Abraham Lincoln Vedic Astrology

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Vedic Astrology Vedic Astrology Details Written by Astro Isha Category: Main Articles Published: 02 February 2014 View Comments. Astrology- The Big Picture. There would be no Abraham Lincoln, Narendra Modi or Thomas Edison. Hard Work, dedication, perseverance, dignity, discipline, diligence and patience are key factors found in most. People with Sun in the 1st house – Abraham Lincoln, Swami Vivekananda, Mao Tse-tung, Alfred Nobel, Gianni Versace, Agatha Christie Sun in Taurus (Vrishabha) May 14th – Jun 14th Taurus carries the energy of the Aryaman Aditya. Aryaman is a noble-man and he gives the lineage.

What can Astrology do for you?

A common question I get as an Astrologer is “What can you tell me about my sign?”. Astrology is so much more than your Sun sign, and it indicates so much more than just your personality traits.


Astrologers analyse the impact of celestial bodies on the universe and human beings. Vedic Astrology, which is common in India, looks at 5 planets in a birth chart. Western Astrology, which is used in the UK and the USA, looks at 9 planets. However, there are 12 zodiac signs in Astrology, which means that both the Vedic and Western systems are incomplete. My modern system uses 12 planets for 12 zodiac signs, and after testing it on thousands of different birth charts, it works perfectly every time.

Pluto, for example, is the most powerful planet in Astrology, however 99% of Astrologers in India do not include it in the analysis. As the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto represents a lot of things, like other people’s money, death, inheritance, disease and transformation. To put things into perspective; Pluto moved into a very strong position in early 2020, and by March 2020, the entire world was in lockdown because of COVID-19. Bill Gates has Pluto in the best position in his chart in the Second House of “Wealth”. Abraham Lincoln had Pluto in the best position in the 1st house of “Personality”, and it ruled his 10th house of Government, which made him President of the United States.

An accurate, detailed birth chart reading can change your life for the better. Free d9 vedic astrology chart. Your birth chart contains a planetary combination which is unique to you. Unravelling the combination will reveal your career, financial circumstances, health, relationships, family matters, education, belief system, foreign travels, sudden events, accidents, court cases and the years ahead.

Astrology encourages us to continue pursuing our dreams, it gives a solid foundation to understand our human purpose, and it shows when our shortcomings and sorrows will end. If you would like detailed insight into your life’s purpose, or you would like to know when the major events will unfold, then let’s get connected.


Abraham Lincoln Astrology Chart

My technique involves looking at additional planets which most Astrologers do not include in the analysis. It is these additional planets which provide a reading that is incredibly accurate.


A consultation with me will give you deep insight into who you are as a person, what you’re all about, what your limits are, what you would excel in, and where you may struggle. My analysis of your birth chart will be completely free of preconceptions, religious bias and superstititions.

Abraham lincoln vedic birth chart

Abraham Lincoln Vedic Astrology

Some Astrologers charge hundreds of dollars, and they will not be able to predict certain things due to their non-inclusion of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Planets X, Y, Z and Chiron. My analysis includes all these planets, providing you with a full representation of what will unfold.


I have experience with over 50,000 birth charts, and my clientele extends from private individuals to celebrities. In over 10 years of practise, I have never turned down a chart reading.

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Whilst we cannot eradicate the weaknesses of our birth chart, I do believe in providing practical advice, which can help you prepare for and overcome any challenges.

Abraham Lincoln Vedic Astrology

Rest assured that after a birth chart reading from me, any lingering doubts or anxiety you may have about the past or future will be resolved, and you would be able to go forward with clarity and confidence.

Astrology Excellence offers a unique dimension to the already well established astrology conclave.Tariq achieves astonishing results due to his fervent analysis of birth charts, correctly predicting all major events in ones life.His guidance proves invaluable in forward planning – knowing is half the battle.

Abraham Lincoln Vedic Astrology
Gordon, Peterborough

I needed some guidance on my studies and my relationships. When I consulted Tariq, I got a full overview and analysis of my life, past, present and the future to come. Very impressive, not to mention the accuracy was almost as if he’d known me forever. Consult him and you won’t regret it, that’s for sure!

Aditya, London

Astrology is very popular in India. Both me and my family members have spoken to so many astrologers, but Tariq was something else. His approach was thorough, calculated, confident and he knew what he was talking about. Everything he said was 100% true about me and some of the things he predicted have already happened in the last few months, on schedule. Thank you

Malini, Delhi

After consulting a dozen astrologers I can say that Tariq was by far the most accurate. I was particularly impressed with his ability to state confidently what had happened in my past, and at the same time giving clear answers to my questions about the future.

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Vid, Belgrade

Had my marriage match done by Tariq. His explanations were precise and easy to understand, and the reading actually lasted longer than it should have as I had so many questions. His answers are so in depth and his client care is excellent.

Rebecca, New York

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