9 September 1994 Horoscope

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Weekday: September 29th, 1994 was a Thursday. People born on September 29th, 1994 will turn 27 this year (2021), in exactly 172 days. Birthdays of famous people, actors, celebrities and stars on September 29th. With 365 days 1994 is a normal year and no leap year. For someone born on September 23 1994 the zodiac animal is the 狗 Dog. The element for the Dog symbol is the Yang Wood. It is belived that 3, 4 and 9 are lucky numbers for this zodiac animal, while 1, 6 and 7 are considered unfortunate.


September Horoscope Sign


September 29th, 1994 was a Thursday.


People born on September 29th, 1994will turn 27this year (2021), in exactly 158 days .


Libra (The Scales)

September 24th, 1994 - October 23rd, 1994

Wow, over 9,000 days old!

Why not celebrate an alternative birthday? In 296 days, exactly on February 14th, 2022, people who were born on September 29th, 1994 will be 10,000 days old!

9,704 Days

1,386 Weeks

318 Months

Age in days, hours & seconds

Born on September 29th, 1994: When to retire?

Childhood & Education20 YearsWork 47 Years Retirement13 Years

41 more years of work

You have already worked for 6 years so far and have still 41 years of hard work to come until you can retire in 2062 at the age of 67.



.. of famous people, actors, celebrities and stars on September 29th

Born on September 29th, 1994

American singer, songwriter, and activist
*September 29th, 1994, Edison
Britteny Cox
Australian freestyle skier
*September 29th, 1994, Wodonga
Andriy Savchenko
Ukrainian footballer
*September 29th, 1994, Drohobych
Marco Ilsø
Danish actor
*September 29th, 1994, Denmark
Ntuthuko Radebe
Association football player (1994-2017)
*September 29th, 1994, JohannesburgJuly 4th, 2017, Johannesburg

Same Day
Who's birthday is on September 29th?

Miguel de Cervantes

Spanish novelist, poet, and playwright

*September 29th, 1547, Alcalá de HenaresApril 22nd, 1616, Madrid77

9 September 1994 Horoscope Zodiac

Lech Wałęsa

Statesman, pro-democracy activist, and former president of Poland Keen astrology horoscope.

*September 29th, 1943, Popowo53
Enrico Fermi

Italian physicist

*September 29th, 1901, RomeNovember 28th, 1954, Chicago59

Jan 9 Horoscope

Julia Gillard

Australian politician and lawyer, 27th Prime Minister of Australia (born 1961)

*September 29th, 1961, Barry72
Miguel de Unamuno

Spanish poet

*September 29th, 1864, BilbaoDecember 31st, 1936, Salamanca49
Mackenzie Crook

British actor

*September 29th, 1971, Maidstone104
Lukas Ammann

Swiss actor (1912-2017)

*September 29th, 1912, BaselMay 3rd, 2017, Munich84
Silvio Berlusconi

Italian politician

*September 29th, 1936, Milan57
Madeline Kahn

American actress

*September 29th, 1942, BostonDecember 3rd, 1999, New York City80
Wim Kok

Dutch trade unionist and politician (1938-2018)

*September 29th, 1938, BergambachtOctober 20th, 2018, Amsterdam

Same year
Born in 1994

Neslihan Yiğit

Turkish female badminton player

*February 21st, 1994, Galle27
Robin Tabeling

Badminton player

*February 14th, 1994, Bergen27
Mathias Christiansen

Badminton player

*February 26th, 1994, Helsinki26
Tang Yuanting

Badminton player

*March 13th, 1994, Taipei26
Wisnu Yuli Prasetyo

Badminton player

*July 8th, 1994, Ratchaburi

Birthdays of famous people

Date as a Roman numeral / digit



M = 1000CM = 900XC = 90X = 10IX = 9IV = 4

Future birthdays

Leap year

No: With 365 days 1994 is a normal year and no leap year.

September 1994


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  • The arrest of 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in Istanbul marks the beginning of the Armenian Genocide.
  • Easter Rising: The Irish Republican Brotherhood led by nationalists Patrick Pearse, James Connolly, and Joseph Plunkett starts a rebellion in Ireland.
  • Ernest Shackleton and five men of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition launch a lifeboat from uninhabited Elephant Island in the Southern Ocean to organise a rescue for the ice-trapped ship ship .
  • Winston Churchill is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Soyuz 10 docks with Salyut 1.
  • Józef Gosławski, Polish sculptor and medallic artist (d. 1963)
  • William Castle, American film director and producer (d. 1977)
  • Elias Atmatsidis, Greek footballer
  • Dave Vitty, British radio personality
  • Stephen Wiltshire, British artist, autistic savant

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