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12th House in Vedic Astrology 12th Lord in Different Houses results as the nature of the planet and the nature of influence on that planet will decide whether the results accruing out of this house will be to the liking of the native or not. For example, whether expenditure will be to native’s liking can be determined in this manner. The Eleventh House: The House of Friendships. The Eleventh House is commonly referred to as the House of Friends. Through our friends, we find strength in numbers — we see the power of the collective, the group. Groups addressed by this house include clubs, organizations, social groups, networking organizations and professional associations. For Capricorn sign born in D1 chart every planet is situated in 12th house counted from its position. Venus lord of 5 and 10th in 9th house. So 10th house in 9. 1st in 12th house Mercury lord of 6th and 9th house in 8th house. So 9th house in 8th house. 1st in 12th house Sun lord of 8th house in 7th house. So 1st in 12th house. What is 12th House in Vedic Astrology? The 1st house is about the beginning or birth while the 12th house in Vedic astrology stands for the completion of the lifecycle, thus it stands for ending. Thus, amongst the twelve houses of the zodiac, the 12th house is about seclusion, solitude and emancipation. 11th house in Vedic Astrology is considered an auspicious house, also called the Labha house. Labha means gains, and 11th house is a strong indicator of income and gains. It represents prosperity, sudden profits, wealth, abundance, and income.

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There is always something strange about the twelfth house and however hard we try to define it, we can be sure its meaning will slip through our fingers as soon as we start thinking we caught it. This is a house with the Latin name carcer, meaning “prison” and it can quite literally turn your life into prison in any imaginable way. It is also called The House of Self-Undoing. The natural progress of our Self goes through that logical row of houses, the second after the first, the third after the second, etc. If we realize that the twelfth house speaks of something entirely different, moving backwards from our first house to the twelfth, and right there behind our back, we have to ask ourselves how special it actually is and which way does it help us evolve. Or does it help at all?


Areas of Life

This is the house of dreams, of our subconscious and everything mysterious and hidden from plain sight. It speaks of imprisonment, no matter if it is actual prison sentence or any ties we are held back by in this lifetime. In general, this is the house that represents all things behind our back, all things left behind, and as such speaks most vividly of our past life experience. Things it hides can be clearly seen by people around us, and our friends might see its secrets as a normal part of their everyday routine, for this is the second, “logical” house from the eleventh. This is the field of greatest knowledge we can find in close friends and social contacts, and while some of us will get its best through gossip, others will get it through spiritual guidance and support.

Apart from its rule of prisons, the twelfth house also speaks of all places of seclusions, such as hospitals and mental institutions. It is elusive and secretive, we cannot see what’s inside it before we close our eyes, and even then it is a dreamland that has yet to be deciphered. It is our place of solitude and reflection, retreat and self-sacrifice, while at the same time being our comfortable bed and our most beautiful land of desires, talents and imagination. This house speaks of all those things we do not know and there for don’t understand, and we have to be very careful not to disturb its waters in order to see things clearly to the bottom.

The Twelfth House in Aries

When the twelfth house is set in the sign of Aries, it is almost always a sign that problems with healthy boundaries will be present in a person’s life. Others will intrude in their world as if they had no membranes to recognize and defend themselves from those who steal their energy. In time, they will have to “remember” what it was like to follow the passion within, fight for their rights , yell at others if that is what the moments asks for, and be true about everything that is on their mind. While Aries would like to have a certain goal and aim all its energy towards it, this energy seems to get bended here only to end up in a strange subconscious state where it is neither manifested nor used. This is a position that speaks of a past life that ended in aggression, in the army or from fire weapons, sharp objects, and most often “before one’s time.”

The Twelfth House in Taurus

If the twelfth house is in the sign of Taurus, the mystery of the material world can remain a hidden for years, as well as hedonism and the chase for satisfaction in this material world. This is a position typical for those who have never felt real pleasure, and everyone with secret sexual encounters, or at least those who have the need to eat hidden from everyone else. Spirituality and real talents fall into the sign ruled by Venus, meaning creativity and inspiration come as a given, but only once they are discovered and approached studiously. True intimacy is found in secret bonds, and warmth will have to be built in solitude, realizing at first just how much we are worth and only later starting to search for someone who will recognize this. If one wants to make their dreams come true, this position is perfect, for it brings the Earth into our personal dreamland, making everything we imagine possible.

