7th Lord In Vedic Astrology

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During the time of Spouse Prediction We need to check the 7th house, Planets in the 7th house, 7th Lord, Navamsa chart and Darakaraka Planet. When we check all these Parameters, We will get a clear picture. We can use this composite approach in spouse prediction astrology and can get lot of information about Life Partner in astrology.

Meaning Of Houses In Vedic Astrology. Houses in Vedic Astrology defines and divides the exact areas of a person’s life depending on his horoscope which is found out on the basis of a person’ accurate time and location and date of birth. Different houses govern different areas of life which you will find out about further in the next section. 5 th lord in 7 th house /7 th lord in 5 th house or both. Any combination between these two lords or mutual aspect between them ensures a love affair and marriage. I f the lord of 7th house of marriage is in the 11th house of friendship or vice-versa,there may be good number of chances, of a love affair getting converted into a marriage. If you have the 7th house lord in the 7th house. The spouse would be trustworthy, dependable, and would always be there to support you. The married life would be stable. The spouse would be diplomatic, well-balanced, and would be good at dealing with people and building relations. Let’s dive a bit deeper.

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What does 7th House Lord in 7th House mean?

When the planet that governs the 7th house of the natal birth chart is located in its own sign in the 7th house, it means to have this combination in question.

As a general result of this combination, the significances of the 7th house, such as relationships, marriage, spouse, joint ventures, entrepreneurship. trading, marketplaces, the public image of the self, as well as equity, balance, compromises, global peace, harmony, etc get highly amplifies, strengthened, and boosted.

Generally speaking, this combination is very auspicious for many great reasons as per sidereal Vedic astrology. To begin with, the 7th house is one of the most auspicious quadrant houses which is called a Kendra Bhava.

As the lord of the house is in its own sign and house, it amplifies these favorable significances provided by the given house. It also protects the given house from any negative influence.

Moreover, the given combination gives a lot of support and strength to one’s self as the 7th ruler casts a direct aspect upon the 1st house of self and soul. In fact, this combination gives the greatest and most effective influence upon the 1st house as the 7th house protects the 7th house and equally with these amplified energies influence the self.

In addition to that, the 7th house belongs to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona while the 1st house, which is aspected by the 7th ruler, is a member of the triangle of righteousness or Dharma Trikona. The connection between these houses by aspect ray indicates great inherent urge and desire to attain the 7th house matters righteously.

Results of 7th House Lord in 7th House

Marital Happiness & Harmony

One of the first things ancient scripture BPHS states is that natives with this combination are blessed with marital happiness.

The given effect is provided by the fact that the 7th house denotes relationships and marriage. At the same time, the given lord strengthens these significances and amplifies them.

Accordingly, this combination increases the favorability of marriage and relationships to the native. It manifests in various forms.

To start with, there is peace and harmony in abundance in the relationship or marriage of the native. The harmony is attained by excellent mutual understanding and compassion.

Moreover, there is a great sense of equity between the natives and their life partners. They always consider and understand the feelings and necessities of each other. They mutually satisfy them, be it emotional or physical necessities.

Devoted & Supportive Spouse

With a great sense of equity, they also set each other to the same level which makes them very helpful to each other.

Speaking of this, as a very strong 7th ruler is casting direct aspect upon the 1st house of self from its own sign, it indicates that the spouse of the native is tremendously supportive and devoted to the native.

The caring, loving, peaceful, and harmonious life partner helps to develop these the same traits in the native. As a direct result of this, the native performs many times more efficiently in public life, profession, or main field of activity.

In reality, we are always dependent on each other, even if we think we are independent. The truth is that our partners are part of our environment which is the biggest direct influencer of our own self, which is the 7th house aspect upon the 1st house of self all about.

So we shall always respect and accept being dependent on each other, and give importance to each other in order to achieve a sense of peace and harmony which will lead to massive success and prosperity in both professional and private life.

Passionate & Desireful

BPHS also states that people with this combination are very passionate and desireful.

This effect is caused by the fact that the 7th belongs to the triangle of desires, as stated earlier.

As the energies of the 7th house are greatly amplified with this combination, it creates a very passionate person with lots of desires, especially regarding sensuality and physical union.

