addiction.
  • In Scorpio ascendant, if Sun or Moon is inauspicious, it can lead to addiction. Also if the Rahu is malefic it also arouses one’s interest and it wants to have a taste of them out of curiosity.

Addiction In Vedic Astrology Characteristics

  • If the sun is present in lower zodiac sign , it indicates either a person is a wine shop owner or is a consumer of alcohol.
Addiction In Vedic Astrology
  • If Saturn is in a lower position in Aries, a person can forge, befriend, or do drugs with others alike.

Remedies for Getting Rid of Drug Addiction

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There are many remedies and medicines in society to get rid of drug addiction, these measures also provide relief for some time. But these measures do not remain effective for long. There are many remedies in astrology, there are many measures which we can overcome to a certain extent from addiction.

  • Wearing Topaz in gold and wearing a turmeric garland around the neck removes the cells from intoxication.
  • Recite Shri Sukta 11000 times yourself. Life will change. You will definitely get rid of addiction. In addition, money and property will be enjoyed all around.
  • Avoid any kind of intoxication. These are drugs, cannabis, opium, zarda, gutkha, heroin, ganja, hashish, and alcohol. Alcohol, whether beer or champagne, are all merchants of death. There is nothing better to destroy your physical, mental, family and social life. If you want to avoid a long and painful death, avoid any form of intoxication immediately.
  • By doing regular exercise and yoga asanas, your health will benefit, and at the same time, you can get rid of the addiction.
  • Worshiping the Goddess on Venus and Sunday relieves intoxication and brings peace of mind.
  • Due to the Rahu planet, the person becomes a victim of addiction. If Rahu is more effective in your horoscope, worship Bhairava, chant mantras, donate mustard.
  • Stress, restlessness, unrest, fear, sadness, and insomnia are common brain diseases and to overcome them, the person starts using drugs and gets a bigger disease. So keep your mind calm in such a situation. Avoid stress as much as possible.

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