The Twelfth House in Gemini

The twelfth house in Gemini isn’t very easy because of its Piscean nature and everything it has to do with emotion as an entity entirely apart from rational thought. Speech can be impaired, while those with lower self-esteem easily turn to gossip and matters that aren’t theirs to discuss to begin with. This is also a position that could give a wonderful talent for languages, words and writing. It is a shame to use it on other people and spend too much time thinking of their business, abilities and weaknesses. Those born with the twelfth house in Gemini must have ended their past life with a vast desire to speak their mind, share their inner truth, and express their personality in some way. Ties that get created here will manifest through strange friendships and their relationships with children, but most of the time, they will manifest through difficulties in their mind they cannot fully explain.

The Twelfth House in Cancer

1th House Vedic Astrology

With the twelfth house in the sign of Cancer, you can see a family secret instantly, as well as the tendency to idealize one or both of the parents. This is a burden of an entire family tree and a mark that debts were left in spheres of the emotional and the fragile within. Strange matters are hiding in the twelfth house and when Cancer is here, you can see these strange matters in one’s home and intimate relationships. Depending on a very personal position of the Moon, we will see how well incorporated this can be in their everyday life and if disappointment is their family story or not. The emphasis on sensitive emotion is also seen here, and we will come to find that the twelfth house cusp in any Water sign gives one the ability to feel what others feel, often being unable to recognize where one person ends and their emotional body begins.

The Twelfth House in Leo

When the twelfth house begins in Leo, the personality itself seems to be strange, sensitive, and unknown. These individuals will have to learn about their power and their inner truth, while they remain in the blurry waters hidden from plain sight. This is often a signal that previous life carried a story of success, and image that was maintained and remained important to the person until they died. It can be extremely rewarding if unconscious memories of it are pleasant and bring confidence and peace. However, if there was any dishonesty in their approach once upon a time, this will be the life to rectify it, accept the flaws in others, those we don’t want to see and don’t want to show, and find brothers and sisters in crime finally set free from self-criticism. Since the clear image of one’s Self is blurry, overall good of the mankind will be important to these people, as well as humanitarian efforts they often turn to at some point in their lives.


The Twelfth House in Virgo

If the twelfth house is in Virgo, we can almost imagine the mechanism in a person’s mind making them seem stupid when they want to show how smart they are, and incredibly intelligent at the most unpredictable situations. They will rely on their brains while practical matters will keep some of their mystery at all times. Ties created here will have to do with old, used things, those that can or cannot be fixed. That halfway principle of Virgo can be quite difficult when we speak of someone’s twelfth house, for dreams tend to get crushed by reality, sensitivity by common sense, and vice versa. If a person with the twelfth house in Virgo wants to find happiness, they have to realize where their true talent lies, so they can use it and share it with the world. Very often their talents will be found in writing, detailed analysis or communication with the strangest of beings here on planet Earth.

The Twelfth House in Libra

With the twelfth house in Libra it seems inevitable to lie or be lied to, and usually both. Still, if we put this aside, we can see the magical story of Libra in this mysterious house and realize that someone we once left behind is there for us to find them again in this life. Things that were lost in our twelfth house have a tendency to show themselves someday. This goes specifically for great loves, and with strongly set Venus, even greater loving relationships. If Venus is not that strong in this kind of horoscope, the obvious debt has to be repaid through emotional sacrifice of some kind. In most cases, this will develop through a romantic relationship in which the trust has been broken, finally liberating the person from unrealistic expectations. This is always someone talented to recognize beauty, often artistic and with a knack for drawing or music. However, they have to be very careful not to disrespect people around them in any way so that their personality has room to grow.

The Twelfth House in Scorpio

The twelfth house in Scorpio is an interesting place. Something as taboo and as hidden as Scorpio rarely finds an appropriate secretive hideout, but this position allows them to. The most unfortunate thing here lies in one’s ability to bury their own feelings, doings, or aspirations, finally ending up without any awareness of their true inner light. This is the sign that speaks of our shadows and everything we want to bury and dismiss along the way, and when it is set in such a secretive house, shoving things under the rug becomes a routine. This can make these people explode in numerous ways, ending up in strange circumstances, weird conversations, interventions, institutions or even jail. To see the magic in Scorpio this person has to be truly and deeply open-minded, fully willing to accept the most devastating, darkest and most dangerous emotions they carry within.