As the given combination is very well-formed with the 7th lord being in its own sign in 7th house, it indicates that these desires are pure natured and satisfied morally, ethically, and righteously, as the aspect upon the 1st house of righteousness-triangle suggests.

This combination also indicates that the spouse is equally desireful and passionate about the energies of which they will mutually share and balance in each other.

Highly Intelligent & Skilled

BPHS also states that people with this combination are intelligent and possess various skills.

The direct reason for this is the aspect of a strong 7th lord upon the 1st house, which also signifies the head or mentality in general.

Hence, the combination supports the mentality by providing a lot of motivation to gain wisdom. With that being said, the native is always inclined towards continuous learning and self-development. It makes the native mentally very strong and competent.

The reason why mentality and learning capabilities are so prominent in this combination is the fact that the 7th house is deeply connected with the 4th house of thinking patterns or mind. The connection is formed by Bhavat Bhavam’s connection as per sidereal Vedic astrology.

Emotionally Strong & Competent

To be specific, the 7th house is 4th from the 4th house, which makes the 7th powerhouse of the 4th. Moreover, the 7th ruler is casting aspect upon the 1st house. Now, this makes this combination very prominent regarding mind, mentality, and emotional strength.

To add to it, the 7th house represents balance, peace, and harmony. Hence, this combination provides a very stable and harmonious mindset to the native which creates very healthy thinking patterns that benefit the people with this combination and their surroundings equally.

This combination also indicates that these natives are always inclined to gaining knowledge regarding law and regulations as suggested by the 7th house, which natural home of 7th zodiac sign Libra, the balance.

Righteous Soul

This is a very prominent combination of providing a righteous soul to people.

There are very strong indications for that. Namely, when the 7th lord is in 7th house, it is in 1st from own sign or in other words it remains in its own sign and house. Hence, this is giving the effect equivalent of 1st lord in 1st house.

Moreover, with the aspect of the 7th ruler upon the 1st house, the effect on the soul of the person is doubled.

Hence, as the 1st belongs to the triangle of righteousness, it indicates that these natives have a very righteous soul in them. As the 7th significances suggest, they are also very justice-loving and treat everyone equally with great tolerance and respect.

It is important to mention that while these natives are tolerant, they are also very valorous and willing to protect justice, truth, and righteousness at any cost. They can not tolerate injustice and violation of righteousness especially when their soul is built on these values.

7th Lord In Vedic Astrology

Balanced Public Image

As the 7th is related to social environments, the public, it also indicates that a healthy and balanced mindset enables these natives to prosper in public life or work environment where they are active.

With that being said, they gain a lot of public respect, admiration, and following which supports these natives in great ways that boost the level of success.

They are perceived as the righteous peacemakers in the society who have the ability to transform great enemies into great friends by uniting them to work on a united goal or share common interests in the society

The great ability of the native is greatly supported by their knowledge of the law, regulations, and everything that helps to improve the world and benefit society as a whole.

These natives are very powerful people in society and the work area.

Great Status & Achievements

The 7th house is a very special house because it is a powerhouse of two powerful quadrant houses or Kendra Bhavas. In addition to being a powerhouse to 4th house, it is also a powerhouse to the 10th house, as the 10th from 10th is the 7th house itself.

It also means that the energies of three powerful quadrants are aggregated into one power source that directly influences and supports the self and soul of the person, as the aspect upon the 1st house suggests.

As the 10th carries the significance of profession, high achievements, powerful social rank, and status, this combined with a strong 7th house can bless with all of these.

Accordingly, this combination indicates being very successful in work, career, or main field of activity, especially when related to the 7th house matters, such as social area, trading, and/or marketplaces of all kinds.

With the support and admiration from society, achievements and prosperity are greatly amplified.

Trustworthy Business Partners

In addition to that, this combination makes these natives very righteous, dutiful, and trustworthy business partners or key persons in companies which ensures success in joint ventures.

In fact, being involved in joint ventures and business partnerships increases the effects of this combination dramatically because when united they stand, many times stronger they are.

