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Today Horoscope, Daily Astrology, Zodiac Sign for Tuesday March 30, 2021 Super 100 PM Modi to address election rally in Puducherry today Vastu Tips: Know in which direction sofa and table should. With Vedic astrology analysis, we bring to you the predictions of the fate of the main contestants of elections in Tamil Nadu, 2021. The 2021 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly elections are scheduled to be held in single phase on 6 th April, 2021 for 234 seats of Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. The election will be held on 6 April 2021 and results will be declared on 2 May, 2021.

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The global pandemic due to the Coronavirus Outbreak has completely transformed our lives in every way possible. But since we, as human beings, adapt to every big or small change, we have trained ourselves to deal with such health hazards in the most effective way possible. While constantly dealing with this crisis, India is again gearing up for Vidhan Sabha Elections 2021, also known as State Assembly Elections 2021. Just like every political event, the public will get to see both old and new faces competing against each other. Such privilege in one’s kundli can be evaluated through astrological calculations, as planetary positions and certain yogas are required for a person to excel in life and enjoy fame, comforts and leisure in life. Raj Yoga Report reveals the hidden answer in detail along with providing additional information.

State Assembly Elections 2021 will be conducted in five different states of the country, which are Assam, Kerala, West Bengal, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu. With 2021 Elections in India arriving, several popular names can appear in front of you. In case you wish to know more about your career and the preferred profession as per your personality, you can seek the assistance of your personalised CogniAstro Report based on your birth details.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें: चुनाव 2021

Let us move ahead and read the astrological overview regarding Elections 2021 in India. This article helps you find an astrological perspective regarding your question, “Who Will Be The Next CM?”.

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2021 Elections in India

As of now, no official announcement has been made about 2021 Indian Elections or candidates participating in the Vidhan Sabha Elections 2021. However, 2021 Elections are expected to be conducted in the months of April and May. Let us take a look at the current political scenario:

  • West Bengal: Under the rulership of Mamata Banerjee, the current Chief Minister, who is leading the Trinamool Congress government
  • Assam: Under the alliance rulership of Asom Gana Parishad, BJP and Bodoland People’s Front, led by Sarbananda Sonowal
  • Kerala: Under the rulership of the Current Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, leading the Left Democratic Front Kerala
  • Pondicherry or Puducherry: Under the rulership of V. Narayanasamy, representing the political party Congress
  • Tamil Nadu: Under the rulership of Edappadi K. Palaniswami, the current CM of Tamil Nadu and representative of AIADMK.

With the political status mentioned above, below we have tried to provide you with a detailed astrological overview of what the future holds for these states and candidates in the 2021 Vidhan Sabha Elections in India.

Vidhan Sabha Elections 2021 in West Bengal

The region of West Bengal is expected to raise the levels of excitement in these 2021 Indian Elections. With the heavy influence of Mamata Banerjee and constant efforts and transformations introduced by BJP, it will be a tough fight. It should be kept in mind that activities and reforms made during Corona Times for the welfare of the masses will be taken into consideration by the general public while evaluating the candidates during these 2021 Vidhan Sabha Elections. Amidst such excitement and energy, it will be interesting to see who amongst one of them will emerge as a winner.

Position Of Different Parties During 2021 Elections

Vedic New Year 2021

No such announcement regarding the names of the candidates from significant parties or forming a government in the coalition has been announced. Hence, completely based on various elements of Vedic Astrology, below we have tried to offer you an astrological approach to Elections 2021 taking place in India and attain a precise answer to which party or candidate can swipe away the polls:

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Bharatiya Janata Party

(Kundli of BJP)
Time: 6-4-1980, 11:40:0, New Delhi

Main Pointers

  • BJP is founded in Gemini Lagna with the planet Moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio.
  • Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are in a state of retrogression.
  • Sun, which is of Pisces sign, is in the tenth house and has turned Digbali.
  • Venus is posited in the twelfth house in its own sign.
  • Mars, Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction with Rahu in the third house in Leo.
  • Shani Sade Sati comes to an end.
  • Lagnesh Mercury forms conjunction in Aquarius with Ketu. Here, Aquarius comes under the rulership of Saturn, its friendly planet.

Planetary Dashas During 2021 Indian Elections

2021 election vedic astrology dates

As per the kundli of BJP during 2021 Vidhan Sabha Elections:

  • The planetary dasha of Moon-Rahu-Mars will remain effective until 7 April 2021.
  • The planetary dasha of Moon-Jupiter-Jupiter will start, which will remain effective until 13 June 2021.

