2021 Astrology Forecast

Posted By admin On 11.08.21

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This week, Mars hits the end of Taurus and shimmies into Gemini. The indicator of animation and agency finishes up its methodical and profitable march to create and garner resources and pleasures then speeds off in multiple directions via ingress to Gemini on Wednesday. Bible verses about astrology.

2021 Psychic Predictions For America

At that point, action takes a less tangible route. Gemini is airy, mutable, and ruled by Mercury. Ruler Mercury currently tours Aquarius: also airy but fixed. Mars in Gemini makes the theoretical actionable, and communications, orientations, and sensations can be actions in and of themselves. Also, thinking and understanding are precursors to action, creation, and co-creation.

Mercury in Aquarius spends the week in conjunction to Jupiter, planet of fortune, philosophy, and exacerbation (exact Thursday night). Planning is alive, fated, whipped up, and incorporates or leads to experimentation and further review and action.

Mercury in Aquarius is bright and focused. Mars is Gemini is distractible but quick, agile, busy, and multidisciplinary. Do the mental prep early in the week – hunt down the details, touch base on the lagging favors. Mentally prepare to move forward because it will surge quickly when it goes.

Venus heads into sextile with Uranus and moves toward conjunction with the Pisces Sun. A bird in the hand is better than one you haven’t tracked down yet. So if you don’t have a bird in the had, just an imaginary bird… begin to position yourself so you can grab with that bird with both hands when it flies in your face.

2021 Astrology Forecast

Monday, the Venus-ruled Libra Moon trines Mercury and Jupiter. The mood is pleasant and political. Well, it’s pleasant as long as it’s unimpeded. But it remains political and “nice” in most situations. Get on with prepping your game! There’s no better time to start. Results are not the goal for the day, so don’t expect to see any. The Moon quincunx the Sun then Neptune means you prime the pump for later success.

Tuesday, the Moon finishes in Libra with a square to Pluto then heads into Pluto-ruled Scorpio. “Nice” has its limits. The mood goes under the waterline into a t-square with Saturn and Uranus, opposite Uranus and square Saturn. Push and pull, give and go, more or less – the magic of this Moon facilitates a steady manipulation that allows you to bend and never break. Perseverance works with flash compensation. By nighttime, the Moon trines Venus in Pisces, deep pleasure.

Wednesday, The Scorpio Moon trines the Pisces Sun, squares Mercury and Jupiter, then trines Neptune as Mars moves to Gemini. The mood hangs back and aborbs the challenges of a raucous mind and amplified mouth. Everything speeds up at the end of the day, but the mood floats along.

Thursday morning, the Moon finishes up in Scorpio with a sextile to Pluto, an opportunity to settle in and access ballast for a better ride. It then moves to Sagittarius and immediately opposes Mars in Gemini. The mood could suffer from the actions of others, but it’s more likely they provide a welcome challenge or change. Either way, a Sadge mood likes to run! Even better if they’re chased. You can chase joy, but joy comes in the chase.

2021 Astrology Forecast2021 Astrology Forecast

Thursday night, Mercury rolls right over Jupiter for some major insight and unexpected pronouncements.

Friday morning, the Sadge Moon trines Chiron. It then goes on to sextile Saturn and square Venus and the Sun. It’s an open-minded mood and jibes well with that bouncy Gemini Mars. There’s a chance to settle in, try something new, and experience sublime joy in something different.

2021 Yearly Horoscope

The Moon passes over the south node as it squares the Pisces planets. The combined signal is muddled, and it’s hard to tell what is merely comfortable and fun and what is outmoded and stale. While the effect is fleeting, it is certainly informative once the Moon moves on to sextile Jupiter and Mercury and to sculpt the bigger picture.

2021 astrology forecast aries

Mercury conjoins Jupiter at 17 degrees Aquarius. They conjoined direct in mid-January (5 degrees) and then again in mid-February (13 degrees) with Mercury retrograde. Where does this series of conjunctions hit your chart? Are you working something out or expecting news?