In other words, when becoming joint with other people, there are more ideas and skills shared which increases efficiency and level of success.

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  • inmarriage astrology in vedic astrology by Naveen Rana
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While giving Marriage prediction in astrology every astrologer should combine a detailed analysis on following topics.

  • When a person will marry.
  • Details on spouse like job, looks, direction etc
  • Assessment on combinations which gives marriage problems.

Now all this can be tricky sometimes because of the changing rules of society and needless to say, Importance of happy married life is a blessing from heaven and role of the happy marriage in shaping a human life can’t be denied.

Marriage is a union of two individuals who are committed to each other in all kind of situations.

In current so called modern society, the definition of marriage has changed and sometimes marriages are being pursued just out of personal greeds which lead to marital discord between couples.

There is hardly any Dharma left and divorces, domestic violence & cheating is very high.

Here, astrology which can be really helpful to detect marriage problems and one can take cautious and adopt remedies to avoid them before it even happens.

Every astrologer should be expert to identify marriage problems from a horoscope because it is the very first reason people come to astrologers and one should be competent enough to find solutions for it which include both remedies and counseling.

Let’s see what are these combinations or alignments which give problems in a marriage.

Planetary combinations which give marriage problems

7th Lord In 5th House Vedic Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology analysis of married life is to be done from 7th house of main birth chart & Navamsha (D-9). As we all know navamsha(D-9) chart is a precise version of your main birth chart and same time tells everything about a marriage.

For more information on status, looks, and profession of spouse you can look this article on Spouse astrology.

Before proceeding for astrological combination responsible for bad married life, I want you to consider the following information on the role of 2nd & 4th house.

We all know 7th house & its lord in Vedic Astrology is prime significator for marriage & spouse.

Apart from the 7th house, 2nd & 4th house should also be given importance while analyzing the complete picture of the married life of the native.

The reason is, the 2nd house stands for family & 4th house stands for your domestic environment & your presence in your own house. In other words, after marriage, you & your spouse are bound to share the same home and will raise or manage a family together.

Any affliction on 2nd house & its lord will result in problems in family & will affect your relationships with a spouse.

4th house as I said before stands for domestic peace & your presence in the home, in other words, any affliction to 4th house & its lord will result in quarrels, damage to house or vehicles.

Badly placed 4th lord or afflicted 4th house lord will lead you to live away from family which again is not good for marital bond.

Though afflicted 2nd & 4th house or its lord can affect your married life but if your 7th house and its lord are strong then these afflictions won’t break your marriage because having strong 7th house means your spouse will understand things and will be co-operative in stressful situations which arise due to afflicted 2nd & 4th house.

If all your 7th,2nd & 4th are afflicted then it’s a sure sign of severe marital disharmony & frequent quarrels in the house.

Following astrology, combinations are mentioned in our ancient Vedic texts which can result in bad married life and these astrology combinations are applicable to divorce cases also.


1.Placement of 7th house lord in 6th,8th,12th house

6th, 8th, and 12th house are a malefic house in astrology and placement of 7th house lord in them will destroy the significations of 7th house which means it will create problems in the marriage. Out of these houses placement of 7th lord in 6th house is the worst one.

2.Placement of 6th,8th,12th house lord in 7th house.

This rule is same like rule no one but here you will be responsible for marital discord whereas in rule no one your spouse will be the trouble maker.

3.Union of 7th house lord with 6th,8th,12th house lord in any house.Though union in trines will be less damaging than in other houses.

This is the most common placement which is found in Horoscopes but as said in the rule , it may not create problems in your marriage unless it is happening in 2nd, 3rd, 10th or 11th house. Whereas in auspicious houses i.e 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th the bad effects will be less in results and with proper remedies, these marriage problems can be avoided.

4.Placement of natural malefic in 7th house i.e Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu & Sun.

Natural malefic tend to create issues wherever they sit or aspect and same holds true to marriage house i.e 7th house. Here, all these planets will have a different kind of effects which is mentioned separately below.

Before we go further make sure you check the functional lordship of these planets if functional benefic or yogakarka they will not produce bad effects instead good result shall pass.

