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The Eighth House in Vedic astrology is connected to everything hidden, such as hidden treasures, spirituality, hidden or occult knowledge, transformations, death, rebirth, and unexpected gains. The Eighth House is called Randhra Bhava in Vedic Astrology. It is all about hidden matters of life including our most vulnerable points and aspects. It belongs to the Spiritual Triangle or Moksha Trikona.

Death, Rebirth, and Transformation

Transformation and rebirth are the two important significations of this house. The energies from this house like to wound our weakest points, in order to make us stronger – this house is a blessing in disguise. It forces us to die internally in order to become reborn and transformed into a new beautiful form – just like a butterfly is transformed inside a cocoon. Moreover, these transformations are crucial in order to become spiritual.

8th House Vedic Astrology, Eighth House The eighth house is considered as the bhava that has a direct bearing on the longevity or life span of a person in the material world. The eighth house is also called the Ayu Bhava in Vedic astrology. It relates to the sign of Scorpio, which is known for attributes such as the air of mystery, possessiveness, passion, and ambition. Mars is the natural significator of the 8th house. Body parts it governs include the. Saturn is the karaka of the 8th house and Mars is the 8th lord of the natural zodiac. Rahu’s position actually complicates the health condition. Saturn gives long-term illness and Mars adds pain to the problem. Rahu truly explodes the energy of its house position.

Rejuvenation & Recycling

Rejuvenation and recycling is the mundane part of this house – recycling is very important in order to maintain a clean and beautiful Earth. Historical periods such as renaissance are also ruled by this house. These periods were highly transformational and rejuvenating.

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The 8th house is commonly also known as the house of karma – the natural significator of Karma is Saturn, which in combination with the eighth house in Vedic astrology delivers the fruits of one’s past life deeds. Thanks to this house, no good or bad deed will escape with their corresponding results. These results always strike unexpectedly, without even feeling it coming – be it good or bad results.

Hidden Treasury

The eighth house in astrology is also partly related to wealth – hidden or unexpected wealth in particular. Inheritance is also governed by this house. Many times we witness people gaining resources unexpectedly and miraculously, this is all provided by the 8th house. Unexpected gains can be in form of an exponential increase in your stock values, in the form of inheritance, and winning a lottery jackpot. Many times we connect these gains as unearned gains, but actually, these gains are karmic, thus always related to the past. Maybe the Universe is trying to recompensate what has been taken away in the past lives. It can also mean that a person has had so much work that has been unrewarded in the past, or maybe they worked all life volunteering to charity. In conclusion, we can say that hidden wealth is related to this house.

Miracles of Life

Mysteries of life and hidden matters in life are related to the 8th house and the 8th zodiac sign Scorpio as per Vedic astrology. It also includes our hidden fears and knowledge – our thoughts that we don’t express to the world as they are our most vulnerable thoughts. Hidden knowledge such as Vedas and Astrology is also related to the 8th house, Scorpio and its ruler Mars – a positive 8th house can give a great talent for Astrology. A strong 8th house and Mars gives us perfect intuition to sense hidden matters such as hidden thoughts of others. In addition to that, a person with a strengthened intuition can sense the future and outcomes of others’ karmic deeds.

Malefic Effects

The 8th house naturally belongs to malefic house group – Dushtana Bhava. It means that all kind of miseries, loss of wealth, partner, accidents and long-term diseases are governed by this house.


Intuition & Occult Knowledge


In the case of a positive 8th house, it can also bestow many blessings such as excellent intuition, occult knowledge, good health, and longevity. A person with a great 8th house and lord respects others, the universe and witness a lot of miracles and becomes very spiritual. They can also become extraordinarily famous in life and this fame can last up to many centuries.

It is also called Ayu Bhava in Sanskrit, which means vitality and duration of life. The term Randhra means soft spot or opening. Randhra also translates to holes of the human body.

