3rd Lord In 2nd House Vedic Astrology

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Jul 10, 2018 Ketu in 2nd House. 2nd house is affected by Moon, which is an enemy of Ketu. If Ketu in 2nd house is benefic then one gets paternal property. One has to travel a lot and his travels are fruitful. Venus gives good results, irrespective of its position. Moon would give bad results.

This is the 3rd in the series and we will discuss the possible effects of the 3rd Lord in the 12 houses of the horoscope. Let’s discuss the effects of the 3rd Lord in different houses of the horoscope.

Third house lord in Lagna

If he is in Lagna, in subha balam, the native will have younger siblings. The individual will have the strength to employ many employees, positive yogas, name, fame, will be successful in fine arts and because of that would accrue significant wealth. The native would possess costly gems, jewellery, costly fabrics and the best of things in life. These individuals are expected to have unwavering support from their siblings. The native would be wealthy, would command great respect from the society at large.

Third lord in the 2nd house

  • If the lord of the sign occupied by a debilitated planet and The lord of the exaltation sign of the debilitated planet be in a quadrant from the Moon sign. If the debilitated Planet is conjunct with the Exalted Planet; If the debilitated planet is aspected by the lord of that sign. If the debilitated Planet is Exalted in Navamsa Chart.
  • The seventh house lord in the second house Vedic Astrology. 7th house is related to marriage, spouse, relationships outside of the family, business partnerships, the kind of people we attract, fame, and popularity. Whereas the 2nd house is about wealth, family lineage, food, face, voice & throat. In general, if you have the 7th house lord in.
  • Ketu in 2nd House. 2nd house is affected by Moon, which is an enemy of Ketu. If Ketu in 2nd house is benefic then one gets paternal property. One has to travel a lot and his travels are fruitful. Venus gives good results, irrespective of its position. Moon would give bad results.

Dependence on brothers, sisters, friends, associates would be high. The native will be looked down upon. Such individuals could be cowardly, less courageous, sickly, and suffering from undiagnosable ailments. If Shubha bama is less, the native would live a life of hand to mouth. May have debts and consequent embarrassment. If associated with shubha grahas the reverse is likely to happen with affluence and abundance.

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Third lord in the 3rd house

3rd Lord In 2nd House Vedic Astrology

1st House

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If the third lord is in 3rd house of the horoscope and if that happens to be his own house, the brothers and sisters would be in very good positions. They will have enormous wealth and jewelry, the best of things in life, and would be highly supportive to the native. The native would be in a position of power and authority. Would be interested in fine arts. The native would be spiritually oriented, a devoted soul, and bhaktiman of charitable nature.

Third lord in the 4th house

If the 3rd lord is in the 4th house with shubha indication, the family would be very united, and wealthy. The family will be willing to compromise to keep the unity. The native would have plenty of prosperous relatives willing to help the native in times of difficulties. The native would get ample support from parents and grandparents.

Third lord in the 5th house

The native would have the divine blessings to beget children. The native would have all-round support from relatives’ circles, friend’s circles and will be contented and happy. The native would be involved in research pursuits in sastras and divine matters.

Third lord in the 6th house

The native may have sibling rivalry, can be bodily weak with nervous debilities. The native can be subject to nuisance value from labilities, money lenders, and subject to onslaught from enemies. Disgrace from Govt authorities. litigations and consequent hazards are not ruled out. On a positive side, winning over opponents is not ruled out as well. If the third house has shubha balam, the native would vanquish enemies, clear liabilities, get relief from illnesses.

Third lord in the 7th house

If the third lord is in the 7th house in Shubha vargas, the native would be highly sensuous, may be highly self-centered, enjoying every bit of love life thoroughly as per the scriptures, the native would be brave and a big land grabber. The native would eat well and sleep well. The native is likely to live at others’ costs. The native is likely to be roaming here and there without any purpose.

Third lord in the 8th house


The native may have sibling rivalry, bodily illness, mental imbalance, would find it difficult to manage households in meeting both ends meet. The native would have debts, pressures from creditors, and suffer from ignominy. If associated with shubha varga, the exact opposite is likely to happen.

Third lord in the 9th house

3rd Lord In 2nd House Vedic Astrology Chart

If in shubha varga, the native would be endowed with lots of courage, divine support, and a lot of poorva punya, bhakthi, loyalty, and sincerity.


Third house in 10th house

The siblings would be weaker than the native, the native would be bereft of support and magnanimity from friends and relatives. The native would be broad-minded. They would occupy small and ordinary insignificant positions but would be kind and helpful to others.

Third house in the 11th house

If the third lord is associated with shubha varga, there will be benefits from brothers and sisters. The native would command great love, affection, reward and respect from brothers and sisters.

Third lord in the 12th house

If the native has ashubha connotations, the siblings would be quarrelsome and a lot of infightings, ill will, malice, and jealousy are expected including loss of properties and loss of cash. It would be so late that course correction would be a futile exercise. Loss of employment is likely. The native would be bereft of genuine love and affection from the spouse and could be sex-starved. Sometimes there could be circumstances compelling the native to go astray with wrong persons inviting contagious incurable diseases causing great loss of money and reputation. This applies to both men and women natives. Ashubha association may create insomnia in some of the natives.


This article on the effects of the 3rd lord in the 12 houses provides a high-level summary of what is expected. Though these are broad indications, when analyzing the chart, other planetary combinations and their effects are to be considered during interpretation and forecasting.

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These are indicative results and can vary depending on other factors in a horoscope. I encourage you to read about the 1st Lord, 2nd Lord, 4th Lord, 5th Lord, 6th Lord, 7th Lord, 8th Lord, 9th Lord, 10th Lord, 11th Lord, and 12th Lord as well.

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