•Mars- For some reasons Mars is considered as worst in 7th house and there is a special yoga known as Manglik Yoga which is thought as a serious marriage problem giver.

•Saturn- Saturn is karaka of delay and when placed in 7th house creates delays and makes one less interested in marriage related affairs and leads to neglect towards the spouse.

•Rahu-Ketu- These two planets are mysterious in nature and placement of Rahu in 7th house leads to extramarital affairs whereas Ketu leads to separation in marriage. Here, other factors need to look and conclusion should not be made on their placement only.

5.Union of Natural malefic with 7th lord.

7th Lord In 6th House Vedic Astrology

This rule is similar to rule no.4 but as a lot will depend on which house it is happening. If it is happening in an auspicious house like 5th or 9th then there won’t be many problems.

6.An aspect of Natural malefic on the 7th house or its lord.

This rule is also same like 4th and 5th rule but i mentioned it here so that beginners of astrology can read their chart in easy way.

7.Placement of Venus in 7th house of a male native apart from its own signs viz Taurus & Libra.

This rule is based on Karaka Bhava Nasho where Karaka is sitting in its significator house and leads to negligence towards spouse.

8.Placement of Jupiter in 7th house of a female native apart from its own signs viz Sagittarius & Pisces.

This rule is similar to rule no 7 but is for females and here Jupiter comes under scanner and it should not be placed in 7th house.

9.Venus karaka of marriage in a male is afflicted.

It is a very important rule and in a male horoscope if Karaka of Marriage which is planet VENUS is afflicted via union with the lord of 6th, 8th or 12th house or any other kind of affliction over Venus can result in fights after marriage. When a karaka is afflicted it means the wife will not give respect and attention to the husband.

10.Jupiter karaka of marriage in women is afflicted.

Here, Jupiter which is karaka of marriage in a female horoscope when afflicted leads to a husband who won’t take care of your emotions which can let you down.

10.Afflicted 2nd & 4th house.

As mentioned in the beginning of article 2nd and 4th house have important say in marital happiness and when these houses are afflicted it leads to marital disharmony in the family.

11.Afflicted 2nd & 4th house lord.

This point is similar to rule no.10 and the only difference here is lord of 2nd and 4th house lord should be checked if they are under any kind of affliction.

12.Combustion of 7th lord.

Combustion of planets are most overlooked in astrology and can cause serious damage to both the natural signification of combust planet and its house rulership.

13.Placement of Venus in Ascendant of Navamsha.

This one is relatively unknown to many and when Venus which is karaka of marriage sits in ascendant of Navamsha, it causes problems in the marriage.

14.Malefic planet in 7th house of Navamsha.

here, Just like 7th house of natal birth chart, 7th house of navamsha should also be free from placement of malefic planet.

15.Placement of 7th house lord of Navamsha in 6th,8th,12th house.

Placement of navamsha 7th house lord in malefic houses is not desirble for marital harmony and can lead to even divorces.

16.Afflicted ascendant lord of Navamsha (d-9).

Navamsha is the main divisonal chart which looks our marriage related events and for a peaceful marriage the first house aka ascendant should be free from affliction.

17.Navamsha Ascendant hemmed between malefic.

This one is again related to navamsha and here ascendant should not be hemmed between malefic and in simple terms it is known as Pap Karti Yoga.


1.If Upapada is in the sign of malefic planet or receives an aspect from, or its lord is in union with a malefic planet.

Upapada is a feature of Jaimini astrology and has a major say in judging marriage of a person. When Upapada falls in the sign of natural malefic(signs ruled by Saturn, Mars or Sun), it leads to marriage problems. Same results are likely to happen when Upapada receives an aspect from natural malefics or ganatikaraka(6th highest degree holder planet).

Also, For a peaceful marriage, Upapada lord should not make a union with a malefic planet.

2.If there is a planet in the 2nd from Upapada in its debilitation Sign or in debilitated Navamsa, or is conjoined with a debilitated or malefic planet.

Second house as explained is very crucial from married life and as per this rule, second house from Upapada should not be occupied by a malefic planet. Also, lord of second house from Upapada lagana should not be with a debilitated or a malefic planet.