Transit of Planets During 2021 Elections in India

As per the kundli of BJP during 2021 Vidhan Sabha Elections:

  • Saturn will transit from the Natal Moon in the third house and from Ascendant in the eighth house.
  • Jupiter will be in the ninth house from Ascendant and fourth house from the natal moon sign.
  • Rahu will enter from Natal Moon in the seventh house.
  • From its moon sign, Mars will be in the eleventh house.
  • The planet Sun will enter in the eleventh house and in its exalted sign on 14 April. Mercury, who is the lagna lord, will also enter the same sign on 16 April.
  • Mars will transit in Ascendant at this time.

2021 Vidhan Sabha Elections: BJP’s Performance and Status

Let us start by understanding the status of BJP in the 2021 Vidhan Sabha Elections.

  • From 07 April 2021, the planet Moon will be in its Mahadasha during which Jupiter will start its Antardasha.
  • The second house lord Moon gets posited in the sixth house in its debilitated sign.
  • The seventh and tenth house lord Jupiter will be seen present in the third house and at the same time, transit in the ninth house.
  • Moon will be seen in the Jyestha Nakshatra, which is ruled by Mercury and a Gand Mool Nakshatra.
  • One thing to note is that Mercury is the Lagnesh and present in the ninth house, thereby forming a Raj Yoga.
  • Jupiter’s presence can be seen in the Magha Nakshatra, which is ruled by Ketu.
  • Ketu is seen creating a Raj Yoga with Mercury by being present in the ninth house of the kundli.
  • On the other hand, Jupiter is creating conjunction with Saturn, Rahu and Mars.
  • Sun will make a transit in the eleventh house during mid-April as well.

Hence, it can be said that 2021 Elections will prove to be an important event for BJP since luck will be on their side. Mars Transit can give rise to several obstacles and adverse situations within the party, which is why it will become important for BJP to form a government in alliance in order to remain in power. Issues regarding nationalism and communalism will arise, but it will be entirely up to the ruling party and how they manage to deal with such issues. Saturn in the eighth house will lead to a decline in the vote percentage, and work done for the public will be considered.

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(Kundli of Congress)
Time: 2-1-1978, 11:59:0, New Delhi

Main Pointers

  • The political party Congress is founded in the Pisces Ascendant with Moon in conjunction in Virgo with Rahu at the time of formation.
  • Ketu is present in Ascendant.
  • Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are in the state of retrogression.
  • Venus in a combusted state remains posited with the Sun in Sagittarius in the tenth house.
  • Mars is posited in its debilitated sign Cancer in the fifth house.
  • Sun and Venus in the tenth house are being aspected by Jupiter, which is in the fourth house.
  • Mercury is present in the ninth house, whereas Saturn is posited with Leo in the ninth house.

Planetary Dashas During 2021 Indian Elections

As per the kundli of Congress during 2021 Vidhan Sabha Elections:

  • During Jupiter Mahadasha, the Moon’s Antardasha will last by November 2021.
  • The planetary dasha of Jupiter Moon-Saturn will remain effective till 16 April 2021. After this, the planetary dasha of Jupiter-Moon-Mercury will begin.

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Transit of Planets During 2021 Elections in India

As per the kundli of Congress during 2021 Vidhan Sabha Elections:

  • From the Natal Moon, Saturn will transit and enter the fifth house, whereas from Lagna, it will enter the eleventh house. This transit will take place from Natal Mars in the seventh house.
  • From its Natal Moon Sign, Jupiter will transit in the sixth house, and from the Ascendant in the twelfth house.
  • From its Birth Ascendant, Rahu will enter the third house, and from its Natal Moon in the ninth house.
  • Mars will transit over the Natal Jupiter, from Ascendant in the fourth house and from Moon Sign in the tenth house. This transit will take place from Natal Sun and Venus in the seventh house.
  • Sun will turn exalted during mid-April and enter the second house. It will be seen posited from Moon Sign in the eighth house.

2021 Vidhan Sabha Elections: Congress’ Performance and Status

According to the status of Congress in the 2021 Vidhan Sabha Elections:

  • As per the kundli of Congress, the planet Moon will begin its Antardasha during Jupiter’s Mahadasha.
  • Jupiter will be seen in the Mrigashira Nakshatra ruled by Mars.
  • The tenth house is being aspected by Jupiter, which will strengthen it. However, its position in Mrigashira Nakshatra with Mars in its debilitated sign can raise some issues.
  • The Panchmesh or fifth house lord Moon in its own nakshatra will roll out favourable results related to the fifth house.
  • With the Moon in an inflicted state with Rahu, things may turn unfavourable.
  • On the beginning of April, Jupiter will enter the twelfth house from Lagna. This indicates the possibility of loss of power.

