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(Nine) 9 star Ki, pronounced ' kee' is a form of astrology which uses the numbers 1 to 9 which are associated with the Lo Shu magic square (below) and relates also to the Trigrams of the I Ching and the Taoist elements. In addition to the 8 main Trigrams; 9 Star Ki Astrology uses a 9th or 5 Star which is representative of the centre, T'ai Chi or 'additional child'.

The Lo Shu magic square
  1. Potential of a Relationship: Nine Star Ki astrology can be used to evaluate the potential of any relationship between two people (dating, business, coexistence). First, it calculates 3 numbers for each one of the two people - the Main Number, Personality Number, and Energy Number; then it assesses the harmony that these two can have on 3 varied.
  2. 9 Star Ki (Japanese: 九星気学, Chinese: 九宫命理 or 九星命理) is a popular system of astrology, often used alongside Feng shui. It is an adjustment or consolidation, made in 1924 by Shinjiro Sonoda (1876–1961), to traditional Chinese divination and geomancy methods, such as Flying Star Feng Shui, the Ming Gua (Chinese: 命卦) number from the Eight Mansions Compass School of Feng.
9 Star Ki Astrology Calculator

The grid above is the famous and arguably the oldest Feng Shui tool, dating back around 2000 BC. In its original layout all numbers in either row, column or diagonally add together to make 15, magic eh!?

Nine Star Ki provides three stars in total for your chart; a 'Principal' star, 'Character/Child' star and 'Energetic' star. These relate respectively to our basic foundation or principal star, our birth star until the age of 18 and what we revert to under pressure, and lastly, the star which others see on first contact.

As each star relates to an element and follows the same mother/child and controlling cycle of the 5 Taoist element, it allows you to find out how you interact on these levels with other people. (Find out your families or friends numbers and relate it back to the elemental cycle to discover how your stars interplay with theirs.)

9 Star Ki Astrology. 9 Star Ki Astrology is interwoven deeply in the studies of Feng Shui, the Tao and the I Ching. This very ancient system is both simple and powerful.

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The Time factor.

9 star ki astrology calculator

The stars move from their original positions in the Ki Map as I like to call it, (as shown) as time passes, creating a cyclical 9 step formulae. The stars 'fly' around the grid in sequence from year to year, month to month and also day by day. Astrological signs for kids. This allows us to discover which energy or star is influencing our own at any given time.

For example this year; 2016, from Feb 4th we move into a 2 Soil year. So by putting 2 in the centre of the Ki Map (opposite) the stars fly sequentially around, following their normal path to create the following arrangement.

This is then used to refer back to the original Lo Shu square to locate which 'house' you are occupying. i.e. the 1 star is now placed in the Southeast and the 4 House of rapid growth. Join the Newsletter to get an info pack and this years Ki updates.

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9 Star Ki Astrology Calculator 2019

As well as the time factor, 9 Star Ki also provides us with information relating to auspicious and inauspicious directions to travel at any given time.

9 Star Ki Astrology Calculator Monthly

This year; 2016, it is not a good thing to make any permanent or long term moves towards the Northeast. It is also inauspicious to travel away from the Northeast, i.e. the Southwest.