The Twelfth House in Sagittarius

When the twelfth house is set in Sagittarius, we usually see someone who has no idea where they are going. Being lost seems to be the congenital disease in these people and they have no way of knowing where they want to end up. Ties were made to the most distant of places, and past life regression could help them discover where they have lived and what makes them lose their place and their hopes. Beliefs have to be examined, as well as their religion views. Blessings will come from the most unexpected people and places, and although there are a lot of secrets to be expected in lives of others, these individuals are able to sense anyone’s goodness of heart from miles away. This is a very strong position for spiritual work and meditation, but if they don’t get enough sleep, they risk their entire life passing them by.

The Twelfth House in Capricorn

With the twelfth house in Capricorn, there is no knowing which responsibility falls under whose jurisdiction. The difficulty of this setting hides in the inability to see that a strong foundation makes all the work, and while good ideas can come a long way, they aren’t easily materialized if hard work isn’t put in. Even though it might not seem like it, this is one of the most demanding positions in the twelfth house, for it speaks of karmic ties and our strong, physical connection to past life experiences. Strange things will manifest as circumstances that are hard to avoid or overcome, with many obstacles standing in one’s way towards liberation. If Saturn is strong in a person’s chart, there will be a sense of security, wisdom and unconscious power in doing the right thing, and that will become a wind in their sails and open them up for real inner experience of faith.

The Twelfth House in Aquarius

The twelfth house in Aquarius speaks of a stressful death that happened in our past life. This is a place of stress and strange mental orientation, pulling strongly with its humane gravity and the unconscious need to set free, set apart from everyone else, and sink into all natural oppositions as if there was no other way. Mending the differences and finding middle ground seems distant and impossible to these individuals, as if they had a talent for true friendship, but lack of awareness for those who don’t fall into this category. They need to learn to be humane, so charity work will come in handy, especially if they are the secret benefactor nobody knows about. Their eccentricity will make them happy but in secret and in silence, with as little words said as possible. Even though they might be on the mission of solitude, they are often calmed by the peace of their marriage and relationships that represent a good basis for their personality rather than making them feel at home.

The Twelfth House in Pisces

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If the twelfth house is set in the sign of Pisces, all secrets will be sunk even deeper than in other cases. This practically means that all digging through subconscious matter will have to be thorough and results will seem more distant than those others tend to dig up. Usually, these individuals tend to look forwards, fully unaware of their dependencies and ties to the mysteries of their distant past. They will live their lives unaware of their own inner faith, needing healthy sleeping routine in order to stay in a calm and peaceful state. In many cases, these people will sleep every day for eight hours, avoiding late nights out or losing sleep over any burning issues at hand. They understand that the night is not to be messed with and hide from their own family in plain daylight. With true faith in the background, it would be good to raise awareness about their talents and their true life within, however scary that might seem.

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12th House Vedic Astrology, Twelfth House

The first eight houses of the horoscope indicate ikaloka sukham or the pleasures of the world. The last four houses indicate para loka sadhanam or spiritual welfare. The last four houses are known as the Dharma, Artha,Kama and Moksha. The twelfth house (12thhouse) rules the final emancipation of the individual from the chain of birth and death and his merging with the cosmic soul for divine worship and the state of his future existence. The twelfth house indicates the status of loss and impediments, limitation and restraint, waste and extravagance, expenses outweighing income and deception and drudgery.

The ownership of the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses are termed by ancient astrologers as being dus sthanas which is indicative of evil. No house can be said to be evil or unfortunate unless afflicted and the same can be said for the twelfth house as well. Every house holds its sway over distinct affairs and if afflicted, no one can expect the matters signified by it to be fully manifested. The contrary results are experienced when the native runs the period or sub period of the planet that afflicts the house. Once the period or sub period of the beneficial planets operates, there are no obstacles.

Characteristics of the Twelfth House

The twelfth house with loss, expenses, purchases, charity, and associations with philanthropic institutions. One may thus purchase costly jewels, if the related planet has anything to do with the second house or incur expenses in relation to short and brief journeys, or publications and writings, if the third house is involved. The native may invest the money he has set aside for traveling purposes on landed or immovable property. He may also opt for purchasing a vehicle when the fourth house is connected.