Additional details related to the Eighth House in Astrology

  • 8th house is the 2nd house (house of the family) from 7th house – it signifies the family of your spouse.
  • Strong 8th house increases duration also in sexual activity. Increases sexual desires.
  • The 8th house also signifies the wealth of your spouse
  • It is connected with very long journeys and overseas journeys.
  • Body Parts – External sexual organs,
  • The enjoyment of sexual pleasures belong to this house
  • Family Members – In-Laws

Planets related to this house

  • Mars – Natural ruler of the 8th zodiac sign Scorpio. It provides intuition and occult knowledge.
  • Saturn – Signifies Moksha or salvation, spirituality, miseries, troubles, unexpected gains, long-lasting fame, and longevity.

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Effect of 8th house lord in 8th house

8th House Vedic Astrology Krs

1)Before knowing the effect of 8th house lord in 8th house, we have to know about Eight house. As 8th house lord is placed in 8th house, so you may read First house lord in First house.

2) According to Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

रन्ध्रेशे मृत्युभावस्थे जाता दीर्घायुषा युतः।
निर्बले मघ्यमायुः स्याच्चौरो निन्द्योअ्न्यनिन्दकः।।

General meaning of this shloka is, when 8th house lord placed in 8th house than native may be long lived. If 8th house lord is weak in strength then native may has medium lifespan. He may be be thief. Native may be blaming others and facing blaming from others.

Vriddha YavanaJataka

When 8th house lord placed in 8th house than native may be hard worker and businessman. He may be enjoying disease free life. He doesn’t has any short of mental or physical sorrows. He may be famous and expert in fraudulent acts.

3) 8th house lord in 8th house is making Vipreet Rajyoga. According to Phaldeepika 8th house lord in 8th house is making Sarala yoga. The results of Sarala yoga makes native long lived, fearless and learned. He has happiness of children and getting good success in all his venture. Native will be getting victory over his enemy. Native may earn good wealth. He may become celebrity. Native may get good success in his life through an alter situation.

4) As per as as the golden rule of astrology, when any house lord placed in own house than it will improving good effect of own house. As 8th house lord placed in 8th house and prime matter related to 8th house is lifespan, so native may has a good life span means native may be long lived. As sage parashara suggested that if 8th house lord is weak in strength ( here we have to notice that any house lord placed in own house is consider strong, so here sage suggestion is, if 8th house lord is weak in shadbala or associated with any functional malefic planet ) then native may has medium lifespan.

5) 8th house lord in 8th house is indicating, native may be getting good and quality education. Native may be well learned. Native may be expert in research type education or getting knowledge of hidden or secret Vidya such as astrology, tantra, mantra, occults etc.

6) 8th house belong to misfortune. When 8th house lord in 8th house than it will suppressed misfortune of native and he becomes fortunate. This is the actual Vipreet Rajyoga. If 8th house lord doesn’t has good strength or beneficial planet is associated with 8th house than native doesn’t able to get full effect of vipreet rajyoga.

7)8th house lord in 8th house is indicating, native may get sudden growth in his life regarding all sorts of materialistic happiness. Native may be become rich and gets huge success in his life. Native may be struggling in his life but suddenly their time may be change and getting huge success regarding all sorts of materialistic success.

8) 8th house is 4th from 5th house (regarding children) which is indicating happiness through children. So, 8th house lord in 8th house means 4th lord from 5th house is well placed. So, native may be getting all sorts of happiness through children and having blessing with children.

9) 8th house belong to strong or hidden fear. When 8th house lord placed in 8th house than native may get victory over his fears. So, native may be fearless. Means native may be very brave and courageous. But if 8th house lord is weak in strength than native may has inner fears but he shows that he is fearless.

10) 8th house belong to sexual comfort. When 8th house lord in 8th house than native may be enjoying sexual pleasure. If it is affiliated by any tamasic planet than native may has suspected character regarding sexual matters. Native may be facing blaming regarding sexual matters.

11) 8th house lord in 8th house is also indicating native’s financial condition may be improved after his marriage because 8th house is wealth house of spouse and it is well placed in 8th house.

12) 8th house also belong to ancestral property and 8th house lord in 8th house is indicating, native may be blessing by ancestral property.


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13) If 8th house lord is weak in strength then native may be involving in immoral or hidden activities such as thief or other such type of activity. Native may be facing blaming and always blaming others.

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14) If you want to know about effect of Planet in 8th house you may read Planet in 8th house.