3.As per Devakeralam, If Darapada conjoins a malefic in the 2nd house or in the 9th house.

Devakeralam the most underrated astrology scripture states that Darapada when joins a malefic in 2nd or 9th house leads to marriage problems.

4.As per Bhrigu Nadi, If Darapada lord is debilitated and the darapada is aspected by Saturn.

Bhrigu Nadi is a popular method in astrology and as per Bhrigu Nadi when Darapada lord is debilitated or when aspected by Saturn leads to marital discords.

5.If Darapada is aspected by Saturn same time 7th lord is afflicted and the karaka Venus conjoins Sun.

Darapada is used in Jaimini astrology and when aspected by Saturn leads to marital discord but same time 7th house lord should be afflicted and karaka Venus should conjunct Sun.

7th Lord In 2nd House Vedic Astrology

6.If Darakaraka(planet with the lowest degree) is afflicted in the birth chart.

You might be aware of Darakarka which is the lowest degree holder planet in your horoscope and it rules over marriage related matters. When Darakaraka is afflicted in your horoscope it will lead to problems after marriage.

As Per Ashtakvarga Astrology.

1.Less than 25 bindus acquired by the 7th house in Ashtakvarga calculation.


Ashtakvarga bindus are important to look because it shows how auspicious the results of a house is going to be. Here, 25 bindus is the benchmark and less than 25 asthakvarga in 7th house bindus lead to an unhappy married life.

All these astrology rules should be applied on natal chart and navamasa also. Same time apply them to your D-60 chart

Remember D-60 will reflect the same things as reflected in your main birth chart(d-1) and navamsha(d-9).

Sometimes D-60 can show different results than D-1 & D-9 and if it happens, then it means you are missing some clues in D-1 & D-9.

In Vedic Astrology all bad and good results will be reflected in revenant division charts & all matters can be Judged independently from D-60 chart.

Now we will check all these mentioned rules of marriage problems with example birth chart.

The chart shown above belongs to a Male. He is a doctor currently working in USA.
His birth details can’t be shown due the to privacy of native.

Here in the main chart(D-1) you can observe the following points, which are responsible for his not so good married life.

1.Placement of malefic planet Rahu in 7th house.
2.Placement of malefic planet Saturn in 7th house though Saturn is benefic for his Ascendent but still Saturn gives cruelty to native being in 7th house, which results in quarrels.
3.Saturn aspecting 4th house.
4.Aspect of powerful malefic Mars on 7th house.

Now see his Navamsha (D-9) chart.

Navamsha chart of example horoscope showing marriage related problems.

Free vedic astrology predictions life

1. Karaka of marriage Venus is in 7th house.

2.7th lord of Navamsha which is Mars is in 12th.

Now see his Ashtakvarga chart.

Ashtakvarga of example horoscope showing marriage related problems.

His 7th house is having only 19 points which are lower than 25.

Now we will check his D-60 chart.

In his D-60 chart following points shows problems in married life.

1.The presence of malefic Mars in 7th house.
2.7th lord Sun is debilitated.
3.7th lord Sun is with 8th lord Mercury & malefic planet Rahu.
4.Malefic Ketu aspecting 7th house & its lord.

Now in his chart, Upapada lagan is Pisces & second from Upapada is aspected by malefic planet Mars.

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Also as per Jaimini astrology, Sun is Dara Karaka ( significator of marriage as Jaimini astrology). Jupiter is Gnati Karaka(significator for problems as per Jaimini astrology).

7th Lord In 3rd House Vedic Astrology

Darakaraka Sun is with malefic planet Ketu & is aspected by Gnatikaraka Jupiter.

All these mentioned factors resulted in marriage problems in his life, though the placement of Ascendant lord in 7th & aspect of 7th lord Sun on its own house gives him a beautiful wife, who herself is a doctor. The Same thing is confirmed by exalted Upapada lord Jupiter.

7th Lord In Vedic Astrology

Along with above-mentioned astrology combination, you can also check combinations of extramarital affairs.

7th Lord In 9th House Vedic Astrology

These rules work very well and after applying them in any Horoscope you will be able to identify marriage related problems and you will be able to find remedies for it.