The person may be forced to spend his money on his mother while going for long distance travel. The twelfth house allows one to speculate for lose or take up an insurance policy for the marriage or education of his kids. These are the various sources through which they can spend. If one has borrowed money, the twelfth house then indicates the repayment of the loan. The house makes the individual incur expenses in a variety of ways.

Sorrow and sin or segregation and impediments that a person incurs along with poverty and misfortune are classed under the influence of the twelfth house. The person may also face aspects of persecution, imprisonment and intrigue. The house governs the secret toil of the mind and other unfortunate matters. It relates to fear, anxiety, inferiority complex, misgivings, suspicion and others. This is the house of solitude, secrets, silent sufferings and undoing of the self.

The sixth house focuses on the help or ordinary service that is rendered to others while the twelfth represents the profound service which sis rendered to man. The twelfth house indicates life in a foreign shore or change of place or a thorough change in the surroundings or environment of the native.

The house presides over the feet. It also signifies substance or the money of the elder brothers or friends or the permanent possessions of the father. It represents disappointment to children, sickness of the spouse, litigation and denotes the popularity and profession of the younger brother or sister.

Influence of the Planets on the Twelfth House

The effect of Neptune on the twelfth house indicates mystery, secrecy, mediumship, psychic research and occult investigations. This is why the good attributes of Neptune on the twelfth house bring success especially if matters are secretly carried out. The native will be suitable for detective works and jobs that need to be performed in seclusion. Affliction of Neptune will cause confinement in an asylum or hospital due to chronic diseases like insanity.

Uranus influences the success of the native through occult affairs and through the invention of chemical processes that remain a secret in spite of being promoted by the planet. Affliction of Uranus indicates danger from the animals, accidents, troubles and disgrace from psychic or occult sources. On may also face sudden or strange enmities. The person will be irritated by the underhand actions of eccentric people.

Saturn is known as the planet of seclusion and if it is aspected well, the planet will point towards success in seclusion or quiet and laborious occupations. If Saturn is possessed of strength by sign or position, the planet will imply that it has been self inflicted. The position shows that secret enemies will be at work to ensure the downfall of the native. Saturn stands for reserve and restriction and this is why the native will prefer working in seclusion.

The placement of Marsin the twelfth house makes for dignity of the native and makes the person an estate administrator or an administrator in a public institution. Mars is usually responsible for causing grave trouble through impulse, treachery, loss of repute, from enemies or misplaced reputation. If Mars is an afflicted planet in the twelfth house, it may result in violence, tackling enemies in a fight, and danger of injuries through animals.

The well aspected nature of Venus in the twelfth house contributes to success in occupations which are related with jails, charitable institutions and hospitals or by work in a chemical laboratory. One may benefit by working for obscure professions and will be inclined to investigate the secret arts or practice the study of the occult. If Neptune or Uranus afflicts Venus, the person may have strange love affairs and may end up in a divorce.

If there is Mercurypresent in the twelfth house, it gives the native the mind to be devoted to the mysteries and encounter success in chemical or occult research. The native may also be suited to detective work. Mercury is influenced by publicity and the twelfth house shows limitations and this is why the native will be better suited to perform works that are done out of sight. Mercury is an intellectual planet and it offers the native the faculty to delve into the most intricate details in matters that are trivial or useless to others.

Well aspected and dignified Sun in the twelfth house enhances the success of the individual in occult and psychic matters and gives the native uncommon tastes and preferences. If afflicted, the Sun shows enmity of influential people, separation from one’s kin and seclusion in remote places. The Sun is also known as dhanwantari and this is why work in hospitals is indicated. It is a sign of sympathies and self sacrifice for vanquishing enemies.

1th House Vedic Astrology Compatibility

The Moon is the ruler of the public, but its presence in the house of seclusion makes the native ideal for performing jobs in prisons or hospitals. This is possible if the Moon is well placed. The inconstant, emotional and changeable Moon makes the native to be engaged in love affairs, but with the favorable aspects, the native will keep the secrets to themselves. Afflicted Moon signifies limitations, hindrances, fanciful fears etc.

Expressions Ascribed to the Twelfth Bhava

Anthyabha – last house


Lopasthana – house of disappearance

Bandha – bondage

Vigama Vyaya – loss or negation

Sayana – bed

Papa – sin

Daridrya – penury or poverty

Lefakis astrology gr. Suchala – tale bearer, back biter

Vama nayana – left eye

Anghri – leg

The Twelfth House In Astrology

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