All these planetary movements and placements indicate that the performance of Congress will improve. However, things don’t seem to favour their return to power. There will be plenty of controversies surrounding them, and the outcome will depend on how they deal with the challenging situations.

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All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK)

(Kundli of AIADMK)
Time: 17-10-1972: 10:30: Chennai

Main Pointers

  • AIADMK is founded in the Sagittarius Ascendant with the Moon being posited in Capricorn.
  • Lagnesh Jupiter is present in the Ascendant itself and is forming a conjunction with Rahu. On the other hand, Mars is present in the tenth house while fully aspecting the Ascendant.
  • Saturn is present in the sixth house while being in retrograde motion, and Mars remains in a state of combustion.
  • The shadow planet Ketu is present in the seventh house. Adding to it, Venus is posited in the zodiac sign Leo in the ninth house.
  • Sun and Mercury both are present in the eleventh house with Sun in its exalted sign Libra.

Planetary Dashas During 2021 Indian Elections

As per the kundli of AIADMK during 2021 Vidhan Sabha Elections:

  • Until February 2022, Antardasha of Mercury will take place in the Mahadasha of Saturn.
  • Until 24 May, 2021, the Dasha of Saturn-Mercury-Venus will remain influential, after which the Dasha of Saturn-Mercury-Sun will begin, which will continue till July 12.

Transit of Planets During 2021 Elections in India

The kundli of AIADMK during 2021 Vidhan Sabha Elections reveals:

2021 Election Vedic Astrology Ephemeris

  • Saturn’s Transit: The transit will take place in the second house from Lagna over the Natal Moon
  • Jupiter’s Transit: The transit will take place from the natal moon sign in the second house and from Lagna in the third house
  • Rahu Transit: The transit of Rahu will take place in the sixth house from the Lagna and over the natal Saturn while being in the fifth house of the kundli from the natal moon.
  • Mars’ Transit: The transit will take place from the Natal Moon Sign in the sixth house, from the birth ascendant in the seventh house and over the Natal Ketu.
  • Sun’s Transit: During mid-April, Sun will turn exalted and transit in the fifth house and in the fourth house from the natal moon sign as well.

2021 Vidhan Sabha Elections: AIADMK’s Performance and Status

Looking at the conditions pertaining during the months of April-May, the kundli of AIADMK reflects the fact that Saturn is undergoing Mahadasha and Mercury under its Antardasha during Elections 2021. During this period, Saturn is posited in the constellation (Nakshatra) of Mars and Mercury is in the constellation of Rahu. Apart from this, the thing that is worth noting here is the planet Mars placed in the tenth house of the kundli in a combusted state. Also, the planet Rahu is posited in its debilitated sign in the Ascendant with Jupiter and the Ascendant lord.

Vedic 2021 Horoscope

This means that during this period, the party will not hesitate to take such controversial steps initially, but later with time, people will come around the decisions, which will, directly and indirectly, benefit the party. Although, some members of the party can raise objections regarding the decisions.

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While the transit of the Sun will prove to be auspicious for the party, the position of Jupiter and Saturn during the transit won’t be favourable. In such a situation, there are chances of a rise in the vote percentage, but a decline in the number of seats is likely. Therefore, in order to continue being in power, it can get into a political coalition.


From the above analysis based on the current information, we can conclude that 2021 Elections in India will be an exciting event to look forward to. All candidates and their parties will be seen trying their best to grab the title during 2021 Elections. Several new political equations and coalitions will be seen emerging out of this election, and the ruling party can likely witness a downfall in their favour. Some new faces will join several parties and try and mark their impact on the public. Although it is too early to say or predict anything since neither the date nor candidates have been announced as of now. Currently, we have presented this information to you on the basis of an astrological assessment. Once the situation becomes transparent, we will try to conclude clearly.

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Important Note: The above astrological analysis is based on the kundli available on the Internet. In the absence of complete information, other parties are not included. This analysis is performed for academic purposes for researchers and astrology students.

Vedic Astrology 2021 Global Predictions

We hope that the year 2021 is promising for you. AstroCAMP wishes you a Happy New Year.